Young Arkady goes on a dangerous expedition to find a mighty dragon that will help him save his people by destroying evil. However, the Baron tries to prevent and stop it with the help of mythological creatures. Arkady is confronted with formidable enemies and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but once again proves his courage and determination.

  • Mark Atkins

Release Date: 2009-03-31
IMDb icon 3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Gale Leftwich
27 December 2019 | 01:26

If you I ask who is the most loyal employee of The Studio Asylum after three producers — I answer that is a mark Atkins. And not Christopher ray that have gone, not Jared Cohn, and it Atkins. The first film to he took in 2004, in 2019, it is after 15 years continues to shoot! It is given the fact that since 2011 it produces and his projects (remember the incomparable "Sand sharks"). Atkins — the author of a large number of "hits" of Asylum — this "the battle for the Los Angeles", and classic "Temple of skulls", which all confused with a new in (Oh, it was time), and "a Princess of Mars". And how many movies he for the company had taken the operator? However, this fellow is a well-known series of films in fantasy on the dragons, one of which we today and analyze.

So, we have fantasy Mark Atkins "dragon Cave". Despite what I watched almost all the old films, a few gaps there still, so I will gradually this thing to fill. In the writers listed Brian Brinkman — a typical case for Asylum sample in 2009, when the script writes the editor. Generally always marveled at the ability's work — in one film listed as went to other — as writers, in the third sitting in the Director's chair. Professionals have nothing to say.

The movie takes us in the world of good dragons and magic, where one day something went wrong according to plan. Declared a villain Kirill, who with using dragon wants to take over fairy world. However, the warrior resistance elected — this young Arkady, who in his spare time Smoking dope-a grass and watches neighbor. Why is it? So it said he's name of the Grandfather, and you can trust him. Here on the adventure of a brave Arcadia — to defeat the evil Cyril and his dragon, he will need to pass a quest, meet new friends, and maybe even and enemies.

In short, an exemplary plot of Asylum those years. Kind of like and the fantasy world, and the hero smokes weed and raving. Kind of like and trying to remove the serious soup, but a dragon appears and destroys all their computer graphics. To the plot at all no questions — hero just walk in forest collect items, there are not particularly prikopat. But here the actors are all in the same old-good manner — take only the character at the named Maximus, who will instruct the main character. If you now have Asylum actors just ottarabanivayut memorized before the text, then before they wildly funny overacted, just for the sake of it and you can watch the film.

In General, the movie looked great with a large degree of nostalgia. Now Asylum have not so removes. Current movies somehow all similar other they are not drawn to revise. And he may was not qualitatively better (I speak as a fan of the company), but still remember. Not might say that the film — something really cool among all the films, but after that me something memory otsloilas. Well and — standard fantasy about the dragon, spirit "order of dragon" or "Merlin and the Last dragon".

To sum up: the movie is a standard cheap fantasy of the Asylum, which will go only to fans of the Studio. Filmed in the woods graphics to zero, the dialogues cause laughter. It just the movie that was showing on SyFy and so that showed TV-3 (contrary to popular belief, TV-3 do not showing Asylum). Love the films — see remember how shot before. If not — pass.

Thank you for attention

6 from 10

Mariska Ellerd
25 July 2009 | 06:55

With the first frame of the film becomes unclear what. All around know grandfather Arcadia, but don't know how to call the guy. Again everything, including the dark Lord on the name of Cyril, I know who Guardian himself it. In General, it becomes a little pity, lived was a simple man, for girls peeping, pot smoked, and then BAM, and all the Guardian — "Stop here to smoke grass, on you the fate of the world in hands forward".

Overall, the film suffers in the first place the plot, or rather, not the story of a script, the idea is not bad, but in the end it seems that this is a video guide of all things RPG. It is necessary to extract the stone restraint of the belly swamp snake, throw away the phone and the dope weed, and all the stone from you. Then they bring you to bed, offer to wash, and in the bathroom beauty naked eyes invitingly shoots, says they say a good man go to me, wash warm, back rubs. And here again, RPG — said Yes all... game over, said no, you for your "no" a magical artifact. Then another kind of hemp in the frame of the ear near the cave with great grandson aunt Shelob of the Lord of the Rings.

Short horror called — I made from that was. The only any moment in the film is the song at the time the final credits. So what do not expect anything Grand.

1 of 10

Loria Doralia
28 October 2010 | 03:08

Another fairy tale, but the writers immediately made it clear that their first fantasy script and without the dope herb in the beginning the viewer is not will be able to fully delve into the winds of adventure. For the main principle of the Arcadia were the main thing not to forget to pokurivaya, and rain mud, even stomach beast.

Wonderful special effects here and it does, Dragon is fully painted on weak engine, the battle also suffered from the small number and lack of good work computernow graphics.

The story itself is very similar to any quest RPG go not knowing where the road look stones collect the artifact, in the end, there will be a dragon.

From the girlfriend of the main character Xena is clearly not turned out for a staging fights in principle, not up of realism to the beautiful level.

Under this is a movie you can fall asleep, because a tale. On of 5 10

Who is the director of the movie Dragonquest?
This tv-show was directed by Mark Atkins.
What is the genre of Dragonquest?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Fantasy.
Who starred in Dragonquest?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Marc Singer, Brian Thompson, Jason Connery, Daniel Bonjour, Jennifer Dorogi.
What is Dragonquest IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 3.
When was Dragonquest released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2009-03-31.