Dark Waters

Lawyer Robert Bilot, who worked as a corporate lawyer DuPont chemical holding company, speaks with the prosecution in court against his former company, which for decades cynically poisoned people, chemicals contaminating drinking water. He runs this business for 19 years. Will he be able to shed light on the truth?

  • Todd Haynes

Release Date: 2019-12-06
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Korean
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $21,115,369
Aprilette Lossa
07 February 2020 | 09:27

Have not secret large corporations and strive to go on the risk for the sake of additional income with a lot of zeros. A high-ranking personality prefer to neglect not only their own principles, but and "spit" on General behavioral principles, if only provide a rich and relaxed life. They do not notice losing the last shred of humanity in fact, "driving the last nail in the coffin". After all, there is always the risk that sooner or later there will be the pious opposition, which will tighten the knot around the neck pseudo-Lucifer.

One of "fighters" was a native of Ohio — Robert Bylot. It aggressive clash with the most influential us company Cercola free stage in the development of DuPont in the chemical direction. And it all started with using conventional farmer whose the story required a timely look at did blurry corner. Corporate lawyer got a stranglehold over the case of the mass extinction of animals, not considering his official position, reactions of the public, and even his own family. The restoration of justice and the suppression of many years of impunity — all that he did care. You can call it a kind of selective selfishness, however, it is gone into the benefit of thousands of families and saved many from a terrible fate.

It is symbolic that is an ardent "fighter" for world in world on the screen depicted the actor, who himself is enough concerned with the problem of environmental pollution. Mark Ruffalo often see in communities that oppose fracking. Freking — is one of mining of gas and oil, which will appear in the water of many impurities, harmful for human. For each fracturing uses from 80 to 300 tons of chemicals. Ruffalo keeps bringing up this problem talk shows to raise awareness about the dangers of fracking. At this time, the actor had to understand the vicissitudes of transcendental plans on a global scale. What happened you and they themselves probably realize — nomination for the award "Companion" for "best actor in a dramatic film." From it came a good man, all the heart shows direct participation in the confrontation of people's peace and "bureaucratic bumps".

Not his problem is that the image turned out a little full. The creators had to fit in two hours and quite a large story, consisting of two equally long parts, and personal opinion of the primary participant. The obvious way out of was would have a choice of streaming services, which takes an extended film, however, the eyes of the Studio bosses fell it is a wide release. Therefore, some a lot important details from disclosure, as past and present identities have been lost, and also the explanation of the investigation were thrown out straight continuous stream, without any sequence. The most part, observe the purely personal feelings of the character, trials of two high-ranking head of the Serpent-dragon and the long-awaited denouement of a painful case, it was interesting.

It is noteworthy that and this day called Teflon, or C8, or PFOA, is used in various household items. But whether vain efforts Robb? Of course not! After all, he, no matter what, has proven that it is necessary to fight always and not give up until the last!

7,7 of 10

Kellen Saturday
27 January 2020 | 10:08

Mark Ruffalo once again takes up the investigation of the role of corporate counsel at cases chemical companies Rob Bilotta, he comes in combat the DuPont Corporation. "Dark water" were Todd Haynes film fancy format "the investigation — statement", built on the accumulation of conversations, arguments and even paranoid, but detective work, i.e., the main component of this Thriller worthy of respect. Morose and grim, the film conjures up nostalgia for the "In the spotlight" and filed, think, suitable for this genre style — exclusively uncompromising.

The script is an adaptation of the New York Times title tells the whole story: "Lawyer, became the worst nightmare of DuPont". The main character Rob Billot is on the threshold of a promising career in a law firm and happiness. All changes dramatically in a day the knock came on his door the farmer Wilbur Tennant. Elderly redneck mutters something about their dying cows and expresses the suspicion that to blame a nearby factory. Because of Bellota firm representing a number of corporate clients, and owners of a chemical plant, a lawyer decides to verify the information and, suddenly, faced with a conspiracy on a global scale.

The story "Dark water" complex for transfer screen several reasons: the investigation of Bellota took 20 years was, in the study of archival documents, and characters (in and Billot himself), well, represent ordinary people without any notable background. Prospects dramatizing these ties seem to be extremely limited: it is sad, but an honest look at the real world. The minimum of "Dark water" have managed to make a powerful drama, relevant for any country and any social group. Details without problems to chew the audience, explain the chemical terms and cleverly playing with facts the sake of entertainment, not distorting the essence of history.

