Dernier combat

Tormented by a tragic past, undefeated former boxer Sailor O'connor is a man broken by life. Sailor decides to grab the unexpected opportunity to return to the ring. His opponent is younger and faster, but with the support of his old team Sailor comes into the last fight. Boxer can't back up, and he will either have to overcome their own demons, or die trying to stay on his feet during the bloody, brutal beating in the ring.

  • Damian Lee

Release Date: 2014-04-25
IMDb icon 5.5/10
  • Country: CA
  • Language: English
Wandis Cyprus
11 June 2014 | 10:05

And again in front of me the film, in which starred such ambiguous actor, as Dominic Purcell. Man, which has a half emotions on all occasions. The man, who has no has that what is acting and to show emotion is not a weakness, but a sign of mastery. People who, thanks to his participation in such films as "Mission impossible 2" and"equilibrium" was known and because it become increasingly to invite more in film in which one man in sanity and memory to do not be. However, it is worth to pay tribute to this man, because not all his participation was poor and sometimes Dominic Purcell even managed to create a memorable image for the screen is a vivid example of such television series as  Escape "John DOE"... although there merit mostly a script, but is not about sad. And is from what movies a part of this... Khem actor look so ambiguous I continue to watch hoping for what if not good, at least intelligible. And our present patient, Khem guest is the film where Dominic Purcell played the main role and which according to the rating is not supposed to be a bad movie. So, it — "Fighter".

The story of two people who has decided to dedicate his life to Boxing. Did they because them too many blows to the head, and since the lives of the characters was tied to violence, for it is worth to money. Iron logic, Yes. And naturally, in this situation our heroes are not are very happy people and course in their past was the place to be a tragedy, and this course is the law of the genre, because no one wants to see the artwork in which pair of primates emboss each of the other teeth, because for this purpose there is Boxing and wrestling. Well, Oh well. After all even if this situation of the film may have something intelligent and interesting, does not it?

No, not may not work. And why? And all because the film crew came to his work carelessly. The Director concluded that it was a great idea to make the Central theme the narrative of a fight between two not too bright individuals and thus to vary the battle scenes with inlays of life boxers. Original do is this idea? Possible. Whether it? No. Why? Well, it's that so have even movies are Boxing in the first place drama and the fight is the culmination of the picture, but not it is an end in itself. The main thing in this kind of movies it — characters. This people who the beginning is able to win over the audience to yourself and not just to tell snippets of their lives along the way beating each other.

Okay, let's assume that the Director who have managed to upset me a couple of his works, all did the right thing and see what or are the characters in the movie. Well, no, clear that this fellow as far as to rocky Balboa, so until Muhammad Ali, but let's give them a chance. Well, well in the right corner of the ring, the fighter in black pants — Dominic Purcell! The man who broke his cast-iron head of automotive glass as a child and because strokes in the head does not can dump. Well, of course, not can! The brain is no. So the hero Dominic Purcell hear not heard about such basic things that when you go to car, you need to follow honey, care to ceiling and due to such carelessness of would-be boxer lost a son, and wife it is gone. And now the hero is unfortunate, lives with mum, dying cancer in order to brighten up it. the days of the terrible boxer decides to participate in the next match, the forty-fifth account or thirty-fourth... I'm not sure. And not sure I this is because in the film, the characters are called, some astronomical numbers at every new. But problem that friends, acquaintances, priest, and doctor say that this fight will kill the hero Dominic Purcell, but he they are not listening still agrees to the match. Well, Yes, for many years Dominic Purcell have learned to filter any criticism in the address of his person. It mean I understand correctly. — hero takes care of the outside, he is not listening to good advice and decides everything himself and wants to please his dying mother that it to the Boxing arena kills? Dear ladies and gentlemen, here are as want, I can sympathize with a man whose the mind can compete with stool is most likely going to lose.

Well, Yes okay. In the blue corner of the ring of king Solomon. Twenty-year-old kid who decided to dedicate his life to Boxing for the simple reason that his girlfriend, which is still no eighteen on the demolition. Um, what? Try to find a job that would not associated with violence? About Yes, the boy tried. He has wanted to be in a porn movie, but then changed his mind. What? Why didn't you? Well because the mother of the hero, which the latter despised, earned life appearing in films for adults. It mean I understand correctly. — king Solomon a young and stupid kid who instead find a normal job and decides to devote his life to Boxing because couldn't keep his "little friend" in his pants and knocked up a minor? At our hero despises the world and particularly his mother, who tried to secure his son's future much better than had her? Uh where there is drama then? I'm sorry of course, but I know who of the two heroes more deserving a Darwin award? Likely a person that wrote the picture.

But to finally finish the viewer will say in this movie no one even trying to demonstrate anything remotely resembling emotions. The people in this film resemble stone idols that recite memorized text that was written by someone who is poorly presented, and what he does. In other words, the dialogues in the picture resemble a set of words that are loosely stacked with each friend when you try to think that and that same said the heroes headache. Whether this film your attention? By far the — no.

3 of the 10

Who is the director of the movie Dernier combat?
This tv-show was directed by Damian Lee.
What is the genre of Dernier combat?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Sport.
Who starred in Dernier combat?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Dominic Purcell, Kim Coates, Louis Gossett Jr., Adam Beach, Michael Ironside.
What is Dernier combat IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.5.
When was Dernier combat released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2014-04-25.