After several weeks of traveling through Europe, William finds himself in Copenhagen, the birthplace of his father. He decides to find his grandfather, whom he never saw, and to convey to him a letter written many years ago by my father. However, when you come to a standstill, and William decides to give up, he meets a young EFFIE, who agreed to become his guide in the Danish capital, and at the same time to help in the search...

Release Date: 2014-10-03
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: CA, DK, US
  • Language: English | Danish
Nicolle Campagna
05 September 2018 | 11:42

It happens, see confectionery cake simple, easy to view and not because delights awakens the appetite. On the modest label font: "Copenhagen". "Authentic recipe? Unique technology? What culinary delights is famous for its Danish cuisine?" Read up — nor what is not says that neither the cream nor the cake... is the icing. The no less than, take, so shy, doubting the absolutely nothing. waiting to try. Mm... Bojestvenno! Incredibly fresh! Gentle, airy, in moderately sweet, slightly crunchy, crumbly... And after — nice rum finish... hochesya to exclaim: "Stop a moment, you well!"

So flew my moment the same film. (From the "cake" was familiar only Gehinom Anthony, the the "cherry".)

Movie fresh, light, very natural and with the, dynamic, alive with funny moments. With the first frame the viewer is bright Copenhagen, so nice and tidy, like an illustration on the page of a fairy tale. Now he is a city — the main character that holds the viewer of some unknown power of attraction, immersing all deeper secrets. And now rush to bike its streets, relax at a pond the little Mermaid, contemplate the ocean And... I do not want to guess what will this journey. Enjoy.

In this fabulous town has its own stories, sometimes with a tinge of sadness, characteristic of Andersen's fairy tales, apparently, therefore, the moments of melancholy seem magical and I want to feel them too. But the wind is changing and carries his characters with youthful insouciance towards the wind. So out of frame in frame requests a trip with a touch of irony, the SEH and emotion, warming the viewer mild emotions.

The movie is so direct, simple and natural as life itself, without the templates it is impossible to predict further development of the plot. However, not necessary. I want to plunge in the atmosphere of Copenhagen, to feel it sounds, smells and mood inhabitants.

Enjoying finish viewing field understand that modern cinema very few small good stories, and sorry.

This "cake" I want to recommend lovers of fresh and natural. Movie for those just loves life, sees the joy in the little things, it can feel not to build and to plan. Movie for those who is able to escape from the script of life (although he is), to trust to chance and open to new experiences. Movie for those not looking for special effects, intricate stories, detective puzzles and heartbreaking dramas.

Of 9 10

Dianne Archle
16 June 2015 | 01:07

It's amazing — I might say that this film shocked me. Not might say that he is a genius. Can easily list all roughness — nor never get stuck. Yes, they really exist, but... But. How it is sensual, sincere, alive. It how to compare wood and plastic. Smooth plastic ideal for the touch, but it is not contain the hundredth part of the heat which is the tree. So here I think it and warms me every roughness of this film is very natural. Life — generally imperfect thing. And this film is not perfect. As life itself.

Sometimes you can't take my eyes off screen — so strong is the illusion that is you go to the bike is your friend — the more pig, and damn that is happening now with your life? And that's a mess. you mind?

Sometimes frankly bored — the plot suddenly becomes very smooth, almost meditative. But again you catch yourself on thought that it is life. Not always happens magically fun or very sad, and sometimes there are such moments of prostration. You just watch.

This is a movie in which there are three main character — lost William, fourteen-year-old EFFIE and Copenhagen.

William of those who are called playboy. Drinking, having fun, leads the girls to yourself room — in short, a complete set. But somewhere in the closet of the room, deep, piled and offense father void sense of meaninglessness of what is happening.

Effy, vaguely similar to Dominique Swain in Lolita roles — very alive and seductive, but while devoid of even a hint to vulgarity. She of those people who do not immediately to you special. Yes that only if you have — stronger is therefore difficult to find.

Copenhagen — the chameleon. He is for you as you willing to see. EFFIE opens William Copenhagen — so it seems. But later you realize in Copenhagen she he yourself. Indeed, I want to know a person — ask tell about their favorite places. EFFIE longs to William saw her — via Copenhagen. And the city as a sympathetic relative, helping her in it.

Tape from beginning to the end penetrated by some infinitely natural and pure eroticism. And I am grateful to the Director that it is not this crosses the line, not transforms the movie only in relations fourteen-year-old girl and a guy who has already have seen a lot. Very gently, but not cloyingly. Sensual but does not matter.

I am sympathetic to this story. Primarily because she claims genius. Avoiding moralizing, it brings us the to think that winner — not always the one who getting what he wants. The winner can be without all this. It more than just the process of conquest. Sometimes you can become the winner even if you have not reached the goal. And is not humiliating: "most Importantly — not the winning, it — participation." This question of will and personal choice.

EFFIE recalls the words of mother's about two Strait. Have Murakami other person — it's only your satellite. You anything in this world belongs to you nothing can hold as whatever tried. You will always be alone.

Here you say: Yes, you really do not belongs to, but not alone. It — most precious you have. Not need to try to steal someone else's freedom, not need of violence. Let another flow close, but not dissolve in to you. Give him yourself a chance to be yourself.

If the mother EFFIE will be a Buddha from Denmark, I would not be surprised.

Linda Nine
11 November 2014 | 12:16

This film, I waited for 7 months just because of the name and poster. The action will take place in Copenhagen, that was enough for me. But after the film appeared in the network, I was afraid that it I do not like.

But with the first 10 minutes, I realized all my fears were unfounded and that one of the best movies of 2014.

William arrives in Copenhagen with a friend to track down his grandfather and pass it the letter, which was written by will's dad. Find granddaddy is not so easy, the address is written to obscure Danish. A friend, knowing that idea General meaningless, dumps in London. Will is also ready to give up, but here he found EFFIE. Young Dane starts to actively help the hero, and so begins a crazy two days full of adventure, love and the best city in Earth — Copenhagen. Together they conquered the city. Effy helping will get to know better his father, who emigrated in Canada from Denmark, because of which the hero and arrived at this far and non-native Copenhagen. The will instantly falls in love with Effy.

Tivoli, strøget, Christiania, the little Mermaid statue, the countless bikes — all the scenes so breathe and Copenhagen, all this accompanied by the stunning music of the Danish group Stoffer og Maskinen.

The film looks on one breath, it so I like that I looked it up twice one night.

All fans of Copenhagen and not only.

10 of 10

Who is the director of the movie Copenhagen?
This tv-show was directed by Mark Raso.
What is the genre of Copenhagen?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Drama, Romance.
Who starred in Copenhagen?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Gethin Anthony, Frederikke Dahl Hansen, Sebastian Armesto, Olivia Grant, Baard Owe.
What is Copenhagen IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was Copenhagen released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2014-10-03.