Code 8

Even in the 1950's was discovered people who have abilities. At first they were used in the construction, but after the widespread introduction of special vehicles such workers were not needed. Now the authorities try to control special people, and the others fear them and despise. Guy Connor, with the ability to generate a power, desperately trying to stop being an outcast and to be integrated into society, but soon goes astray. He meets with the gang, offering more light and high earnings, of course, illegal.

  • Jeff Chan

Release Date: 2019-12-13
IMDb icon 6.1/10
  • Country: CA
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $150,298
Gisela Lohrman
01 February 2020 | 08:06

The world is known to many feature films and even entire franchise that grew out of the short sketches: "the evil dead", "Saw", "Homeless with a shotgun", "District 9". Not exception canadian fantastic picture "Code 8", which begins with a short film of 2016, made by the creators of the Call of Duty Jeff Chan and Chris Pair. Starring truly canadian actor and star of the infamous Sidamo brothers Amell.

The story takes place in alternative America in which the lives of a small percentage of people with supernormal abilities, whose work was to demand a developing industry to until special people do not was replaced by machines on the production. In addition to all in society is intensifying negative attitude on — against "bearers of the gift." The main character — one of gifted minority children, deprived of legal income and eking a precarious existence, forced to step on the criminal track.

Second place — not a revelation for the Canadians, already used to your secondary industry, endless cable soap and the fighters of category B. It and in the film "Code 8" cleverlance was again the second after the star-spangled neighbors, etc all that shows picture of setting up games was repeatedly played out in The "X-men" and their various secondary clones. Simply put, at this field is extremely difficult to show the wonders of ingenuity in concept. But, there is always the possibility to shift from using the original script, capable of under one or different angle again to deconstruct the genre superheroine. And here, alas, "Code 8" not able to demonstrate the originality: an ordinary crime drama, not lose absolutely nothing if you take away from her terms in the form of super-powers and drones, then there will be the usual picture of the modern American (and not only) society with class inequality and a repressive police apparatus. If you continue to list all that not surprising this painting, it possible to mention the acting of amell brothers, mentally returning the viewer to their familiar serial images. The only thing that truly deserves the attention — the quality of the special effects and graphics for a negligible budget. In the rest — no surprises expected not have, despite the existing potential have more than a dozen times stories.

Pros: special effects, the graphics.

Cons: the Absolute triviality and secondary at all.

Pandora Venator
31 January 2020 | 09:16

In order to survive in all times, it was necessary not to show all your abilities and opportunities least immediately. But if ordinary people can not will be able to control who was superior to them at the gene level — to read minds, conduct electric current, to heal, to serve as a magnet or to be impenetrable, the course of people will always try to destroy the threat for companies at any cost.

In a world where is not only services and manufacture, but, it would seem, and feelings. Confrontation Special and Normal — for me is always an interesting topic. It is the opposition puts everything at its place, so as to exist peacefully these two categories of people do not can. Why? Did the Usual easy to deal with that they common? Or Special may to keep myself constantly to not use your gift? Yes, with the cradle is so  & teach children — 're holding back, hide the gift, or you are doomed. But things have learned to recognize technical ways, and because hung everywhere, tracking devices, and police drones in the first the signal is ready to put in weapons. For nothing Special remained this world: nor the opportunity to earn or go to normal school, no just the street. How so here do not rebel?

Although the film is a sequel to a ten-minute short film, which was released in 2016, I was not looking, and not even knew her existence. The film began quite rapidly and spectacular that once everything is clear and without background. We missed you already high-quality fiction, but here and action. The story is became the viewer familiar — super-powers. However, this is still something new, although there are Parallels with X-Men.

The film looks easy. At all its criminal element, there is the personal drama of the main characters. Events are developing dynamically. Showdown, shootout, flying drones and even a Bank robbery. What else you need for a great action. Superpowers subtly blended into the frame. The budget is quite large, so the special effects look great. With visual side effect. Sex scenes, obscene language, and also scenes with extreme cruelty do not exist.

I liked the movie. Although I greater proportions expected from the final. We can say that is a classic Thriller about nice and bad guys elements of fiction. Should have used to what these movies end with a hint of the continuation, but I think not fair, not finished one story, start another. The characters are all interesting everyone has a story, which was applied only a hint. Much left unsaid. However, when all the film is extremely atmospheric and tightening. Was not just Thriller, which all want to destroy each other, but is a great drama.

