Come as You Are

The story of three young people who like beautiful life, but never slept with a woman, because one of them is blind, the second moves in a wheelchair, and the third and completely paralyzed. In the search for three women they sent to Spain.

  • Geoffrey Enthoven

Release Date: 2012-03-07
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: BE
  • Language: Dutch | Flemish | French | English | Spanish
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $2,665,684
Cherilynn Cacia
01 March 2014 | 10:10

Bad manners will pay attention on such trifle as a poster, but this time I want it to do. The thing that it niskolechko not reflect the true essence of the film under the name Hasta la Vista. Looking at him tempted to remember some American teen Comedy a La the American pie. However, the "strawberries" are almost none. There are only a few don't very ordinary young men with the most common desires.

Lars, Philip and Joseph — the Trinity of young people never leave blood, but it's nuisance, the walls for any significant period of time. They didn't see anything except his native town. On that is very good reasons — all persons with disabilities who did not even care for yourself. But life is passing, and some spodvizhek on the way as not to be seen. The output in such a situation one — will take fist to do something reckless and risky.

No matter what, the heroes seek your goal and in some way reach her. No no usual Hollywood pink snot, no one owes nothing to promise that's just fine. Modern cinema sharp not enough genuine stories that could be project to our reality, not died at from the overabundance of sugar in the blood.

Come as you have — atmospheric travel of people, according to the definition of a restricted. This pattern can safely make a list of motivational movies and recommend all couch potatoes.

Of 9 10

Ricki Flann
13 October 2012 | 08:40

Please note that it's a personal opinion, and can not him to agree.

When I trying to describe this film as "Come as is" sorry only that do not have the talent of Pushkin, because of my talent for this is clearly not enough.

The film is a complex emotional experience, teetering on the brink of the indignation of the actions of the heroes, to the rapture of separate scenes. I somehow is able to the very beginning to be translated into the main characters, to understand them feelings, emotions, aspirations, their pain the sarcasm, looked at the life of limited people their eyes. They dream to touch what each of normal people sometimes even don't notice to understand what it's like (and sex in the film is more of a metaphor)?

The law of the genre they have a chance to feel, if not in full, but still understand how feel male and female remaining "alone". For this chance they are ready to go any test.

And the first test is not have to wait. Accompanied by health professional — woman besides do not fit into the stereotypes of attractiveness, and hence the degree of pleasure we one of them tends to zero it his logic is not true he starts to lower the degree and all the rest. And here's a question on my gaze was directed and many of us are able to overcome their stereotypes, to look deeper and understand what is the man really. And in fact, Claude more beautiful than many models shining with cold beauty. (Sorry for the remark, but my opinion, any outer beauty is the fulness and quite early, there are many examples and that internal beauty does not satisfied never). And that's when the stereotype will fall, heroes will begin to get travel is what I expected — new emotions.

However, Enthoven wanted to go ahead and the next provocation to become, and "is disability excuse boorish behavior"? On this question everyone will answer yourself.

And here our heroes are separated from their dream is only a step, but for each this step will be special, but definitely the determining factor in life. A scene monologue Joseph I ready to review time and times more... They happy, tomorrow promises...

Aigneis Preston
02 August 2012 | 03:47

It is difficult to determine why the film was specified in the category of "Comedy", rather, film — drama pure and simple. In the film, the author of us shows three young people, although most of the young soul, than the body, with disabilities, who suddenly decided to become men. Immediately the question arises, why so wild ideas from them had to this? that changed? why now? after all, how I have noticed, they at his age not children. These questions to unfortunately, the author is so and leave the viewer unclear...

In Comedy similar themes, people with disabilities, "1+1" in viewing at least it was funny, then the humor is so transparent and not noticeable, that know rarely does not understand the jokes that the author put in this movie. Yes, the moments that pomolchali such a situation when it would be funny if this happened in real life, but on screen they looked not so spectacular, how could to show them.

At the same time returning to the jokes, some of them would be touched many people disabilities, as for example when lying in the tent when told about that in the woods the bears dragged the sleeping man, and then found it remains without feet owner, one of the the main characters said that Phillip is don't be upset...

The game's main actors, probably one of the few joys that can see this movie, Robrecht Vanden thoren (Philip) and Tom Audenaert (Joseph) handled in the plan is to transfer all the emotions of the characters in the same time

Gilles De Shriver (Lars) less than pleased, so like someone here die periodic "stone of emotion" played its use.

Finally, I would like just to note that if you a fan of American comedies, where everything is open and clear that this film is not for you, on the contrary if you are a fan of dramas, then I can safely watch.

4 of 10

How much has Come as You Are made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $2,665,684.
Who is the director of the movie Come as You Are?
This tv-show was directed by Geoffrey Enthoven.
What is the genre of Come as You Are?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama.
Who starred in Come as You Are?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Charlotte Timmers, Roos Van Vlaenderen, Robrecht Vanden Thoren, Karel Vingerhoets, Katelijne Verbeke.
What is Come as You Are IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was Come as You Are released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2012-03-07.