Detective Tom Wagner, is investigating a series of shocking in its cruelty crimes. Maniac obsessed only he understood the bloody philosophy — it provides the victim the right to choose — who or what she is going to lose forever. Wagner's daughter, Fiona, examining a suicide note to his mother, where also mentioned about the choose, decides to find the sadist. But suddenly the murderer himself gets in touch with the girl, and now her e-mail come the scary pictures of his crimes with reviews...

  • Marcus Graves

Release Date: 2011-03-23
IMDb icon 4.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $90,901
Melli Kemble
14 October 2011 | 01:54

Can you smell that? It seems what gives the munchies? Strange, written 2011 release, and feel the product is stale already. The plot is rotten to the base. Yeah and even the movie as if compiled from the pieces of other films, which in turn passed with great success.

Probably the only thing that got me hooked in the film is a scene in the beginning. Tough! Here you really understand what "choice" will be discussed in the film. From this one is getting creepy. But this is only the beginning, then everything will be much simpler and more modest. Sometimes this very "choice" and do not give anyone will.

While watching could not help comparing this film with the film series "Saw" by James WAN. The "choice" of course it is inferior to the above and entertainment (need only remember the equipment Kramer and the blood immediately freezes), and the main idea (John Kramer, though the bastard, but it crimes, if so can be called, have at least some way) in the selection of the main villain (Which is not say a John — the guy is charismatic). Here only a few basic points, at which the film is very much inferior to its more famous predecessors the movie industry.

For me personally this film is not have opened nothing new, but may it will find its fans among the General public.

6 from 10

Theresa Rollet
10 December 2011 | 01:48

I would not carried this movie to the category of horror. Rather — to thrillers. Yes, a good exciting moments in features terrible there anything.

Cling to me specifically — all the girls look like the main character. Here just not understand position. Fragile girl, do not know why embroiled in a go look for that maniac.

In General, quite the usual for all uncle in the hood is not clear to whom revenge and not that. And with all this, his main chip — it is a choice. The choices are just not has a place to exist. The choice is not between good and bad, does not between life and death, money and life and way, a choice between some things, without whom it is difficult to exist.

The film's Director, Marcus graves, not fully worked scenario. But until then — the horrors, and nothing terrible in it. Yes, there are moments unexpected. But not enough of them. Even the killings are not clearly seen. It is not a film like say "Saw" or"Turn not there" — in this film there is the blood, no abuse victims not a drunken company American children — neither is not innocent people, which is the only choice.

Kerstin McSpadden
01 June 2013 | 05:00

In any, even the most hopeless situation person is a minimum of two versions of events, often more, but not the point. However, once in this situation, we do not always notice that we really have a choice, and goes to the emotions that often leads to disaster. Today's guest, time and plays a situation in which there is a dark room, terrified people, many sharp objects and a murderer. So, it — "Choose".

The film revolves around a man who gives people the right to choose — what part of the body they will lose, or which their relatives will go on the judgment of God. In addition to this unpleasant subject in the film is about a young girl who dreams of becoming a journalist and running on the trail of the elusive killer, so as she sure — the killer knows something about her mother. Well, well, when you get to this guy, then don't complain, okay?

The film is anything but just not another horror story. It and the detective, and Thriller and even a little drama, but horror film is not about him. To scare the audience here. nobody is going, exactly as nobody is not going to create the oppressive atmosphere of expectation. Rather, the creators tried to do, but coming to the conclusion that turns them, it out of hand worse, refused to this idea, let it at the mercy of the detective. Perhaps, so even better.

So we have an antagonist with broken destiny and a youth that he held in the asylum for the insane. At this, as it usually happens the chief physician of this institution was natural Dr. Mengele, who conducted experiments on his patients claiming that all for the sake of science. How could it be otherwise. And in the end we get a cross between Michael Myers with John Kramer. Wild cocktail, Yes. So do we have main character, who gets weird letters from the alleged killer and hints what he knows how the dead girl's mother. Consumed by curiosity, a young journalist begins its independent investigation, the results of which it shocking. So do we have the father of the girl — the police captain. It manages to combine two role — a good father and an incompetent policeman. Much better it would have been exactly on the contrary. At least then the victims would be much less. All other actors appearing in this film are not more than extras. And let some of the actors looked through the rudiments of personality, they still perceived not more than a bunch of extras, though quite charismatic.

And all despite pretty good detective component, and also interesting vision of the protagonist in the film is very much a scenario of omissions and inaccuracies. Most of all it felt closer to the end of the picture, where the action too crumpled and nieprawdopodobne. There is a feeling that the crew not know what to end the case, so I went for the path of least resistance and made a fairly standard ending for paintings of this genre. And because they were a chance to make a really interesting final. Well, well, future.

And in the result? It is surprisingly cheerful b-movie b. Quite an interesting story, average acting, imputed camera work and good soundtrack make it say that the movie was watchable and even has a good chance, like the ordinary spectator.

5 from 10

How much has Choose made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $90,901.
Who is the director of the movie Choose?
This tv-show was directed by Marcus Graves.
What is the genre of Choose?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Horror.
Who starred in Choose?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Katheryn Winnick, Kevin Pollak, Nicholas Tucci, Bruce Dern, Richard Short.
What is Choose IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.7.
When was Choose released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2011-03-23.