Coraline, a little girl falls into another world, hidden behind a secret door. This world — her alternative life that never ceases to delight, they are all good, but only from time to time. Once she realizes that her real parents for her antics in mortal danger. The Coraline will have to find a way out of the world filled with ghosts, in real life.

  • Henry Selick

Release Date: 2009-02-06
IMDb icon 7.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Russian
  • Budget: $60,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $124,596,837
Lynsey Uel
30 August 2011 | 10:36

Incredibly the cartoon is telling us about a girl Coraline who just moved in to a new home, far from familiar life, and from friends. Parents don't give sufficient time neighbors one of another wonderful. And more rainy weather, which is so well worth the everyday mediocrity of the main character. Than not an occasion to indulge in dreams and fantasies, that typical of a little girl?

But life is full of unexpected surprise: one day, Coraline finds a small door that an alternate reality where Other mom and Other dad are ready to fulfill her desires and the neighbors are trying it to please, where and colorful — just the ultimate dream. Soon the girl realizes that among this seemingly perfect world, evil lurks.

The Coraline will have to go the hard way to in order to return to your world, and sometimes it is grey, but the world real. As it is important to appreciate what we have, especially when it comes to the family, how important it is to take steps to meet family — here in the main point of the cartoon. Not new, but is always true.

All this is framed with the bright colors of the puppet world where every detail is considered; in combined with a creepy atmosphere, not just not give off screen, and give pleasure from each minute of viewing.

8 from 10

Jackqueline Natal
10 January 2011 | 04:27

Each of the problems a bunch of unexpected problems and "black bars", and each of us with them coped in their own way. And so we can to extract the conclusion that life — a real test. But not all guess realize the true value of their family in particular parents that exist in this world to all the time to fight, to conflict, to teach you morals and to prohibit desired things. Our parents always want us good we would not noticed always trying to help us to experience any difficulties, trials, misfortunes. In the end, loving parents — this bright, light love of hope among the darkness of violence, injustice and danger of the world.

And the fact is quite an unusual way us proves creation experienced in the business Henry Selika "Coraline in country nightmares". it is worth noting that this is a very visible and interesting project, similar way of shooting "Nightmare before Christmas" or"Corpse bride" in the cartoon was used by a bunch of dolls, each of which has its own form, function and charisma. The picture has to hire well, Yes still in 3D, and it says that this belt — the first puppet cartoon, released in volume format. At the reality of scenes designed for viewing the red-blue glasses, not so much of main picture looks beautiful and without them.

I must say that method multiplikacii "stop-motion" — it looks very spectacular and breathtaking, but actually very complex and insanely bloody work, and, personally, I too once tried to explore in this skill, removing the nine-minute cartoon, where the main characters are created by me from different objects and materials is quite unique and extraordinary characters. Of course, I will not proudly show off, the more so that was my first job in the field "stop-motion", so she came out interesting, but not very high quality. To what I mean? Yes to the obvious fact that the creators of "Coraline" "groaned" and sweated over as well as I only ten times more thought about this forces only stand up and applaud, because the atmosphere was saturated with abilioty and the watchful care of mixture the inevitable fatigue and the tiredness. All that the viewer can see on screen when view — millions of photo images that the expense of sequence give rise to movement and dynamics, we see the detailed scenery and costumes for the dolls, their faces that change expression due to periodicni change, then there are animators, for example, to change the sad face of the character on smiling, every time changed it on a bit more and so all the time. In the result involved about 15 thousand facial expressions have all the characters, and it is a very large number will agree. In addition, over worked cartoon high 450 animators and decorators. Also, when creating a picture was used special effects, but they were necessary because many episodes were filmed with the participation of ropes and other restorative items, and them in the frame, of course, be not be. So no doubt that the creators have worked on glory.

The plot of "Coraline" significantly hurt the subject "Alice in Wonderland," therefore, probably, the Russian distributors have translated the name of the cartoon, as "Coraline in country nightmares" that in full logical. The development is very similar to the work of Lewis Carroll, where a girl finds a hole leading in to the unexplored and wonderful world. But the feature pattern Cellica in that the heroine did not lead a white rabbit hours bouncy mouse, and the hole is a portal not in Wonderland, and in a parallel world with the "other" parents and"other" friends. It is Coralinas the viewer is immersed in perfect for the first sight of the world, which is just a trap. Of course, in the case already shall not tale a real mystic: dark, mysterious, intriguing, exciting... And sometimes the cartoon seems quite not childish, because it hurt quite adult themes here, for you big-breasted old women show, acquaint with the babies who died, became ghosts, and will make in order to scare the news on how that instead of eyes. the heroine needs to be sewn-on buttons. All this and more can be found in this picture is full of craziness and unpredictability.