Besides, according to all, "Dark water" belongs to the dying breed of movies that refer to the world in a window, suffering from corruption and hopelessness. At its core, the narrative of the film is incredibly much like some paranoid Thriller of the 1970s (like "Chinatown", "All the President's men" or"Conspiracy "Parallax""). Corporate influence on the economy, allows to ask the question: what to do if the bad guys have won? What well, "Dark water" again for time gives at this is the answer: we must fight because it's the right thing to yourself. Thus, this current film is not only the copyright statement (knowingly Billot on the story unfolds several times addresses almost not directly to the viewer), but film-call. The script, of course, good as a way to show the detective and legal work of the protagonist, however, important in "Dark waters" is the desire to give the audience an idea of the concept "struggle".

"Dark water" connects all details put together, showing how the court case is based on parts, month by month, driving a legal car. But the biggest triumph of the script is the denigration of the monolith the notorious "American capitalism" — show that the greatest wealth is always built on human lives. All, say, antagonist — corporate pawns DuPont, and they don't even evil; not wonder the movie, they can you imagine some blank "advertising agents".

Acting — strong side, "Dark water". Ruffalo — the main magnet for the viewer; with him as the actor, so and character, highlighted by the dedication. Noted the silver-haired Tim Robbins in the role of a wise chief and probably one of the few allies in the fight Bellota. Also in castes infiltrated Anne Hathaway in the role of wife of Bellota: the role it is secondary and, frankly, not allows it to reveal the actress.

Such "Dark waters" films focused on actual modern problems, now not a rarity, but this film project looks sharper and truer: the script can not afraid of condemnation of the powerful and rolls in frankly idle discourse on issues of the "little man". Sometimes "Dark water" frighteningly realistic, and even radical in the Director's decisions: Haynes, for example, involved real victims of a real incident in his film. The lack of bright light and focus on stuffy conference rooms, dirty interior of the houses of farmers and General feeling of soreness of the environment only reinforces the oppressive and depressive impression: from the die before the final credits, it follows that in this confrontation between David and Goliath there is a clear winner and, in fact, the war continues.

8 from 10

Kare Heller
07 February 2020 | 02:32

"Dark Water" — this is based on real events the film is in the genre of drama Thriller by Todd Haynes, is up to that shot such films as "Velvet goldmine" "I No", mostly associated with musicians. At this time before us is a drama about the eternal struggle of man with the bureaucratic, corrupt and rotten ruling system.

For help lawyer Robert Bilotta, working in a reputable company, working primarily with large companies, turns a simple farmer with a very loud statement about that is a leading Corporation for producing chemicals are poisoning its land and water. First of Belott and not going to consider this matter that threatens its reputation, career and personal life, but he is to start to look at the circumstances surrounding the Corporation and her carefully hidden operation, how he gets in a maelstrom of investigations, scandals and lawsuits, from which he have to get another very very soon.

Immediately before viewing, we should understand that though the film and perfectly reveals the above topics and encourages nice and humane acts, but the specifics told in history simply does not will allow it to be interesting. In this unfolding of personal and public tragedy, the destinies, but no action turns intense mental struggle and the storm of emotions to expect is simply not worth it. If You as the viewer don't interested in the process of these proceedings, the movie will seem very dull and boring. This contributes to timing two small hours, cold tones, and melancholic soundtrack. In this film similar to a film by David Fincher "zodiac", and also film "In the spotlight" (they both, incidentally, also played mark Ruffalo).

Acting in the film is excellent. It and starring Ruffalo, and Anne Hathaway, and Tim Robbins, and even briefly looking bill Pullman in supporting roles — without all the exception good, everyone can play emotion, instantly triggering empathy from the viewer. The only problem is the revelation of the characters; even though we and seeing the whole movie for lawyer Bilotta, even his we know only superficially, not mention all other — their backgrounds are just not place, because to empathize with film the fact can only be the farmer, and not enough.

The review was short, because more movie to accuse virtually no how praise — it is consistent methodical narrative and acting. If You like these stories — brave. Those who prefer cold leisurely narrative dynamism, the tension of the action and liter of tears from the view — You just do not here.

The next Association: "zodiac," "In the spotlight".

8 from 10

Why: this is an excellent representative of its genre, but not all.

How much has Dark Waters made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $21,115,369.
Who is the director of the movie Dark Waters?
This tv-show was directed by Todd Haynes.
What is the genre of Dark Waters?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, History, Biography.
Who starred in Dark Waters?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway, Tim Robbins, Bill Pullman, Bill Camp.
What is Dark Waters IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was Dark Waters released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-12-06.