City Hunter

Ryu of Saeb playboy, detective, mercenary and lover of women. It refers to newspaper magnate Imamura, who lost a daughter. Ryu sneaks onto a luxury cruise liner, where a motley gang of criminals holding his victim. Available only one way the guy could considerably spoil the journey of this scum and free the fairest of all women.

  • Jing Wong

Release Date: 1993-01-16
IMDb icon 6.5/10
  • Country: HK, JP
  • Language: Cantonese
Seline Farrison
03 April 2016 | 12:48

Please do not kill me! From my seven children, two cats a sick puppy...
- You're looking at two century prison

Comedy. The genre is very specific and say now, this genre has turned into the devils, due to the fact that most American comedies dominated by the humor below the belt, not funny and extremely vulgar. About modern comedies that has been our country, to speak simply of pain. With but we are old, time-tested movies. Some of them allow themselves to cross the genre line, behaving utterly chaste, recall, old Comedy Gaidai. Others do not hesitate to the jokes, but at the same time managed this file so that not cause the viewer of rejection, and instead forced to laugh — "the Mask", "Moron" and"Eurotrip". Still others on the contrary, has chosen as its goal to parody the or another film with successfully managed — "Airplane", "Young Frankenstein" and"Hot heads". Heh, only the names of these movies evoke warm feelings of nostalgia. At least me. For you, dear viewer, to not speak I would still many of the above pictures could pass you by. What same goes for our guest today, then it is a Comedy of the absurd, in the best sense of the word, which manages to make fun of the movies "hero in trouble" in General and pictures of all sorts of superspy in particular. So, it — "City hunter".

The protagonist of the movie Rio Saeba, all of which they call not otherwise "City hunter" — private detective rich biography. So here, the hero Jackie Chan — a terrible womanizer, which is not might miss a one skirt, when he known throughout the city and incredibly — in spite of its reputation, people love. Lives, however, our hero at the mansion, and in the garage, where the furniture is... there are the furniture... it seems the fridge, yeah some scrap metal, which in some bearded year was a car, but it now — junk. Well, no, what you want? Not each character — a billionaire. Lives true hero is not one. What? What the Butler right words? Well, not Bruce Wayne, the hero of Jackie Chan, not Bruce. Our lives hero the sister of his deceased friend's last wishes which was to Rio cared for the girl and not... seduced her. this is difficult to fulfill, especially considering what a womanizer is the City hunter, but hero Jackie Chan tries. Sometimes too, what causes righteous anger of a girl who, according to the secret is enamoured of her guardian, a little bit. But that you thought that the film is a drama, here you a little bit of action — newspaper magnate asks the hero Jackie Chan to find his beloved daughter and promises the detective a fortune. Well as here will give up, especially when you consider that girl really beautiful? Here and Jackie goes to the search for beauty and path is the path that leads him on a passenger liner where Zhu-I-uckie terrorists (No, really terrible, it as they dress — is a crime against fashion!) decide to hijack the ship together with all passengers, they are trying to prevent two charming ladies special-agent, and also one friend, who as a weapon of revenge is... well, right Gambit of "X-Men". And all anything, only hero Jackie Chan does not want to engage in open confrontation with the bandits, and all he needs it's... a bit to eat.

So the movie is the plot, which is not reports and tenth of merry madness that will occur on the screen. Chases, fights, shootouts and dangerous stunts are the hallmark of Jackie Chan and it to not accepted. They have hold the attention of screen. Another thing is that hero Jackie Chan in the film — a buffoon. He is trying to look cool and impressive, showing a white smile in the camera lens that not notices behind him sneaking up on two big blacks with a purpose... to ochlocratic brisk Chinese, but you think? Many strikes and falling great height will be accompanied by sounds that were taken from the story bugs Bunny and daffy duck, the right words I waited was hoping that at one point you will hear a distinctive "Meep-meep" and the deck will run the blue bird, pursued by a coyote with a sly twinkle in his eyes. Alas, this is not have occurred, but there is more, and what at one point, Jackie Chan one of the terrorists become the characters of video games, and to be quite exact, "Street Fighter". The scene is so absurd and at the same time delivered so efficiently and love that. in light makes the adaptation of "Street fighter" with van Damme in the lead role. Yes, all right, so the film breaks the fourth wall, but it does not time and no two the same Jackie Chan occasionally it will go directly to to the audience, as if inviting you to participate in the last this theater of the absurd and know I would not away it is to do. I only wish to break through the fourth wall not can *laughs*