9.5 10

"Coraline in country nightmares" — dark its atmosphere, intriguing in terms of plot, insanely impressive thanks to a beautiful and time-consuming animation cartoon, which is full of useful ideas and catching enchanting mood. This one of those iconic creations of which I want to say only one thing: "This is a must see and to feel." Yes, Yes, feel, because view literally immerses the audience in the dream crazy nightmares in Wonderland magic.

Gwenneth Wiles
30 June 2009 | 04:34

Unfortunately, I have not read a story by Neil Gaiman (could be, as some count them). So I will talk about the film without reference to the book. And say that film very much. I will not compare it with the works of Tim Burton, not will speak on the visual component of music and it's already many have done before me with most of the positive reviews on this cartoon I totally agree.

But besides all that, personally for me interesting cartoon his classic "fabulousness". On and the meaning of it more like the old tales than in modern and addresses problems that are relevant in any time.

I agree that one of ideas of the film is a meditation on the consequences of our mistakes in parenting. And that the misfortunes that befell our children, will inevitably become our personal unhappiness too. But I would said that the trouble was Coraline in that parents not understand not interested in her problems. Have me it impression.

Coraline is not the little girl's parents for neglect forgotten in the sandbox, and then came the geese claimed it in the far off distance. And not a poor Cinderella, who works day and night, not seeing the gratitude, and evil parents deprive it of the ball, forcing to plant rose bushes and to learn itself.

The Coraline at the movie years 10-12 is quite independent of the child, and not even very stupid. And no problems other than boredom and dissatisfaction with the move, have it does not. Well, Yes, move — a thing, of course, , but what do life always has to deal with all sorts of inconveniences.

Besides, it happened that the parents urgent job. They how should be soon on your directory and pass it to the publisher on time. Mom with dad is really very busy. After a few days they finish the job will be engaged in the daughter, garden, home and how promises mom will cook something tasty and buy the girl in gift vending gloves. And now they asked Coraline not interfere find yourself something to do. What is there so terrible? What feed useful seaweed, and not cakes? What they pay attention to her dreams? They are paying. Mom these dreams are not like, she even the ill-fated locks the door and hides the key. So that, the point is not in it.

And that Coraline — a naughty girl, don't have any responsibilities. And parents are really to blame for that her raised. She even the head does not comes to help them on the farm, to do something for home own initiative. Well, yeah, she wanted to work in the garden, but her first day the rain stopped and second — forgot, distracted by neighbors, and third — even do not remember, because to work alone without parents, bored Yes and "another world" already sucked.

And nothing more. She does not draws, not dancing, not sings etc. basically nothing does nothing not interested. Just constantly whining about their boredom, stick to the parents said about wacky neighbors, and expressed dissatisfaction for any reason. She categorically can be one. She wants to dropped everything and immediately began her amuse and to please. To all was like she wants, doing what she wants, in short, that the world of hanging around her was filled with continuous pleasure.

And it is that it caught Another Mother. After all, she catches not everyone's visible from history of the twins. And those who her opinion, not will be able to distinguish true love from about, from "consumer", selfish feelings, the desire to possess and to dispose of another person. Those who, as it seems ready to exchange the eyes in life in pleasures. After all, the eye — "mirror of the soul", reflecting the inner essence of the person. Eyes-buttons — symbol of spiritual emptiness. Well, when the exchange takes place, it will show his true colors, but will have later.

But to win it evil can only be what would always win in fairy tales, yeah and life, too...

To sum up. In my opinion, a very good, smart and  the"right" story. Scary, sure, but no terrible "cannibal" stories of the brothers Grimm, or same "the Hobbit." So that all children too young to these stories, the film is recommended for view and discuss with their parents. And I do not understand the claims to its predictability. It is not the detective and not "horror". What unpredictability may be a fairy tale? Evil must win good? Or should all die in terrible agony? Welcome, like was, and remains good, and evil — all times evil. A good stories are meant to remind people of the difference between them and learning to distinguish true values from false. And"Coraline", in my opinion, with this task perfectly coped.

How much has Coraline made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $124,596,837.
How much did it cost to make Coraline?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $60,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Coraline?
This tv-show was directed by Henry Selick.
What is the genre of Coraline?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Animation, Family, Best movies 2009.
Who starred in Coraline?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, Keith David.
What is Coraline IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.7.
When was Coraline released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2009-02-06.