Dear Dictator

Anton Vincent is the dictator of one of the Caribbean countries. Tatyana — the schoolgirl of the senior class of ordinary high school. After a long correspondence, in which they became friends on the background of the difficulties encountered by each of them, the dictator decided to find refuge in America and come to Tatyana. In the end, he trains the rebel in the soul of the girl, as to overthrow the regime at her school, and become a true leader.

  • Lisa Addario
  • Joe Syracuse

Release Date: 2018-03-16
IMDb icon 5.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:30m
Aubry Aeneus
10 May 2018 | 10:42

Perhaps some readers will remember that in the early 90's us in the country was a very popular song about love for accountant. With all clingy text: "Accountant, my dear accountant /Here it is what, such a simple/ But a native, but all my" and etc. these Lines are involuntarily pop up in memory when watching a new film with the participation of Michael Caine "Dear dictator."

Michael Caine, despite its pretty old age — 85 years! — remains a very popular actor. In "Dear dictator," he played the role of escaped from the rebels of the ruler-bearded man one of the island nation.

No matter how strange, but this "American" movie-Hey Cuba played with the film is kind of ambiguous joke. The story of a little freedom-loving neighbor of the United States is full of contradictions: a lot of people in the world sympathized with and continue to sympathize with the Cuban people and it now to the late, bearded leader. And I guess that somehow subconsciously (or consciously) understood by the authors.

In any case, when invited to appear on a role of Michael Caine, it obviously counting on its incredible actor's charm, which is evident even in the most violent characters ("Play through", "death trap") and which have it to everyone, is lost. And here we also immediately understand that the fugitive dictator hanged and shot his companions in batches (a few scenes very clearly it is present), the coffers of the groom's daughter, who was a dissident, and put it in the fight really nice man with a mass of the simple human virtues: he repairing the house sheltered it American schoolgirl Tanya appliances, cooks from almost anything delicious, has signs of attention Tannoy lonely mom than flips her personal life... More — he inspires Tanya on the seizure of power in school, training some of the dictatorial methods... In General, handsome, what else to find The... more so beard already no, and runs in the normal gopnikom Adidas — this mother, this simple...

Let it be so! The film is declared as Comedy imagine all sorts of dictatorial (cruel, wild) performance at this would naturally. But in fact case of film genre taxied to the family melodrama with focus on education characters. Poor children, poor single mothers — so you not enough for happiness bearded murderers!

Want to exclaim: dear Michael, why do you got into it's a stupid movie?! You're being framed!

But seriously, brought Michael Caine to play a ruthless killer speaker (and let even the Comedy, but good Comedy), we would be horrified at the deceit, cynicism, meanness of this man and may have seriously enriched my knowledge about the modern world — full of big and small dictators and just scoundrels.

Kellie Lisa
07 February 2019 | 11:11

As a prototype of the dictator, according to all used the President of Zimbabwe, who in the last year when the film came out in the entire taxiing 28th year your country. American girl teaches his deposed technologies have the President goes to shoes on a high platform due to their small stature, on which is painted a red star and is constantly falling. Her name Tanya. On who is a hint, I mind is not know.

However, our girl is all by herself is able. She didn't need a mentor to sneak in school write on all the walls all sorts of nonsense with spray paint. Look, even the us here, it works fine, but labels are not nonsense, and technologies that work. The girl's mother, that the lady with low level of social responsibility, ready for anything it started up in the American dream. For example, on the footjob. I had to spy the name of this term, because it I freely own.

The dictator of the African as you know, toppled, but it is very old, Michael Caine that his plays have 84. Real even more. The bandages it also stars. But the girl born in 1997 and come from Israel. As all symbolic of something. Poor Biggs ("American pie") plays the teacher of sociology, which all kick that began with that poor actor.

In General, if you take all this at once, to watch the movie quite interesting. Potential sole leader needs to cause fear, awe and love. Very good point — a rebellion is brewing in the minds it is not political and itself yourself. The war is never over, it is founded in the difference of human capacities.

The film was shot to meet the opposition needs of those never was interested in politics. To use this, I interesting, the form, content, on I particularly the attention is not drew, so as carried away with the interpretation, I must admit, is pretty rotten. The film does not have enough intensity, it is crowded with all sorts of platitudes and toilet humor it not help.