Nice to see familiar actors in interesting films. In the film's reputation precedes his heroes. Robbie Amell is an amazing young actor who knows how to choose roles and films, whether it is minor role in the TV series Flash or multi-genre roles in films like nanny ARQ or weak prequels, Scooby Doo. The actor is not once showed us their acting, experiencing different feelings and emotions on the screen. It should also be noted and his physical form. As an Electrician of the fifth level as time for him. It older brother Stephen amell — famous superhero Boom of the same series. The actor is not often starred in a big movie, remember it is only the role of Casey in the sequel teenage mutant ninja Turtles. The role of the usual — to play a real man, although the appearance it is a clear example of a failed plastic. Even once it is not clear what kind of character Stephen Amella — good or bad. I liked it work. However, after 8 seasons of Arrows where he's one of the few not had superpowers (the latter crossover is not count), a bit unusual it to see this role.

The result was quite pleasing to the eye, ear and brain action, without the obvious failures in the scenario, dialogues, picture, sense, here is just a well made film on a beaten, it would seem, the theme of super-powers. Moreover, the film is pure canadian, without any of the United States, you can rightly argue, and what's the difference? And will much right.

7 of 10

Pauli Cadmarr
13 December 2019 | 07:01

"Code 8" — this full-length version of the short film of 2016, canadian Director Jeff Chan. The short film was released conceptually interesting, and as expected timekeeping, concise.

Fantasy Thriller, with a good capacity and sharp social overtones. Quite an interesting complication. In the world among ordinary people a very small percentage of people with abilities. But in this world they were not the superheroes or the x-men. Cities have used their extraordinary opportunities in their own purposes, but when the level of technological progress has grown, and all works have could be done by machines and robots, the need for special people anymore. The population in most of them turned, to find a job has become very challenging, but if it fails, then on fair pay to forget. At this is a need to register your skills, almost putting on himself the mark of the outcast.

The film remains the same, but the plot inevitably had to expand and fill in the blanks, add new characters and new turns, in order to make a feature film. And here sorry for the surface of the obvious flaws of the picture. And a major miscalculation on my opinion is the wrong vector for the development of promising ideas. What was shown in the short film, over ten minutes gave a clear idea about the world, outlined the conflict of the local needs to turn into something global.

But the movie, on the contrary, went from a great for small. Putting global issues, he has quickly slipped to small-town showdown and robbery if you remove all super powers, I would think we have before us the average crime Thriller, with elements of drama and very sluggish dynamics. What the way offensively. The entire film is not left waiting for something dynamic and bold, the background to which were not available small. But all the inventive borrowed from a short version and a full-length fantasy is not enough. Came up with some kind of drug (naturally associated with superhuman), but this topic almost do not have developed, in addition to monetary motivation. The most visually beautiful moment, remained (as a short film) the scene of the landing Robocop "custody" of the patrol drones, the most spectacular shots of the film. Moments use sverhsposobnostyami, the viewer is spoiled now popular with superheroics, unlikely to surprise, but scenes are filmed well, sometimes even with fiction, but their unfortunately few.

Acting is also not shines with bright colors on drawn and sagging plot. No revelations. The main bunch of brothers Amell does not look bad an older Steven in the joint staff, its texture considerably outshines his younger Robbie, which is allocated to the leading party. Allot of ftoroplastov particularly certain, except that the aggressive partner of the police-Asian, which the short film acted in different roles.

We have not bad science fiction Thriller with a good capable Director enough of something to implement this. May be opportunities, but I no longer think that was decisive: it is the lack of creativity. Because a short film him enough, a full meter is no. The film, as the air was required the acceleration, drive it could to a certain extent to cover other gaps. But the anticipation of something more the onset of the final credits, so and remains excited. And sorry.

The case when there was confidence that the film is able to captivate and amaze, and after viewing the remains, there is not a disappointment, and shame the picture is not reached put a strap.

6 from 10

How much has Code 8 made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $150,298.
Who is the director of the movie Code 8?
This tv-show was directed by Jeff Chan.
What is the genre of Code 8?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Drama.
Who starred in Code 8?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kari Matchett, Robbie Amell, Penny Eizenga, Lawrence Bayne, Jai Jai Jones.
What is Code 8 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.1.
When was Code 8 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-12-13.