Dolemite Is My Name

Los Angeles, 1970. Already elderly unfortunate standafer Rudy ray Moore tried to become famous in different spheres of creative activity, but to no avail, and now works at a music store in the ghetto. Once he hears from the local homeless rhymes and takes them on Board. New scenic image of Rudy — the cheeky and vulgar Dolemite who dresses like a pimp — is getting incredibly popular. Independently recording and releasing several very successful among black audiences albums, Rudy decides that Dolemite need your movie.

  • Craig Brewer

Release Date: 2019-10-25
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Lavina Ciro
27 December 2019 | 01:52

I was waiting for this movie because there's Eddie Murphy and because Comedy (well, really, would still starred Eddie), for believe in this genre for a long time a failure occurred in the cinema of different countries. And what I want to say. First, this film is of course necessary to look in obscene voice acting, otherwise it is simply meaningless. Black humor that propels Rudy Moore vulgar and primitive, in simple dubbing of all these shades of Mat and insults are just not send. Who was watching stand-up Eddie Murphy, the understand. Second, have a little patience - what is happening in the screen becomes funny in the second part, relatively speaking, when Dolemite decided to shoot his film. And it's hilarious!! One Wesley snipes is worth shooting a sex scene, a car chase, kung fu. 

The ending is logical, sweetheart. And in a whole? Unassuming, but very good, funny movie (not all), tells the development of a stand-up comedian Rudy Moore, about that you have to believe in yourself even if nobody believe to treat life and failure to humor all like that. Eddie Murphy plays like Eddie Murphy, only older. And not mean that plays a bad as times very moving, with great sympathy to his character, but above my head in terms of acting he didn't jump. He just played the role, which looks perfect to submit to someone else is impossible. And do I glad Murphy finally appeared so big and bright role the contemplation of his screen — pleasant nostalgia. A lot of good secondary characters, for whom want to observe, despite so bright in the literal sense of the main character. This movie will brighten up a dreary evening clear, if not wait on his comedic heights and complicated plot. But who said something good always has to be complicated?

7 of 10

Tonya Platon
31 December 2019 | 03:51

"Everything you feel — to me, his sponsors, Ko anyone who doesn't think, — I want you is used! Feel it, brother, dig a little deeper, feel, and show on camera! Yes... bring it, baby! Show me..."

Hero Wesley snipes is about experiences using John Cassavetes

When in the middle of the second decade of the XXI century black and women cinema began to whine about that they are oppressed, and dogs sensations of public has created two precedent — White Oscar and Harvey Weinstein, many color talented actors and Actresses managed to find a response from the viewer? If before the passing of actors nobody has noticed a talented divided by color gender now that is quality work on the audience is presented tolerant "whining" and the whole emphasis is shifted to walk-through characters, like, look, we elf black, and all curve Fi! when this was completely forgetting about that was a Tony Cox in"Bad Santa," another and dwarf... And so this is a cool elf!.. That's the same. How many black comedians have spawned Hollywood madness under the name of "egalitarianism"? There many women Directors were able to remove the masterpieces of cinema? Or write a plausible scenario that can live separately from parasitism on hackneyed themes of oppression? What do Studio bosses, more like the statistical fit that could lead to the crash — the elimination of natural selection among HR. And film will lose the only factor by which and for which it exists — magic.

I remember my childhood and it was full of blacks. On screen in the headphones. Major Payne, the Cosmic Jordan and Dennis Rodman, Not be a menace to South Central, blade and People in black ice and ice cube. And course — Gangsta's Paradise. Here what it means to grow with big brother. TLC and Destiny's Child — it is my girl's home. One look at the ratings (opasnye and overseas) sufficient to understand what has left an indelible imprint black people and characters in Russian kinomisto 90's, early 00's. Which began with him after two decades? In a child to love black culture and black jokes was a sign of coolness. How is it that now the presence of the black actor on the sidelines or black superhero causes clichéd rejection of a mass audience? Understand whether this is the Studio bosses that the imposition of bureaucratic stereotypes, they only give rise to prejudice in the minds of the viewers? I don't know. But that its policy of artificial equality, they push away potential viewers from the screen can be seen on the example "my name is Dolemite".

