Cold Skin

After a long voyage of the young meteorologist Friend arrives at the lost island in the ocean to take a year-long watch on the weather station. The island is only harsh and terse the lighthouse Keeper, Gruner. Friend pretty quickly understands that Gruner is hiding something, the old weatherman is caught in some kind of trouble, and the island seems deserted at first glance.

  • Xavier Gens

Release Date: 2018-02-13
IMDb icon 6/10
  • Country: FR, ES
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:48m
  • Budget: €8,500,000
Annissa Gonagle
30 November 2017 | 02:34

From the first frame of the film striking beauty: the General plan of the island, elaborate visual images of the characters and sea — the rebellious and beautiful. The picture is really impressive, and combined with the soundtrack creates the right atmosphere of loneliness and powerlessness of the characters before the Majesty of nature. But to show a beautiful picture under the beautiful music not be sure to remove the film, you can do video. The basis of the work rests on the plot and characters. Let us consider details.

1914. Young meteorologist without the name goes to a desert island without title to do the work without the goal. Approximately so you can describe the first ten minutes of the film. About the main character we know nothing except it a profession. Even its companion, the captain of the ship, reveals more. The arrival on the island, a meteorologist discovers that his predecessor died a little, and the only person with him to talk for a year — a surly lighthouse Keeper on behalf of Gruner, which behaves just not friendly, but and suspicious. It would seem that the death of a colleague and behavior is the only living person on the island should be of interest as main character and those it came to accompany, because they had to take its predecessor back. But all together on this spit; do — think, were people there is no human trifle, nothing special. Nobody is trying to ask no more about the cause of death, no about the remains, although the person probably has a family, which is hardly a satisfied with explanations like "a close relative of yours died in the line of duty from typhus, and even bury you will have nothing". So or otherwise, the companions of the main character leave, and he will have the first fun night on the island, which know that the island is not so uninhabited, like it seemed to him.

The film was made and marketed in the horror genre, but it's still not slasher, and like to at least not documented, but logic the behavior of the characters and build storylines, to allow these characters to empathize with. And it in the film is not delivered. The main character acts very rashly and contrary to all laws of basic survival. How you can go absolutely no need not prepared to who knows where, not knowing anything about a place where you have to live in solitude for a year? Without moms and madotate. The frame the impression is that hero took a nothing but fiction; any of drugs or their things needed for such a long time, have no. For the first time confronted with beings, which, mind you, initially not attack, he not trying to lay low and observe their behavior and attack first, not knowing level force quantity. And then wonders why they are hostile. In the film they and will remain mere creatures: the characters talk about them exclusively in the third person and give the name only one representative. Later, when the character appears a possibility to study more representative of the view without risk of our own lives, to make records and observations, to then transfer them on the mainland, he just vanilla philosophizes about"monsters" and makes records associated exclusively with his feelings about them with the Grüner hard to reflect their attack. At the time of these attacks he reveals itself as a weak-willed rag, not even able to hold a weapon, so that Gruner has everything you make yourself. The abundance of voice-over monologues of the protagonist, full of philosophical whining, makes a particularly attentive audience syndrome search deeper meaning, which is not. And is a meteorologist, not knowing what the decision to plant in windy weather a huge fire at the wooden shacks for scare away strange creatures, may result in implications his emotions where you need a mind.

If the first main character — boy fine mental organization, the second — the bastard terminal stage. Gruner, distraught and desperate from lonely constant attacks "damned frogs", is presented to the viewer angry, unscrupulous and cruel. It it reveals him as a character and somehow justifies the epigraph of F. Nietzsche on "fighting with monsters" in the beginning of the movie, but does not promotes compassion and empathy. Choose, say, dear viewer, whose fate you care about: overgrown boy, fall in trouble at the their own negligence and stupidity, or angry worldwide the surly old man with his own hands destroys all that could give it life at least some meaning, and keeps as a toy living creature, torturing it out of boredom, and because can't get to his colleagues.

