Cult of Chucky

Nick pierce spent four years in hospital. Her convinced that she was guilty in the death of the family, not Chucky. When the doctor offers a new treatment option with a doll with a kind face, in the hospital, people start to die, and nick begins to think that her nightmares are real. Andy Barclay has grown up and hurries to help, but he wants to prevent Tiffany — bride of Chucky, ready to do anything to help her lover.

  • Don Mancini

Release Date: 2017-10-03
IMDb icon 5.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Thomasin Hilton
27 September 2017 | 01:47

New product not have twice had to do this franchise. As an ardent fan of Chucky Director and screenwriter of don Mancini again tried to revive the old interest in the famous evil doll with a malicious grin. The bloody events of the film on this time takes place in a psychiatric hospital, which falls the main character. Once in the last victim of the doll-killer, she tries to forget about the terrible events, Yes. only Chucky't forget about their "friends" and soon comes to visit his old friend.

While watching a movie just want to warn you that you should not expect much, because style and entourage this film emotionally captures the spirit of the past patterns, when the franchise have went to stream. Standard visual plans and the familiar manner of the discharge action scenes looks, of course, stylish, intimidating, but in the same time quite secondary. It seemed that I'm watching a film from the nineties, with only a very nice modern picture. Of course, this film is not able to greatly scare the audience, but still observe the adventures of the murderous doll was interesting. I particularly note a nice Director's desire not to delve into solid computer special effects. In many bloody moments was used mannequins and dolls as always old movies when the computer is still has not taken possession of the entire film industry.

In General, if you fan of this franchise and are part of the cult of Chucky, then welcome to screens. And don't forget that after the credits you waiting for a slight extension, so do not take the time to turn off the TV.

Pleasant viewing.

Bibi Sylvie
26 September 2017 | 06:32

Being a big fan of the franchise about the adventures of the doll killer Chucky I was very glad to hear about the continuation of this series of films. The Creator of the franchise don Mancini promised to consider all the errors of most disappointing film of the franchise "Offspring of Chucky", and compared his new film with large-scale projects of the type ""Inception" by Christopher Nolan, promised the bloodiest part of the franchise with elements of the psychological Thriller promised to explain the complicated ending of the previous film.

In the end what we got? I'll try to explain in details his vision on this film.

In my opinion "Cult of Chucky" came out much weaker than the previous film, "curse of Chucky", which was a really pleasant surprise for fans of red-haired dolls, and even classic horror. Being a low-budget movie "Curse of Chucky" had a very interesting, thoughtful story filled with atmosphere of the original first two and the most successful parts of "Children's games". Fans of the franchise don Mancini thanked for the movie was hoping that he reanimates his creation, returning to him the spirit and atmosphere of the original. The constant rumors about the movie, upload to the Internet all sorts of frames from surveys, intriguing promises Director asked to watch this film. After all, we, the fans of the Chucky we know and love this red-haired Shorty, not right? And we're really interested to see his new adventures, to hear his mind-blowing laughter, high-quality black humor or, on the contrary, the tense atmosphere of the original films. Each we expect this film something of his — Chucky scary or funny, but sure was need an exciting, thoughtful and interesting film. Personally, as I saw the initial trailer was expecting to see a decent bloody slasher, not moreover, the end, my expectations was justified.

Start with that story line of the film is very delusional. Mancini made a mess and confused myself in their intricacies. Why insert in one movie Andy Barclay from the original "Children's games" and Jennifer Tilly from "Bride of Chucky", "the Offspring of Chucky"? It completely different films that are not should be my opinion being interrelated. Why tie a black Comedy and a horror film together? Why tie the "seed of Chucky" and"Children's games", which is different as sky land with respect to each other? What had to show the don Mancini? His love for the entire franchise? If it is so (and probably so it is) us not particularly interesting, because I want to see a sane, interesting, thoughtful continuation of the legendary doll's killer, but not a simple admiration of her in a new movie.

After watching "the Cult of Chuckie" the impression is that the franchise has exhausted itself. All chips (middle finger Chucky, licks knife Tiffany and cutting the throat of a police officer re-expressions of the previous installments) have to be fed. Want something new and original. It as the fifth part of the "Ice age", where the restless squirrel trying to catch his acorn — initially, it was fun to watch, but monotonous this feature is copied into each subsequent part in the end become boring and even become annoying.

I wanted to see the confrontation of Chuckie from Andy Barkley, with other characters of the previous parts, in the end, nothing that we will not see. No no action, intrigue at this movie. To worry about the main characters absolutely not for whom.

The image of Nicky in the performance of Fiona Dourif in the film is less well developed than in "Curse of Chucky", no sympathy for this game not me has arisen.