This picture — perfect tandem. Film shot black white. Rudy ray Moore is not was a genius as Marvin Gaye or Chuck berry. Black Panthers Luther king, Jr., it is not touched. Everything you wanted not the educated Negro in Los Angeles, is to become famous. Sense of humor and the gift of the promoter, and also the ability to listen to the voices of the streets — zassannye and toothless bums "Dolemite" are on a par with ancient Greek Aedas — turned failed farmer of the Arkansas, not evil on the whole world, and only stepfather, in the icon of the black mainstream, one of the godfathers of rap. I hope that the filmmakers don't forget Gil Scott-Girona and in the near future to dedicate to him a whole movie-poem, full of the social sphere and heroin. A while enjoying the Sunny hedonism and tireless optimism Rudy ray Mura mask which was literally implanted in itself, forgotten by even devoted fans of Eddie Murphy.

On the screen — not a drop of insolence and opinionated narcissism. Eddie lovingly conveys the uncertainty and the warmth of his character. Moore came out incredibly human, in spite of that screen pours the choicest swearing and he is involved in a questionable photo shoots with a bare ass. The writers hinted that the success of Moore was able to achieve due to the fact that has rallied around him a real family — dedicated team, in which even the stranger D Arvil Martin imbued with the main idea of the Moore and film — to ride the beam light pouring from the booth projectionist. To create magic, you have to really love what do. Big money only dulls the sharpness of desire. Filmed for a pittance, "Dolemite" was able to reach a simple spectator, talking to him one language. And not the point that this viewer was black people, who when no understand cosseted scholasticism "page one," with the Lemmon and Matthau. In the first film brewer shoot that you pulled about this — on love. The leitmotif of "Dolemite" is semidesyatnikov as the phenomenon of spontaneous injection in pop culture genre such as rogue porn, horror and blackplates. Shot during a penny, "Deep throat" and"Texas massacre" managed to become box office hits. Also as "Dolemite". Brewer shoot that you pulled the film clearly proves that ossified system, and let the studios, may break without violence the blood of sacrifice. May be Rudy Moore made more than panterovsky revolutionaries — he got into the minds of white boys cherished dream which was the desire to rap. In any case, "my name is Dolemite" tearing in pieces any hint of high-flown pathos of one sex scenes. The decision to remove a sensual episode in a humorous way otherwise genius is not called. Personally after seeing me no more questions why "Dolemite" dubbed the "Citizen Kane" a black movie. As for brewer shoot that you pulled Murphy no turning back — risky "Trip to America 2" threatens to turn into something more than another comeback — in fruitful cooperation. View.

Katina Steddman
09 February 2020 | 12:09

This is the story of success. A story about how the person puts before itself the highest purposes, risks everything, and successful.

This is the story of personal struggle. Our hero takes all, to escape from the captivity of the children's memories of injuries. The fight transforms it. Thanks to her he comes up with a strange way, hiding in it finds the strength.

This is a story about Prime operating movie. We don't just send in the seventies. We are immersed in inside the kitchen of those who did "Black Caesar" and"BLACULA". It is the history of the rapid take-off, seizure pedestals the easiest guys of the quarter. Cheerful "ed wood" with reasonable, given all the stylistic features of the genre.

This is the story of good acting. Eddie Murphy, Wesley snipes and VIN Da joy Randolph issued in this tape is something simultaneously ridiculous and sublime. Balancing the epic and the run of the mill Comedy, these actors find a common string like reviving the real events.

All these factors together simply do not leave the viewer selection. The film takes us to a world where people succeed, feel, experience and show his insatiable temper.

10 of 10

Who is the director of the movie Dolemite Is My Name?
This tv-show was directed by Craig Brewer.
What is the genre of Dolemite Is My Name?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Biography, Best Comedy Movies 2019, Best movies 2019.
Who starred in Dolemite Is My Name?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Eddie Murphy, Keegan-Michael Key, Mike Epps, Craig Robinson, Tituss Burgess.
What is Dolemite Is My Name IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Dolemite Is My Name released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-10-25.