By the way, it is unclear how the characters in General relate to entities: you think they enemies sure they need to be destroyed, it is allowed in his bed one of a species; that the heroes prepare for "damned frogs" trap (when discussing his plan with one of individuals), then talk about that they have a soul and feelings. And in such anxieties as the viewer to decide? If you would like to show that it is ambiguous, and monsters can be humane people, it so clear and not new, why do at this accent? And no motivated changes in the relationship of the heroes to beings inevitably cast doubt in their mental health. Although there is a health at such a life...

In the end, the film received a lengthy and boring even in terms of battles with creatures that are so monotonous that seems that is one fight sliced pieces scattered film. Very little detail, allowing the viewer to cling to the personality of the characters, their past; no ability to understand them motivation experience. A reasonable question, "why are you come here?" given the main character first captain, and then Gruner in different formulations, remain without answer. In General, it is clear that want to show: the main monster on the island — full, hopeless loneliness, pushing the man in the abyss of madness and despair. In the result it turned out spherical the world vacuum, which normally do not interested in anything, including the strange loss of life and the existence of unknown forms of life that can turn knowledge about the world in a whole. And the characters like the audience than to worry and wonder? At this film served as a totally serious product, no hint the irony, and all the talk of heroes filled with such grim despair that the teeth. At this room quite often heard restrained laughter. And is as anyway, says that attempt to make a gloomy face and amid raging sea to broadcast on how it's bad, it not give the abyss of depth.

3 of the 10

Isobel Seta
29 December 2017 | 12:54

New from the French Director Xavier Jansen, who managed in due time to establish itself as worthy of the Creator of spectacular cinema, giving us the stylish Thriller "the hitmen" and the bloody horror movie "Border". But now, unfortunately, recent works have the viewer is not the cause of so much joy as before. Previous picture "the Spell. These days" seriously affected the future of professional development. Now we hopefully, not the worst the Director will soon return to the basics again will remove to their fans worthy films.

What as for the picture of the "Cold skin", which our distributors for some reason called "Atlantis", it here, of course, not all so bad as it may seem on first glance, but still there is a decent amount of audience discontent. According to plot on a small deserted island comes a new meteorologist and meets the local lighthouse Keeper, who at first did not is specially contact with a stranger. Some time later the protagonist realizes that the island is home to a strange and dangerous monsters at night, crawl out of the depths of the sea for the next hunt. Now only two people will have to unite their efforts to stay alive defeat mysterious creatures.

Just want to note that the film is not is seen as a solid film. Here we are, like read a book in which the authors with us philosophize and try to reflect on the meaning of life. The VoiceOver of the protagonist in the entire film is thrown in the abyss of thought for attempts to understand the essence of the human race. The hero here is not perceived as a participant of the events, and exactly as an observer, who along with a viewer is trying to rethink what he saw in the frame. How to me, it is the excessive soul-searching and ruined the film, although the trailer in the description of the film the viewer is invited quite another entertaining movie in the spirit of "I am legend", but in the end it turns out a kind of philosophical parable about human nature. Alas, and the script is not disclose properly the idea of the story to the viewer without a special effort was able to understand the final picture. It looks pretty difficult, complicated and prolonged. The authors did not bother to explain the reasons for the arrival of the hero on the island, although the beginning was always asking this question.

What for the performances, then it is made very well, and the picture looks pretty high quality. I'm sure if the Director has made the movie more entertaining, then it would decent action, but in the end got what received. So what if you not much for "senseless massacre", then you will surely enjoy, but if you expect to see a spectacular adventure, it obviously will be disappointed. In General, you decide. Pleasant viewing.

5 from 10

Yolanthe Gloriana
08 February 2018 | 02:32

Once again ask a rhetorical (not the mother giving the answer) the question, what place do you think those who comes up with (instead of just translate) a Russian-language name of the movies? With "Atlantis", which hints to something adventurous, mysterious and ancient, no nothing to do. But here is the source called "Cold skin", which the ending has an interesting paint, which is more suitable.

"I was looking for peace in nothingness, but in a place where silence reigns, I faced monster-infested hell."