Jennifer Tilly playing Tiffany was heavily defeated and annoyed by their presence. Already not at a young age tries to build from itself, the beauty of the "Bride of Chucky",filmed already almost 20 whole years ago. And Tilly looks for your age. really really good, but that it seemed to play me some lame and fake. In"Bride of Chucky" she is much germanicae fit into the image of the girlfriend of Charles Lee ray.

Murder in the film is entertaining, but for the small budget, do not look so impressionable as of the same "Bride of Chucky". Save on bloody scenes well does not. In I wouldn't said "the Cult of Chucky" turned out to be the bloodiest film in the series. "Seed of Chucky" and"Bride of Chucky" in this regard is clearly winning.

So many questions leaves after watching this film, when he does not uncovered normally the ending of the previous film. That eventually became a girl Ellis? As Andy shot Chucky? As Tiffany found nick? Questions of a similar kind just a bunch of replies to which we do not get it.

Don Mancini is trying to play psychologist it got it is very bad. This psychology and total plot moronic "Cult of Chuckie" is very similar to the sequel to the remake of "Halloween" by Rob Zombie, where Michael Myers goes without mask sees a white horse with his mother. Here Chucky appears in different images and even quantities, and cheap budget is really catches the eye. Any similarity with  the Beginning of Christopher Nolan, I saw.

The image of Chucky in contrast the wretched "Offspring of Chucky" is not ruined it looks (live without scars) even better than than in the "Curse." At least, no Masturbation, vulgarity with I did not see, perhaps the only advantage of this pattern.

After the success of "Curse of Chucky" Mancini apparently decided to continue to insert the previous heroes franchise from the early parts, only here if Andy Barclay in the end of the "Curse" was really nice to see here pollitrovaya the same scene does not cause any emotion, because it is quite similar.

The film came out some crumpled, badly designed, zamotannym. Much better Mancini took an ordinary slasher, where Chucky just kills sophisticated way patients and workers in mental health clinics. And just as they say, with a taste. No Jennifer Tilly, no schizophrenic visions of the main character and etc. 

As a result. "the Cult of Chucky" came out quite a terrible, incomprehensible for the average viewer the film. Fans of the doll-killer also can found in this picture is something interesting, for example the classic Chucky, facial expressions which worked out much better than in the previous film. In the rest is pretty cheap, strange, and not particularly successful continuation of the legendary killer of the late 80's. a Little better "Offspring of Chucky", but worse than the rest of the parts.

4.5 10

Devan Caputo
05 December 2017 | 11:38

Nick Pearce 4 held in hospital. It convinced that she's guilty in the death of the family, and not Chucky. When the doctor offers a new treatment option with the doll good in the sanitarium, people start to die, and nick begins to think that her nightmares are real. Andy Barclay has grown up and hurry to help, but he wants to prevent Tiffany — bride of Chucky, ready for all to help her lover.

Plot. Nick Pearce spends time in a psychiatric hospital, but her life changes again when in hospital there is a Chucky the doll. The action is slow and prolonged, occasionally indulging the viewer's nightmares Nicky. The film is absolutely not very bright and new ideas, everything goes knurled pattern, someone sends a box of doll in a quiet place start killing. But fortunately absolutely hackneyed plot, save (pull) favorite actors of the franchise, "Kids games".

Glad to be back Alex Vincent who played Andy Barclay, he is very Mature and generally looked very nice. Adorable Jennifer Tilly, returned to the role of the loyal friend Chucky. Pleased cameo Christine Alice from the second part of the movie, it again played Kyle sister named Andy. Fiona Dourif again played a major role in film, it has the fighting spirit with which she went to the shooting of the film. And finally brad Dourif, without which have hard to imagine the entire this franchise, again gave his voice Chucky. In the entire the company of actors played bright and effervescent, but not suppressing the other characters of the film-patients and physicians at the hospital who were able to show your talent.

The atmosphere despite the dark paint not quite oppressive and terrible, so the film is hardly a horror. But and devoid of humor and jokes, the film is not pulls in black Comedy, in General, a good sequel to the franchise.

Of the obvious shortcomings, I did not like the ending of the film, strange and very unusual for Chucky and his girlfriend. Think we are waiting for the continuation.

Verdict, "the Cult of Chucky" a good continuation of the reboot, but with all this, I believe that don Mancini, we need new ideas, otherwise this movie may be the last of history of Chucky.

7 of 10

Who is the director of the movie Cult of Chucky?
This tv-show was directed by Don Mancini.
What is the genre of Cult of Chucky?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Best Horror Movies 2017.
Who starred in Cult of Chucky?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Allison Dawn Doiron, Alex Vincent, Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif, Dan De Jaeger.
What is Cult of Chucky IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.2.
When was Cult of Chucky released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-10-03.