The swimmer Haley had a bad day: first she lost the race, losing fractions of a second, and then to Florida are bombarded by a hurricane of the 5th category. But even worse, the father does not communicate, so Haley goes to have already evacuated the area and finds him seriously wounded and unconscious in the basement of their old house. Trying to get her father out of the damp basement, the girl discovers that there dwelt huge aggressive alligator. The bad day continues — the water arrives, there is no help, and toothy reptile is ready to attack at any opportunity.

  • Alexandre Aja

Release Date: 2019-07-12
IMDb icon 6.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $13,500,000
Jacquette Leigh
20 August 2019 | 07:13

The Director hails from Paris Alexander Even a very interesting and talented person. It horror film "Mirrors" once very and very scared. A terrible movie is so impressive that the main scenes of the it was remembered on all life. It was Alexander Azha took a remake of the cult horror film Wes Craven's "hills Have eyes" and the remake turned out to be incredibly scary and intimidating.

Now, we have a new picture of this modern master of horror under the name "Trap". It is not the first film that Even takes about attack human reptiles. From Alexander is a successful film adaptation (also a remake) "Piranha 3D" with Elisabeth Shue — a movie that, personally, I like I watched it several times. Subsequent continuation of other Directors "the hills Have eyes 2" and"Piranha 3DD" — terrible failure, so we compare see that the Director — master.

Alligatorsql horror film "Crawl" attracted attention with its intriguing and powerful trailer. This film is well advertised everywhere, so I want to see. The modern spectator is difficult to surprise in this genre, but still the theme of the attack on human sharks, crocodiles or alligators is appalling, so wakes the interest and morbid curiosity.

We see the story of a young placehe Haley. She gets into the eye of the hurricane, which hit at Florida. The thing that her father no connection, no one knows with him. Haley goes to him, ignoring the storm warning. While on the street is a natural Apocalypse, she finds a wounded father in the basement of the house, and like all the hard work is done, but no — father and daughter will meet with the creepy alligators cannibals...

Of course this film which has horror action-Packed Thriller, and the story looks with eyes wide open. To place Hayley definitely not want to be, and she has to face with something primitive, to find in himself the instinct of survival, fighting the bloodthirsty reptiles.

Of course, the plot is predictable, but viewer your share of adrenaline gets. The film is shot efficiently and is pleasing to the eye, and it is the main advantage of the film. For more impressions and shock alligators is similar to these are monsters that are large and incredibly aggressive. It was scary, and the movie looked in a daze.

Here neither only the question of survival rescue from the gators here rises the eternal theme of fathers and children, which makes the film deeper and not superficial. Well, and of course a number of exciting and impressive scenes with creepy reptiles.

The main role here is played by British actress Kaya Scodelario. The audience she remember the TV series "Skins" and the last part of "pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men don't tell tales". She plays it is clean, but unlikely to get some reward. Canadian Barry pepper plays the role of a father. The actor with the childhood I remember is always associated with the cult film "the Green mile".

But not daughter of the father's worried more than anything. Worried the whole movie for the dog of the main characters and more than the light of wish she was saved. My second a favorite dog in a movie at this year, the first was in the picture Quentin Tarantino's "Once in Hollywood".

"Trap" — American horror movie with elements of Thriller, drama and even Thriller 2019. The result, good, crazy, dynamic, eerie film about survival. Attention new picture just deserves, and my opinion this reptilicas the film neutral.

6.5 out of 10

Adelice Leann
22 August 2019 | 06:31

Film "the Trap" I liked his theme and it is a combination of natural disasters and the invasion of predators, or rather alligators. According to the plot of the film the main character Hayley is in the eye of the storm, she has to go home in spite of a storm warning due to his father, which is not we can get at the phone, finding it home in the unconscious Hayley to face not only element, but and "peeping" in basement — alligators.

"Trap" turned out to be atmospheric, tense, sometimes suggestive horror — the film, to be honest, I direct impression seen though some of the episodes were sometimes very fantastic, in General, the filmmakers managed to convey escalate the situation, the hopelessness, the fear, the terror of predators, the film takes place in a confined space, it allows more strength emotionally to empathize with the heroes.

