Pain and Glory

Talented filmmaker in the twilight of his creative way of looking back into the past, and it falls a stream of bright memories. Tender feelings for mother, love and parting, pursuit of happiness and success. All this leads the Creator to important reflections on life and art — pain and glory.

  • Pedro Almodóvar

Release Date: 2019-10-04
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: ES
  • Language: Spanish
Christye Jehiah
11 February 2020 | 08:53

"Pain and glory" is certainly the most personal creation of knowledge. It to witness how deep the trench he decided to dig in memory, consciousness, and, of course, the subconscious mind of the creative person, the Director's personality, his personality. Personality, to embody on the screen which he was entrusted to his trusted actor friend in life and movie — Antonio Banderas. And, you know, it turned out, damn it! My exclamation is, as to the "unearthing" of knowledge, so to the game Spanish "desperate" actor. Without exaggeration — the best part of Banderas. Tired, teetering on the brink of depression, its hero gently moving through dense thickets of pain and for yourself. As he got into the role, opening without self-inflicted pretentiousness us the audience new sides of their skill, their talent. Truly, a magical Spanish Duo!

Many perceived "Pain and glory" as a kind of reflection of an elderly film Director: plotless romp with their own emotions, psychotherapeutic work with complex and, if you will, the Gestalt closure. Yes, no doubt, in this view is part of the truth. Only(!) part. And rest — it is a deep storyline. The plot is as calm as a cardiogram of a dead man... Almost the dead man, but still, regularly jumping on her teeth (of different sizes) force the spectator to experience real emotions, to empathize with the main character. Have me as quite a "live" audience, quietly for myself to the middle of the film began light compulsie. Ko all other, meditative side of the film is the place to be: how can not dissolve in bright colors of the painting, the music of Alberto Iglesias, Spanish molasses votes? No, it impossible.

One on my opinion, of the best works of the great Pedro Almodovar. Think it is (again according to my humble opinion) is required for viewing, for all who are not indifferent... Yeah and those indifferent, perhaps, doubly recommend it! After all, this calm, profound film, is the only Maxim which is, perhaps, the conclusion that pain and glory — two of a kind — the pair touched even the most hardened viewer.

PS Not could not to celebrate the beautiful game Penelope Cruz, who plays the main character's mother. It tenderness, her mother's femininity so well transferred: even the gray dugout is filled with the colors of the rainbow when it appears.

Thank you for attention!

8 from 10

Zenia Malkah
19 June 2019 | 07:51

"Pain and glory" — author's drama from the world-renowned Director Pedro Almodovar for some will be a real revelation, and for someone a waste of time. Have no secret that this picture is autobiographical, where the Director filmed their so to tell, a memoir dedicated to his mother, friends, movie and the little boy who is just starting to explore the big world.

The film is a lot of personal, intimate and to some extent even forbidden, that may affect the audience experiences, so as there are a large number of scenes with drug use. But in addition the frame always felt the effect of emotional lust, eroticism and sensual inspiration, which is reflected in the staging, the acting and the musical accompaniment. But the story is incredibly light, clear, bright and penetrating. Not possible that the female audience the picture will not be so close, although the emphasis and priorities is made in this way. Just here reflected an exclusively masculine revelation, but rather boyish memories of love life, dreams and, of course, his mother, to the one that my son was ready for any sacrifice and hardship, no matter what. In fact that the film recognition, film-forgiveness and the film is a farewell.

Of course, the author pays attention to the beloved art-cinema, sexual orientation and other important aspects of your life, but most important thing on top of it all is still it — mother. Some will say that is more like some snot of a sissy, who still don was a real man, and others here will see a man who even at his old age not ashamed to admit their mistakes, not afraid to tell my mom "I'm sorry" for that disappointed, not supported just not said in the time, "thank you." What do not say, but in the first movie of the love for the mother, which is no never be there. But he author his film is forgiven only with the audience and mom says only "goodbye" at this adds the word "like".

Of course, the film can be treated differently. Have it is as technical flaws with the script omissions, so and have questions to the concept of the project. But in any case, the movie was meaningful, real and relevant, like the author reminds all boys, guys and men that no one never forget to tell their moms "I'm sorry, thank you and love" and not because it's necessary, but because they deserve it, no matter what. Pleasant viewing.

Roseline Goldwin
31 October 2019 | 08:52

About the last movie of Pedro Almodovar hard to say, but not to say — impossible. This, as a discharge current, which gets you immediately let go, and memory of him remains of fingers, skin, mind.

Late Almadovar in each film is becoming quiet: not voice what he just now is not need to scream to say something that need to make. After stories about transvestites, female matadors, terrible secrets and mad passions, so it is strange to watch this confessional, deeply personal and warm picture. To tell about that it hurts, Director no need to cry or to laugh till the tantrums. Maybe that's because such selected frequency, the movie and gets so deep in the viewer. Although, it seems to the viewer it is not intended — it all seemed to be inside, yourself.

But approaching history, hero, to his feelings are also is through the double vision of the image of El Salvador, Valo — this is the alter-ego of Almadovar and brilliant performance as Antonio Banderas. Two Creator of the hero turned it in such an intimate, confessional, honest way. Memories, remorse, vexation, search, fears of the Director, the actor embodies (from the word "flesh"), through its careful due to sore back movement, the hidden smile in a conversation with a mother, even through how he wears moccasins. Banderas — artist who can play with his feet, and for years we've not knowing it, I grew up on his carnival Zorro. But think we grew up with him. And may not be his career Hollywood period, we would praised the acting mnogopoliarnosti that shows aging Banderas. And naturally, this professional puberty for him in the films of Pedro Almodovar, which once opened its world.

In "Pain and glory" the Director again argues a lot with other movies, but his intertextual games directed how all in the film, primarily on yourself. It reminds himself yourself "Bad education", that "Broken embraces", the "the Return". Its intonation is not repeating previous pictures, and it resonate with them. Some researchers call such allusions by autoinatically, most often they are the result of limiting the focus to itself, their internal experiences... That was required to prove, as the mathematicians say.

Almadovar really focused and obsessed with yourself. From children's happiness to see mom singing to the remorse about the lack of communication with it from the first success in movies the crisis of silence — the Director is trying if not to understand all of this, at least arrange to record to remember. "Pain and glory" — not only on film , but and the Director, and so on the movie the endless search that takes the author. In your chinesewoman "Beyond the clouds" talked about this Michelangelo Antonioni: "We are all the time trying to learn new emotions, find new images. We long live one film — we take it, and we remember the homeless, helpless before the gaze, suspicion and ridicule of strangers. And because we nobody can you tell me about that happened to us on what is not nor the film nor the scenario — about the memory, but quite strange, like the feeling of the film, which was destined to come true only half. Full report where our consciousness ends only in the moment when again start the trip with a place to place to look again for asking questions, and dreaming that at least in the next film from nothing escape. But we know for each detected image lies another, which is closer to reality, for him one and that — even more... And so on, up to the genuine image of the infinitely mysterious reality, to see which is not given to anyone".

Who is the director of the movie Pain and Glory?
This tv-show was directed by Pedro Almodóvar.
What is the genre of Pain and Glory?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Best movies 2019.
Who starred in Pain and Glory?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Antonio Banderas, Asier Etxeandia, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Nora Navas, Julieta Serrano.
What is Pain and Glory IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was Pain and Glory released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-10-04.