Doctor Sleep

Many years have passed since then, as a boy with paranormal abilities, Danny TORRANCE has endured a nightmarish season, the hotel the overlook, where he witnessed the madness and death of his father. Growing up, Dan led a life of an outcast, an alcoholic, and now is trying to tie and got a job in a nursing home. There he correctly determines which of the guests it was the turn to leave this world, for which he received the nickname Doctor Sleep. Once Dan and communicates an incredibly gifted "shining" girl Abra. Soon she'll need his help to face the members of the organization "the True knot", a group of hunters for special children.

  • Mike Flanagan

Release Date: 2019-11-08
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: CA, GB, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $45,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $72,281,712
Fanny Lockhart
10 February 2020 | 04:27

Yes, General the whole movie I liked it. I haven't put the rating, but even though it not will be a dozen, but 8 or 9 for sure.

What I liked most

1. New actor character, dick Halloran. I really liked this character in the original "the Shining" (performed Scatman crothers), from heat to it is originated. It so cool talking like he was a vocalist in the jazz band and sings constantly. New actor for this role (Karl Lumbly) did really good, they really very similar. Although the new actor is not such a bright articulation.

2. Mental flight of rose. Not going to paint, so as not to spoil, but the fragment with abilities rose to mental flight — one beautiful scenes that I've seen in modern cinema.

3. Camerawork. The camera is capable of doing incredible saltoji like the film was shot on drone. Clearly, in some aspects, these camera rotation, most likely, completely CGI, but it is imperceptible. And even apart from the camera effects the overall picture and symmetry film — delight.

4. And, of course, references to the first part. Here each reference met my goosebumps.

So, definitely recommend!

Dale Nara
08 February 2020 | 04:21


Not very long ago wrote reviews, but in the case of this film I consider it my duty to Express their own opinion. Plus, I have long wanted to embody the way of objective evaluation, spied on a very cool youtube channel. And so, I went in order.

I. Story

Here is the main reason for my fiery desire to give a rating to this film. Because I:

a) a big fan of Stephen king and the novels "the Shining-Doctor Sleep" in particular.

b) I absolutely not like "the Shining" Kubrick.

in) "Doctor Sleep" pretty much departs from the plot of the book, but thus saving a tremendous loss of depth the works of Kubrick and does both the film is meaningful and worthy to be adaptations of great books.

Now detail.

Kovriginskoe "the Shining" was distinguished by a cool atmosphere, suspense and style, was completely devoid of one of the main ideas — the struggle of man with himself, with my his nightmares. Torrens Jack Nicholson was an insane, almost without the struggle gave himself and his soul to the alcohol and bloodthirsty the overlook hotel. He didn't have the strength to resist evil and to destroy it gave their lives as it was the primary source. In my this incredibly upset and forced to treat the film is maximally unfriendly.

Flanagan tried to create a "Doctor Sleep" a sort of heir books and first part and...he succeeded! At least personally for me. He made the story harder, bloodier (late king's gone soft and was reluctant to kill characters), returned to the inner struggle of the main character, beautifully brought to mind the logical inconsistencies added many references.

Of course, the plot is not perfect: there is a small sags dynamics where, on the contrary, I want to add more dialogues. But for its value to implement an idea I want to put a high rating — 25/30.

II. The main characters

This is the easiest item. They just beautiful. Ewan McGregor was designed for the role of the Denny, it perfectly conveyed and marginal-dependent state to the arrival town Frasier, the seriousness and prudence in the time of peace and real courage and internal struggle in the most crucial moments.

Kylie Curran in the role of Abra turned out great too. That the case when the change in skin color of the character does not affect plot (a little bombed on historical drama) and attracts the project truly talented actress. She was able to convey the range of emotions of a teenager in critical situations. Periodically was sort of the cool kids, sometimes just a scared little kid. Good, in General!

rose Hatter — the main antagonist. Its quite well played by Rebecca Ferguson. She — very charismatic, even periodically slipped some evil klishirovannyh.

Summary: 19/20

III. Secondary characters

There are not so many worthwhile acting job:

1) Emily Elin Lind in the role of Andy "snake Bite", the youngest member, "the True knot", a persuasive. She is very bright and colorful. It was a pleasure to watch her work.

2) Jacob Tremblay — a cameo of the unfortunate boy's baseball player. Very sincerely and emotionally played.

3) cliff Curtis in the role of the closest friend of Danny who helped to get rid of him from alcohol dependence. He just a cool actor, but to play here he was nothing special.

Zach Mcclarnon in the role of the Crow was pretty cardboard character that in principle, it is possible to tell and about all the other members of the "True knot" (except maybe uncle flick).

Summary: 10/15

IV. Vizual

Everything here is just gorgeous. And that for landscape shots of immense beauty, well-chosen tsvetomira, and in relation to effects — drop out cycle of villains, the women of the baths of blood flow and other stuff.

Summary: 15/15

V. Atmosphere

Part of the atmosphere depends directly on the visual, partly definitely not. On the atmosphere of the nostalgia (even for me, nelyubimogo the Kubrick film) was influenced by respect Flanagan to the first film. In  the Overlook it was the most stylish and scary — like, blow the dust off of ancient Tome and awaken memories.

Great atmosphere — 10/10.

VI. Soundtrack

While that this is the most difficult for me evaluation item. With one side — no song sink a soul (can be in addition to the main themes of the first part), with the other side — whether this? Perhaps the soundtrack was just harmonious and where you need to escalate where you need relaxing and somewhere no, to emphasize silence and solitude.

In General, careful 7/10

What same final tally — in total, it turned out 86 points that we can safely round up to 9/10. Can someone estimate seems too high, but not me. Laaadno, even I thought of some point, what is really here (:D), but the girl was convinced not to be a skeptic and listen to your heart. And the heart says the film is great, especially in the values of the atonement. Now I can the pure in heart to advise people to watch "the Shining", because she's got "Doctor Sleep".

But remember, this is only IMHO of Amateur creativity of Stephen king wanting the film adaptation of his books was sootvetsvuyusche strong.

Kassi Natty
19 November 2019 | 06:49

The film "Doctor Sleep" 2019-the year is a continuation of one of the most famous films of Stanley Kubrick — "the Shining". Both pictures taken by the eponymous novels by Stephen king, respectively.

The main and probably the only drawback continue to is a large amount of magic, because of what the film is perceived as a fiction the horror elements in as "the Shining", because of its realism, — a Thriller with horror elements. However, in the rest of the picture is worthy tells the subsequent fate of Danny TORRANCE, and also very skillfully weaves in the plot is a gift that has the main character.

Thus, if it was an independent film that questions about the quality, not would absolutely, but if you perceive it as a continuation of the Stanley Kubrick film, it to view a clear statement of later life others Danny cinematic language.

8 from 10

How much has Doctor Sleep made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $72,281,712.
How much did it cost to make Doctor Sleep?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $45,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Doctor Sleep?
This tv-show was directed by Mike Flanagan.
What is the genre of Doctor Sleep?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Fantasy, Drama, Horror, Best Horror Movies 2019, Best movies 2019.
Who starred in Doctor Sleep?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, Kyliegh Curran, Cliff Curtis, Zahn McClarnon.
What is Doctor Sleep IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was Doctor Sleep released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-11-08.