A talented engineer Helen grieved the suicide of her husband. Once she learns something, which she has to kill a man. Dearly regretting their actions, the girl goes back in time to correct all the errors and prevent the murder.

  • Diego Hallivis

Release Date: 2018-02-23
IMDb icon 4.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:30m
Binni Honoria
21 January 2020 | 10:28

The film, according to date, came out a few years ago, but as flew past me. In connection return Linda Hamilton in franchise Terminator, I decided to check her filmography and came across this picture. Interested in the description and a poster, so that you won't been thinking about viewing.

The film, though new, but the combined as sliced old episodes. Not think if you view the film, and then try to tell content, your paraphrase might be more clear than that you saw yourself on the screen. So do not retell I even "plan" of the film. What is covered static image in the beginning of the picture, what not speaking. To tremble the audience, decides to show surveillance, Jogging and mysterious calls. Compete, shoot a couple of times, mix the past and present and the managed to do the most boring way. No imagination in the scripts — all the parts once seen in other films. And nothing soul brain.

Fantastic genre that promise, is just a prelude to the emergence of interest from the audience. Stand properly the first 30 minutes as of the film just breezed the catalyst of sleep. Actually, the whole movie consists of boring conversations between characters who do not had special meaning and only a diluted atmosphere of languid content. At first I took a pleasant appearance of the heroine, thought for account acting picture somehow will rise, but no. And the characters have to be defective. The story almost forgot, it seemed that he no.

The atmosphere in the movie, which is supposed to contain in itself the mystery and complexity of perception regarding move in time bears to myself... Actually did not be held. Absolutely. Kind of went what the action, even be interested in the beginning. But logic all events were absent. Have had a lot of questions about the whole "fiction", which was on the screen. But here is the answer — almost never been. Sometimes the brain just started to catch fire from the heresy is shown by the Director. The film is empty, no fascinating. Events boring to outrageous, no episode is not properly brought my mood on the full desire to watch the tape. Like the theme of displacement in the time is always the top one in the movie is a genuine interest, but this is clearly not the case. The creators as like wasting time, long and dreary, showing the life of the character, when the viewer is sitting in agonizing anticipation of movements in time at least some sort of fiction. To unfortunately, almost no was.

In this character, as positive and negative, is very poorly written. Also unclear is constantly a well-groomed appearance of the heroine-beauty, anywhere and in any situation. It looks weird and unnatural. And one of very liked the film is the relationship between GG and her husband, even though they and was shown a glimpse of a few strokes. So tender and strong. The game is "finish the equation" between spouses-a clever as a variant of words, it is so cute. And the actress playing the title role, Linda Fonseca — just beautiful. On those girls look nice, even in not the best quality movies. The aforementioned Linda Hamilton played a couple of episodes, occupying not more than 7-8 minutes of screen time, and no remember.

My verdict — viewing is not recommend. The film is sluggish, with complete lack of emotions and any desire to watch the tape. Film I still watching, but feeling picture the dumb. Weak and incredibly cheap, and in all senses, setting that is not benefit from viewing. A horrible movie which is better to avoid. Even if you really have nothing to watch — suggest to reconsider what is the old just fascinating.

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Amii Marteena
25 December 2019 | 04:01

Movies on the theme of temporary loops, and wider — all about move in time — can be divided into three categories by popularity the coverage of the audience. The first — known to all, from small big hits like "Groundhog Day" and"Back in the future." Second — a little less known, but also have managed to become cult films, such as "Triangle" or"Communication" (Coherence). However, a true fan of the genre TimeLoop, plunging all deeper the bottomless abyss of modern film studies in search of the unknown, stumbles there to do well-known instances of category B taken it is unclear how, by whom, for whom and for what. Here it to this type is the movie "Curvature".

In the first frame of the tape we see a monotonic pattern in the morning young, beautiful but very sad women on the name of Helen, recently lost her husband, committed suicide with him. Get ready — this slowness and stodgy slowness of the narrative, as well as and the sad expression of the main character, so and will accompany the whole film. After 10 minutes we will once again see a picture of the awakening of Helen, but the sadness on her face gets a shade of surprise — and soon after the viewer it realizes that it's been a week that she can't remember. Next, with help from a colleague at work trying to understand, rightly assuming that all connected with the secret scientific work of the deceased husband. Here is this the beginning of the story. To unfortunately, watching the film up to the end, I and is not grasped, and what actually happened. And think I not be one in the Internet and found a lot of negative reviews about the movie the overall message of "do not understand".

At the conclusion of the review I want to mention that a cameo role in the film is Linda "Storm Terminator" Hamilton and found out I'm not directly.

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How long is Curvature?
2h 10m
Who is the director of the movie Curvature?
This tv-show was directed by Diego Hallivis.
What is the genre of Curvature?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery.
Who starred in Curvature?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Lyndsy Fonseca, Linda Hamilton, Glenn Morshower, Noah Bean, Zach Avery.
What is Curvature IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.8.
When was Curvature released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-02-23.