Dead Again

Mike Church, a private detective from Los Angeles specializing in finding missing persons. He deals with the case of a young girl who he calls grace. The girl has amnesia and she remembers nothing of her past. It is constantly plagued by nightmares in which the pianist of the late 1940s Margaret Strauss a pair of scissors and kills her husband Roman Strauss. During the investigation, the Church appealed for help to Franklin Matson, an Antiques dealer. With the help of hypnosis they hope to get to the truth.

  • Kenneth Branagh

Release Date: 1991-08-30
IMDb icon 6.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $15,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $38,016,380
Elly Ricard
24 July 2009 | 04:46

My acquaintance with great British Director and actor Cannata Branom, started as a kind of the woody Allen film "Celebrity". Then I found one American job Branes — amazing "Frankenstein", after which I recorded in bran's most recommended the view of the authors. A Grand adaptation of Shakespeare's "Henry V" has strengthened me in this opinion. Thriller "Die again," which Branagh began the conquest of America, finally strengthened its position in my list of the most beloved and respected figures in world cinema.

For the "conquest of America", which, I have to say I did; on the show is very decent box office and extremely positive reaction from critics, Branagh chose very interested in its mystical themes.

"Die again" — the film is primarily about love. About the love death to kill not able. It can only to stop to deliver temporary oblivion, to hold in the framework of the superstitions and erroneous judicial decisions or human thoughts, but kill — no, love is not die person. And finding the loophole of the clutches of death, love ready to be born again — maybe other people, in another time, but it will be the same love. And other if people? Have we have a whole bunch of religions — choose any, according to taste. Want — believe that after the death of you will meet his beloved in Paradise. And maybe after death you will once again be on Earth in another body — male or women again look for a soul mate, not knowing that you have already been happy here the beautiful stranger to you so now feel free to come. And that you were children, and you had already one or two life and so will happily live third? Or, conversely, something prevented you to live your first life, and someone who is important — Christ, Buddha, Allah — give you another chance, most importantly — not to overlook it to remember everything that it used to not pass. And the rewards will be great. Love how the soul — eternal, but only determines how he will dispose of the only eternal that he has.

Reincarnation. Not new topic. But Branagh, as always, with impeccable taste, throwing mystical coincidences and patterns, making believe in the reality of the existence in the past of some of the composer Roman Strauss is executed for the alleged murder of his wife, and in the reality of what followed this 40 years later, even in the reality of reincarnation. We can not only relive one and the same event of the life we can remember them, we can benefit from the experience of past generations whose destinies are intermingled with our own, and maybe we can precision repeat someone else's destiny, and even to correct those errors, which proved fatal in a the lives of our twins predecessors.

All this very controversial ideas, but after the film is similar to the perceived axiomatic, indisputable. Skillfully mixing past and present life is like as two peas in a pod, heroes, slipping them circumstances which confused the heroes of the past, but should not be confused heroes of the present, carries bran in a maelstrom of frightening, fascinating, dangerous story of love that was the cause of much suffering, but and remained pure, unadulterated, exhilarating, immortal love.

Bran does not attempt to scare the viewer, he tells the story in a calm voice, but it ringing — he's tense, as a taut string, and I feel how excited bran-the Director looks at the history of the characters, like worried about their future and past. Only closer to the end voice breaks almost Creek just ends with hysterical tears.

The best thing that succeeded Bran — it is a mix of flash backs, it is a past reality with the present reality. It is the mix, which leaves a constant feeling of mystery makes the film is an exemplary Thriller in the best tradition of Hitchcock. What was we do learn only in the end, because the scattered flash Becky and inconsistent explanations of your heroes, little explain, only more intrigue.

Bran — a great Director and very English. He was wrong only once, in the end, making a fairly stupid Hollywood trick with Glabados, and this slightly weakens the passions and tension that is built from frame to frame the entire film. Bran here has surpassed himself, myself. He played two role, with a very interesting — madly loves his wife, the composer and a private detective in love with a girl he really knew in a past life.

Gorgeous Emma Thompson, who played the woman to which the nightmares returned memories of the past, scared of death, every step which — step a quagmire. It fear, emotions, feelings reliable, natural that never feel that on screen, the actress Emma Thompson. I have only seen her characters. Magnificent roles, in which a lot of femininity, the poetry of human tact, delicacy, purity, love. Probably all that sometimes not enough American Actresses and what is so much of this charming Englishwoman.

Minor, but a very important role was played by Robin Williams, became a psychiatrist, which is closed access medical practice due to the fact that he also cures some patients, even and put them on the couch, and under hypnosis. Its character is as a link between the past and the future. Degraded, wretched, and lonely present, successful and not too ethical in the past, he symbolizes the split of the two lives in one person.

In this magnificent film, there is nothing vulgar and not needed. No rude flirting with the viewer and his emotions, no games with viewer giveaway. This is a confident, masterful, knowing to itself the price the artist who tells the story as thinks fit — a little scary, but gently, quietly, but intense, beautiful, but sincerely. A brilliant psychological work, full of British charm and romanticism, which is certainly worth a look, at least to ensure — not all foreigners entering the Hollywood, he sold with giblets.

And... I somehow, it seems that Kenneth Branagh — the reincarnation of the great Laurence Olivier. Not man, no. But his work. Olivier died when bran was already a successful actor, but the first masterpiece he had done times 1989, immediately after the death of Olivier, and is as were actually the film "Henry V", shot exactly 45 years after this role was played by sir Olivier. And then all works Branes all clearly traces the style and manner of playing Olivier, as if the great master has recognized young compatriot as his heir and inspired him on new creations. Here so you can die and be born again...

10 of 10

Merridie Tench
22 February 2011 | 02:19

Indeed, a great movie. Insanely fascinating scenario of a novice then the author Scott Frank (adapt in future novels by Elmore Leonard, and put the Thriller "Deception") in the hands of British actor and Director Kenneth Brenny turned into no less fascinating detective. The mystical story tells of a young woman who not only suffers from amnesia, but and suffering at the night of horrible nightmares. Tired of her screams, the leadership of the monastery, where it is some time living, decides to seek help specializing in the search for the missing private detective Mike Church (in the English version there is clearly there is kalamburchik).

It soon becomes clear that Madame is closely connected with what happened in the late forties murder — a talented composer Roman Strauss stabbed his own wife, and it's like she is her wife, the reincarnation. Himself the detective is very similar to her husband. The pain is incredible and then the heroes decide to get to truth the help of a hypnotist.

First and foremost, it is impossible not to mention Studio production Branny: flash Becky in black and white shot so that it is easy to believe, though they really come from the fortieth. Great job with lighting, decorations, not mention of constantly keeping in suspense music here is as special character.

The script made a few knockout surprises and is with that the identity of the villain with one hand, and not hiding and another time so confusing all sorts of pitfalls and imaginary suspects that still remain with the nose.

A little, perhaps sums up the overall positive impression somewhat posed or, rather, old-fashioned finale, although not so much for this reason indignant.

The residue from the us good cinema, where place the detective, and Gothic elements, and mysticism, and, of course, romance. Because "Die again," as corny as it sounded — movie love).

How much has Dead Again made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $38,016,380.
How much did it cost to make Dead Again?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $15,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Dead Again?
This tv-show was directed by Kenneth Branagh.
What is the genre of Dead Again?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in Dead Again?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kenneth Branagh, Andy Garcia, Emma Thompson, Lois Hall, Richard Easton.
What is Dead Again IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.9.
When was Dead Again released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1991-08-30.