At the same time what is interesting: the Actors, in the most part, came to their work seriously enough, even though that when he falls or bumps, they make funny faces, the rest of the time they show those feelings and emotions that are required in this situation. Of course, there are exceptions, but I prefer it to write on trends of Japanese theatre "Kabuki". Yes, I know Chinese the Japanese two different Nations, but over time, one culture borrows from other special features, so why this feature to be the Kabuki theater? But perhaps, as noticed dear colleague, what the Chinese at this film was inspired by such a wonderful actor as Charlie Chaplin? Anything can happen.

The result? Great entertaining movie for which can brighten up the evening as one, and friendly company, just remember — no no way try refers to this film seriously and try to find sprouts in logic because they are not, from the word at all. It is a daring skit, which was filmed with one specific purpose — to get a smile out of viewer the movie this task brilliantly for he honor of praise.

7 of 10

Ranique Evans
10 January 2012 | 03:08

The film of my childhood, to still don't understand why it is so rarely shown on television and do it in General? Not know, but I've never never seen TV.

A movie you can watch forever, and he never tired. In it has humor, great shootouts, great fight.

Jackie Chan played the main character, played beautifully, and when was the scene with the game "Street Fighter", Jackie Chan played great! Especially in the role of girls when he won, very funny laughed.

In General, I advise everyone to see this movie. My rating 10!

10 of 10

Ursa Bright
21 August 2014 | 06:18

Nowadays there are so many critics, and ratings of various publications and similar services assess or other films, most often focuses the modern viewer. But right was not always obviously all have long lost special relevance for example, many fighters of the 80s and 90s, to which we have grown. Moreover, fans of the films of that time and people who grew up on them to form a certain kind of top. the leaves devoted to the works of certain performer.

Fans of Schwarzenegger are willing to love not only "Terminator", but and "Commandos" with"Truthful Lie". Fans of van the Lady pay tribute to the "blood Sport", "the Kickboxer" and"Lionheart". Actually as and fans of Jackie Chan willing to offer all his Hong Kong films. Except that, completely forgetting about this picture.

Clearly the Director of the film Jing Vaughn managed to remove perhaps the most "unfairly criticized and not accepted by the audience" film with participation Jackie Chan, which impresses already how very different and will contrastic on the rest of the artist. Moreover, presenting a truly magnificent example of a Comedy Thriller with more emphasis on Comedy and not the gunman and all this farshirovannye humor only adds to the picture a special delicacy.

At the same time, making the movie even more funny than one of the stage spectacle even more amusing interesting. Especially considering the fact that a unique fighting style Jackie "I do not attack and are protected by improvised means" it is here that finds a truly magnificent reflection. The most, giving the viewer a huge number of truly memorable scenes. Whether it is it's a crazy scene with the"Street Fighters" or a perfect final battle for which I watch with a truly childlike delight.

Jackie Chan here all so same great. Quickly performs all the stunts, fights and funny is combines elements of Thriller and Comedy your way. Very impressive looks Richard Norton which is remembered by many in "Mr. Cool", but here he managed to create an insanely charismatic image of the villain. Moreover, the film pleases and the presence of an actor as Gary Daniels, who should know dedicated fans of fighters of the 80s and 90s. The physical form of the actor is impressive and played he just above all praise.

8 from 10

City hunter — is not the best, but definitely one of the most unfairly underrated films with the participation of Jackie Chan, which is very much different from his usual work and this impresses most. Funny, spectacular, easy and very interesting. All the things for we like the movies of Jackie Chan.

Who is the director of the movie City Hunter?
This tv-show was directed by Jing Wong.
What is the genre of City Hunter?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Comedy.
Who starred in City Hunter?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jackie Chan, Joey Wang, Kumiko Goto, Chingmy Yau, Gary Daniels.
What is City Hunter IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.5.
When was City Hunter released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1993-01-16.