Despite not too large duration of the film, the movie was more than eventful happening with the characters, the spectacle according to age rating was bloody hard, in some moments I wanted to narrow eyes. With a visual standpoint the movie was quite entertaining, that for the alligators - they looked realistic eerily, the picture in the film is quite grim T. to the majority of events happening in the basement of the house, but know not bother, and on the contrary makes to closely monitor the development.

The main role in the film played by Kaya Scodelario, known for roles in"Running in the maze" and the last "pirates of the Caribbean", to share the heroine took many tests, then what you have to pass it the character is indifferently watch is simply impossible. Kai played a role is a smart, emotionally direct felt the fear, the pain, the desperation of her character.

In General, the "Trap" turned out to be a pretty good film on the theme disaster eager to enjoy the people — dangerous predators, catchy emotional movie, not giving bored, of course, not without unrealistic moments, but this can be attributed to the genre, the at least here, there is something that may "tickle" and to scare the viewer at this part of the filmmakers managed to a solid five.

Marketa Mylor
05 October 2019 | 06:12

A story about how Kaya Scodelario (Effy grown up from "Greenhorns") and Barry pepper (Dean of the "the Green Mile") were involved in a local, intimate, personal, toothy disaster.

Directed by Aleksanrd Azha at the time, gave us a excellent shocking frightening to a shiver of horror "the hills Have eyes", and now he scored another masterpiece — Trap or in the original language "Crawl" (grovel, crawl, swim crawl — such is the unobtrusive layout of the entire movie in one succinct word).

You need to have a remarkable talent to the banal plot elements to make a truly intelligent horror (though, for the most part, "the Trap" is still a Thriller), with maximum involvement of the audience, with a huge number of useful items (important to the whole mise-EN-scene and to the overall perception of the film). There is not a single useless character (except for those of the second plan, which was prepared for the role snacks), useless dialogue, and that most importantly, are pathos! "Trap" — a pleasant story and it's very good, because many of the paintings focus on the globality of the event (sometimes this causes a headache and questions, and sometimes it is very appropriate, as in the remake of the Children's Games, but it is, perhaps, an exception).

Kaya Scodelario was stealing the love and attention to the audience by their presence in  the"Molokoloco", and now shines again, but already in the role of the impulsive, wayward daughter (without mixture of sociopathy, Bang), who came to the aid of his negligent father in the, if I may say, the eye of the Storm (hurricane EF5 on the Fujita scale). And it would seem that one natural disaster was not enough, in the basement of Haley with a father waiting for a very unpleasant surprise...


+ 18+ rating is justified: in front of us moderately violent horror with a focus on the component of suspense and with elements of disaster movie

+ Decent and worked out the main characters (their actually two), not annoying viewers and causing disgust with their stupidity.

+ Intimate, personal story without the pathos and unnecessary global events

+ The directing and cinematography makes you stick to the screen do not let go until the end

+ The film is very dynamic (by the standards of horror) and is rapidly gaining momentum in the course of the film

+ Nezalezhny setting. As no, crocodiles in the main danger is not appeared films of the genre have a long time; to addition to combine horror with a disaster film turns out not all

Not even want to write the cons because they simply no. Yes, any know-it-all can come up with a couple of questions to script or to find a couple of other plot holes in addition to the character Heylia to look for a few plot holes. And, not gonna lie, physicians will also find a few mistakes, but in General, to find fault, especially not need.

Amazing Director Alexander Azha (I'm sure that is the merits of producer Sam Raimi), he gave everyone a connoisseur of horror is another gorgeous film in the collection. Cheap and clichéd film about the sharks can take any fool, and make the usual intimate stories sentimental film with elements of horror-Thriller-disaster (and connect three owners spoiling any one of the components of the film), enticing like the strongest vortex air stream with toothy reptiles can only Even. Bravo!

How much did it cost to make Crawl?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $13,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie Crawl?
This tv-show was directed by Alexandre Aja.
What is the genre of Crawl?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Horror, Best Horror Movies 2019, Best Thriller Movies 2019.
Who starred in Crawl?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper, Ross Anderson, Anson Boon, George Somner.
What is Crawl IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.2.
When was Crawl released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-07-12.