Driving Miss Daisy

The plot revolves around the complicated relationships of a rich American of Jewish origin and her driver, an African American. The film is set in Atlanta in the 40-ies of XX century, when racial prejudice was still strong. Miss Daisy is a widow, whose son insists on hiring her a driver. She resists the changes in his life, refuses to go anywhere with the new driver — hawke. But over time, the hawk wins not only its location, but also friendship. The film tells about the search for understanding between two very different people. And this is nearly twenty years old.

  • Bruce Beresford

Release Date: 1990-01-26
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Hebrew
  • Budget: $7,500,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $145,793,296
Teri Humbert
05 June 2012 | 10:12

Miss Daisy (Tandy) — rich, but very feisty lady whose age time becomes an insurmountable obstacle for driving. Her son Boolie (Aykroyd) sends in the house is new driver — Hawk (Freeman). Miss Daisy with disdain for a new employee as of however to any servant, besides time-tested Ideally (Rollie). However, soon Daisy and Hoke come together and become friends on long 25 years.

Very cute and such a humble film about friendship, mutual respect, generosity and easy warmth. Many critics believe this movie is trite, cliche, and the role of Freeman, so is called humiliating. I this is not agree. "Driving miss Daisy" — this is a special case of our your everyday life. And let us God of luck once to go from this particular to the same common.

The friendship between the grumpy, feisty miss Daisy and the elderly, see the life of a chauffeur hawke is based on two fundamental, according to my opinion, the qualities of a person — kindness and honesty, and, above all, to himself. I often meet people who believe that the world is ruled by the courage, the audacity, the money or something. It is also the opinion of who has the right to existence, I unfortunately I can be luckily, naive enough to agree with Danila Bagrov in answering the question "In what force, brother?".

So, if you consider the movie "driving miss Daisy" with this position, then found in the cons will be extremely difficult. Perfect the actors are perfect. But we are all adults and realise that not so it happens. And sorry. The problem of racism in the picture, by the way, not rising at all, despite all kinds of hints, generously sprinkling the popular Internet portals. So that did not wait, blacks have no one here to humiliate not is, on the contrary.

In General, if you not a hardened cynic, if you believe the victory of good over an evil, if cute and good stories are not cause you irritation, then "driving miss Daisy" — film you.

8 from 10

Fernandina Herzen
19 January 2012 | 04:54

Rare tape of this kind. Not carrying imagine it. very major leitmotif, heavy thoughts and complicated thought. When simple and austere, with a huge smile on my face watching the film. Very good in the same time and completely touching. Removed it on the play, which the time received a prestigious literary prize. Won up it in the category "Drama", with what can be solidarity. The film plays on the senses, at this forcing to watch actions character development. It is not evil, not criminal, although the mere name can bring on the relevant point. Simply a great production.

She — older, hard and a very strict woman. He — also not green, responsive and very forgiving to people. From their qualities, it becomes clear to them together to be strongly not recommended. But fate — he becomes her driver, it is virtually a client. Director Beresford is very tense, like a taut bowstring — shows them the relationship, even though manages to "cover up" their tense dialogue funny and comical phrases. I laughed very often, an incredible feeling. And another voice, such know how in the old days, the commercials heard the real voice actors, so that simultaneous translation may bezobrazie all a good half of the humor.

Not going to talk about not because the Duo of Freeman-Tandy not need the description. To watch a movie, so something to think about, but to think long. He just makes it clear to the public that even a frozen heart can melt that tough man could be a very good friend on life that no matter what a person's nationality, matter what the man himself, the film is very good, nice distraction. He inspiring makes it clear that all need care and friendship. Miss Daisy and Hoke, despite so many differences and SOR — best friends, all my life, until the coffin, forever. Well and the completion of the painting just blows outright. Current through a river of tears, you just want to smile.

Yes, mA'am...