Michael Caine, according to them on old to play and this role. It wish I respect, as well as and happy to see him. The dictator, of course, it is useless, but sometimes amusing. Have it all in the end it was that should come to power by women. I, in fact, all equal — who to vote for.

I put four, but I urge everyone to see this movie, immediately take the necessary emphasis, so as not to spit at the time of viewing. Technologies that are shown in the movie, incidentally, is quite modern and work fine. If someone in the school needs to do the same.

8 from 10

Pamela Lonee
09 April 2018 | 10:26

"Dear dictator" is, on first glance, a promising setup. 85-year-old Michael Caine in the role of dictator of the island nation in the Caribbean after his overthrow takes refuge in the house bored American teenage girl. The casting and concept are attractive because of their lack of seriousness and a certain degree of absurdity that at least it should promise to be an easy hour and a half. Alas, instead of having to go on the direction of farce, or a dashing black Comedy, "Dear dictator" in the end, decides to choose the path... warm and fuzzy family drama, turning on in the most innocuous film about the dictator in history. Interesting message lost, and a key figure in allowing the political killings and revolution, relegated to the level of cute grandpa.

The script is "dear dictator" was since 2006 (!) in the"black list" niespodziewana projects of Hollywood, so that the time the "Dictator" clearly out of date. In General, the film can be described as a nice mess of teenage Comedy about the school losers and blatant political satire. And last here is incredibly small. With one hand, very funny to see how old clone of Fidel Castro teaches a young girl the finer points of the class struggle, and that applies these ideas practice satisfied with the "revolution" against popular classmates. With the other hand, "Dear dictator" never comes with these, on my opinion, good settings to the maximum, preferring to focus on otherwise.

In this is the main drawback of "Dictator". From the makers have no sharp sense of humor, no courage to develop your promising ideas. The way in which creators convey their own a killer Comedy premise about the eccentric dictator, suddenly found themselves literally at the door, looks like more on the traditional sentimentality. Unusual, but the good old man teaches a girl to overcome complexes, and her mother — well, to be a mom. Certainly, if the script of "the Dictator" was filled with subversive political humor, then all have sunk in bad taste, but all you could do less harmless.

As for the humor, then the comic elements in "Dear dictator" are based on the typical "adventures of the old man." A dictator commits atypical for his psycho actions: riding on a tricycle, disguised as barbel, grumbling any reason and etc. the Only thing that gives those scenes fade completely it is the chemistry between the actors.

By the way, about the acting. Michael Caine — it's the charisma and actor big letter, but it is quite difficult to accept it as the brutal leader of a third world country. Even his fake beard not helps. Alfred Molina, under which was written the role, or Robert DeNiro, who also was considered, would be much better. Odeya rush suggested a strong heroine, but empty the soul. Worst of all to be Set green the role of the doctor-the fetishist; his little; he is not particularly necessary to the plot, but most importantly — his obsession could be pass more amusing manner.

Comedy, of course, has a high concept premise than its implementation. The idea of a Moody teenager, which came into Union the dictator, opens spaces for the imagination. And revolution the school in scenario a gem. Such a project could chase satire ("the Dictator" with Sasha Baron Cohen or"Bananas" by woody Allen), and could dive into side of a brutal version of "mean girls". To unfortunately, the creators of "Dear dictator" is not chose one of these directions; a feeling the film generally does not give directions as such. The film even steadily avoids the political context, in addition to some of the reproach of the Americans in the hypocrisy, though any reason is also no. As all other topics (cyber-bullying, religious hypocrisy and bullying in school), it takes and gives way to wacky Comedy. In "Dear dictator" is there, of course, occasionally something sharp and smart, but the dynamics of the relationship between mother and daughter was more interesting than the issues of dictatorship. Anton Vincent, go to the wall!

4 of 10

How long is Dear Dictator?
2h 10m
Who is the director of the movie Dear Dictator?
This tv-show was directed by Lisa Addario, Joe Syracuse.
What is the genre of Dear Dictator?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy.
Who starred in Dear Dictator?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Michael Caine, Odeya Rush, Katie Holmes, Seth Green, Jason Biggs.
What is Dear Dictator IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.1.
When was Dear Dictator released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-03-16.