1914. A young meteorologist sent to edge — small and a desert island in Antarctica, — to make annual watch specialty. At the arrival it turns out that the island has only uncouth lighthouse Keeper, who is clearly not telling something, but someone had to be changed, ‘is missing’. And yet, ‘the observer weather’ (hard to call a meteorologist who is empty the island without hardware) decides to stay. To stay to run away from his past. Most likely. But we don't know, because characters in fact two and a half, not have history. We will show ripped from the context of the time period is one year, it is something like the first series of the sixth season of the television series strangers with missed the part "earlier in the series...".

But back to our amphibians. Almost two hours of screen time the viewer will be slow and viscous to watch ordinary routine co-existence of two absolutely not similar other men: one arrived with the mainland, all so neat and well-mannered idealist, seized with a book, and second living on this island, devoid of manners and overgrown to state of semi-savages caretaker, who even met (well, as met him... woke up to this) was naked.

"The valor of a warrior determined not by the purpose of which he stands as meaning that he finds the battle."

Beautiful austere landscapes of the island, a boundless ocean, a sad Outlook for the horizon, the party in chess is turning into a fight, a nightly firing of some strange creatures storming the lighthouse with an enviable constancy, sexual slavery one of them are not shown directly, the everyday application of the notches on the days the wall and, with a swing to the fundamental, voice-over reasoning ‘intellectual’...

Strange and unusual is usually a set of words. As, however, and film.

"Monsters come in every time night. Their attack longer".

The movie is significantly a lot of disadvantages. Amphibious attack without any obvious reason. Who they, where they came from and their moves remain without answer. Characters as mentioned, without history. Some sort of remote understanding of the motives of the lighthouse will appear only in the end. Confrontation is a motivation philosophy is unintelligible.

The story itself is interesting, the ending is unexpected and makes you wonder, but here is the flow of the boring and it is not lack of identity. The atmosphere is inspired by the painting "As I ended this summer" 2010. Scene under water old iron suit exuded "Man-amphibian", plus recalled the that waiting for the movie Guillermo del Toro "Form of water". Emerging love story between a human and an amphibian seemed weak and superficial parody of  the"Chimera" in 2009. And in the beasts there is a mixture of 'humanoids' of the already seen many times before, for example in"the Descent" in 2005 and"the Pandorum" 2009, except that then they with blue skin.

It turns out that on the one hand, the movie is empty, characterless, dull, hackneyed and any observation unhelpful. Scenes of brutal attacks on the lighthouse hordes of monsters, their murder by the blood flooding itself, and the walls of the lighthouse (16+, remember), scenes of violence against ‘domesticated’ creatures are not rejection, disgust, pain and fear, but only the indifferent, the statement that this is the place to be. Yes, the fire burns and he is flying moths. Well and let fly.

But with another, the implicit part, "Atlantis / Cold skin" — it's a film that reasoning raises interesting questions. One person ‘see sense only in battle’. Another makes a toy for"slave". The first was the second — looking for emotional intimacy and finds the beautiful in so different from the us. "... Darwin was wrong...". What same person? What differs from the animal and distinguishes it? Not does violence the man more of a monster than those who is he does it? If people meeting with ‘other’? How far he go for those who are dear to him? Whose he will take when the confrontation escalated up to the limit? And if you yourself, touch blue skin, cold as and the ocean?..

"Who fights with monsters should beware that to yourself if not become a monster. And if you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks at you." Friedrich Nietzsche.

Ambiguous, dark, strange, very average and mediocre, but still, something hooked me, the film, which others see not to recommend that can. If not seen, pay attention to the aforementioned "Chimera" 2009 Adrien Brody. And I, perhaps, for the sake of completeness, read the novel "Cold skin" by albert sánchez of Pignola.

How long is Cold Skin?
2h 28m
How much did it cost to make Cold Skin?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least €8,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie Cold Skin?
This tv-show was directed by Xavier Gens.
What is the genre of Cold Skin?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Adventure, Horror, Best Horror Movies 2018.
Who starred in Cold Skin?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ray Stevenson, David Oakes, Aura Garrido, Winslow M. Iwaki, John Benfield.
What is Cold Skin IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.
When was Cold Skin released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-02-13.