Maryjane Erhard
19 May 2014 | 01:01

In Atlanta ' 50s, lives classic grandma Daisy Werthan (Jessica Tandy). Miss Daisy — a former school teacher, an American of Jewish descent, who lives alone in a separate, large house, for city all used to do myself. Is just someone to give a hint about that it to help, as that someone immediately gets in his side view, resembling a cross between an executioner and a hungry wolf. And then one day when she wanted to go to city business, miss Daisy got confused the pedals in machine rammed reverse hedge its neighbors. When together with a tow truck to her came her son Bobby (Dan Aykroyd), it noted for the mother of the next fact — age allows it to drive itself, it need a driver, otherwise it will kill half the neighborhood children. As expected stubborn old lady, instantly setting the scene about that neither what do not put opinions do not interested in General, the car is at fault that she he let go of the gas pedal in time. To fortunately, Bobby Warthan a good son, with a persistent character and he manages to find mom needed assistant, despite all modest curses that the old lady gently sends in his direction about yourself. After a couple of days, in her house there is a smiling black man Hoke Colburn (Morgan Freeman), which will now be her everywhere... unless of course you cope with bendable bad character of his mistress. At this it will be as much as 25 years.

This is probably the most positive and the natural world, where I had to watch. I like and others, like comedies, but after looking at me always a bit of a feeling that without all the jokes and the fun of the story, they are under construction, many of told stories much sense not have, and is unlikely to happen life (or happen, but on the screen all exaggerate). "Driving miss Daisy" is manages to maintain the realism of the situation, while remaining in the limits of Comedy and not going to tragicomedy. Such relationship between miss Daisy and hawke could take place on our planet hundreds, if not thousands of times, even if you subtract from formula "host — servant." Looking for those two it's easy to believe that soul mates don't depend gender, character, position in society, the social, monetary and any other status. You can be an incredible Downer, to live in the Palace to meet on all threshold his hands, but will always exist as a minimum of one person do not will scare away. Friendship may fade, love pass or never started, but this person will still be there for you no matter what. What happened between miss Daisy and hawke, that lasted 25 years extra far beyond all definitions, levels and levels that we use for packing people in his circle.

The film carries a very very curious very same message — once your life may appear strange person who doesn't appropriate under one well-known definition, but it will be most expensive with it nothing can be done about it. Everyone in the universe has a pair to, even disappointed in the best friend, faith in people are not disappear. What is that? Plus all the magic's laced with good humor, which is linked to how helpful open a person interacts with a closed wilful. Bickering with Hawk miss Daisy's something something. Starting from the scene where the driver first tries to go somewhere (which turns comical, slow persecution of old women for car) and ending the failed attempt miss Daisy to convince son in that hawk steals food (the face of Aykroyd at the time of decoupling must see). The principle of opposites is a very frequent visitor in the comedies, which are based on tandem, but everything here is so naturally raised, which to imagine a similar pair in reality a breeze.

However, there were a few serious moments. Through the entire work, barely visible thread traced the idea of racism, because in Atlanta ' 50s, being South of town, not complained in as blacks, so and Jews. For example, closer to the end of the film, parallel to the main story, it brings up unpleasant for the years details — the bombings of synagogues and a burden on taken by famous Martin Luther king, who in the same Atlanta was born. A strong friendship and mutual support helped Hawk and miss Daisy through a very difficult time of widespread segregation in America.

As you could probably guess the cast was matched perfectly. Radiant Morgan Freeman in its own particular style brightens up every frame where the present and the Jessica Tandy skillfully it all parries the pedantry, conformism and even sometimes a bit of selective cynicism. English received this role is Oscar and my opinion deserved it. Tandy was worth the reward, at least a touching scene, in which her mind slightly clouded and she began to run on the house, looking for notebooks with homework students, she taught already 30 years. In addition, a very pleased in the role of a loving son, Dan Aykroyd, brought here by his rollicking charisma is picking up a cynical mood from his mother. Hardly there are more touching and bright movie on the friendship of men and women, which lasts for as much as a quarter of a century.

"the Driver for miss Daisy" ideal for those who want to see the Eldorado of human relations, regularly taking place far beyond the bounds of the screen. I recommend not miss.

8 from 10

How much has Driving Miss Daisy made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $145,793,296.
How much did it cost to make Driving Miss Daisy?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $7,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie Driving Miss Daisy?
This tv-show was directed by Bruce Beresford.
What is the genre of Driving Miss Daisy?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Oscar Winners Movies.
Who starred in Driving Miss Daisy?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Morgan Freeman, Jessica Tandy, Dan Aykroyd, Patti LuPone, Esther Rolle.
What is Driving Miss Daisy IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was Driving Miss Daisy released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1990-01-26.