Chinese Zodiac

The protagonist of the story — working all over the world treasure hunter JC named Hawk. Well-known antique dealer offers him a rare find six figurines in the form of animal heads. At one time, these bronze sculptures come in a set of 12 subjects who personified the signs of the zodiac. Figurines adorned the legendary fountain of the Summer Palace on the outskirts of Beijing. In 1860 the majestic building was looted and destroyed by British and French troops at the end of the Second opium war, and the statues lost. First JC team mates go to France, because the two statues are stored in one of the French collectors. During the operation to seize the bronze sculptures of well-guarded castle JC meets Coco — Chinese student studying in Paris. The girl takes an active part in the global campaign for the return of lost cultural property to the countries from which they were removed. Along the way, JC is making the worst enemy in the person of Pierre, the chief of the Chateau Marceau. However, the treasure hunter finds a faithful friend in the person of Catherine impoverished aristocrat, in whose house he found one of the statuettes. Coco and Katherine join the company of the Hawk. The group in its new composition is headed on a tropical island, where the wreckage of a stranded ship buried two more statues. In the tropics, Jay C and his friends opposed the motley gang of pirates. Only thanks to the excellent fighting skills of the hero manages to gain the upper hand. Back home, JC is surprised to learn that the mysterious customer has collected six other statuettes. Nothing surprising in the fact that Hawk is going to teach him a lesson in manners.

  • Jackie Chan

Release Date: 2013-10-18
IMDb icon 6.1/10
  • Country: CN, HK
  • Language: English | Mandarin | French | Spanish | Russian
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $171,339,013
Raeann Hola
05 February 2013 | 05:43

If you are not a fan of Jackie, then certainly not be indifferent to him. In a list of favorite includes the first "Armor of God". Seeing the trailer was a little stunned, not as the fact of appearance of the sequel, as the quality of action that was demonstrated in the video. For recent years, Jackie, to put it mildly not happy (with the exception of only a "Little big soldier").

I read a lot of notes about that it will be the finale of the famous stunt where he'll go back to the old days and will do everything on the highest level. Well, what — the trailer did not seem to deceived.

Finally, an unprecedented Chinese film brought in Russia and released the rental on a par with Hollywood blockbusters, with relevant is an impressive number of copies. To this is not could boast of no one is Asian release.

Film I watched theater I must say, people were decent. Who could think Jackie Chan will compete with the current hits (and not much).

And actually began the film. I must say that even name — is no "Armour of God 3", although a couple of references to the original same can be noticed (Hello stage with chewing gum). Let this the trick will remain on the conscience of distributors. We contact the conscience of the authors of the film. Why? Because all that fills the middle of the film, I'd like to call shaped cretinism. There's no script as such, the humor is on the level of antics for groups of preschool age. Like I don't remember one film Chan, even very weak "the Accidental spy" was much better. In addition to problems with the script, the film is very uneven in the mood, then it is an adventurous action Packed, then moronic Comedy, then natural a farce, the final resolved the spirit of the Asian heart-rending drama, though with a good ending. To the same there's a wild hodgepodge in relations of actors. Team JC (the So-called hero Chan) — some faceless lads and lasses, who, why and why — is not explained. Have their "complicated" relationship in which have a couple times nuzzle, but except the next round of insanity — nothing brings. So in set of cartoon pirates (among them you can see Ken Lo), the hipsters, the students, French aristocrat (Yes, French women look extravagant in the eyes of filmmakers from China) and still plenty of grimacing figures. But, frankly, not because of the scenarios we watch movies Chan that in this plan ???

The beginning opens with a scene of escape of J. C. with a Russian military facility. The idea of the suit, which is one of the big skate (videos are everywhere, on the back, arms, legs, breast, etc) interesting, but shot not very spectacular. It is seen that Jackie is heading to small speed and try to hide it at all operator above. Then there will be fail moments in 40 where the ball is ruled by affectation and chatter. A couple of times dilute the action scenes, but even the winning scene — as battle with the pirates on the island are very weak. Just a set of improvisations. No spectacle, no special equipment. And only I saw what was going on this film. Begins with the contractions of the VAT of the young French-Arab the right to sit on the couch. The set is very cool. Looks like a blast of action after what was to this. Well and then it turns into slaughter the factory of counterfeit Antiques. Both are two fight — Chan V. protection and his partner against the nameless pitersi. The funny thing is that cat fight looks almost is better than the fight Chan, but but Jackie includes its main feature — use all items, plus all this spiced with its signature gags. Sobsno, these final half an hour and save the situation, and I would said to make you forget about the misunderstanding that happened to. Yes, Jackie help by cables, but the less it looks very impressive. As "Armour of God 3" the film does not hold water, but that's as independent film Chan, who is that's you hit 60, has the right to screen life, all the same stupid shit Hong Kong China has been making plenty, but here is a competent trick movie there's been much less than in the Golden era of the 80s..

5 from 10

Clea Mather
27 May 2013 | 12:53

If you are an admirer of Jackie Chan — this movie is for you. But if not, why not hurry to get around him party! The film, as all projects Jackie, very funny and spectacular, but importantly, him as always, there is the moral aspect.

This time hero Jackie became entangled in life and is now engaged in theft on a professional level. The number the quality of equipment he even could compete with the bond! Personally, I got a lot of pleasure just watching the game favorite actor and how he uses these gadgets.

If you familiar with creativity of the actor, then the end of the film, not going for you with the secret to the beginning, however it is not will spoil the impression from watching! In its nearly 60 Jackie fights did not is worse than before, and maybe even better. Despite what is a action — there are a lot of good, and sometimes completely in unexpected places.

Brenn Convery
28 January 2017 | 02:03

Frankly, it was my first film, seen in 3D due to this fact, I a few years tried to convince himself because it's a normal movie. But the recent revision of this painting on freshly bought a 42-inch TV finally got all my places. This highly strained film, the creators of which hit in some of his personal interests, and forgot the name of Jackie Chan means most people.

Jay-Si. The old man in the company of the unknown youth that already looks stupid. The youth absolutely faceless, all characters in this film. Bad characters like would not bad, j's cynical and not cynical, its cruel counterpart went to war in some state its theft also seems to be really good, gangsters, working on a great uncles, and threatening with a pistol of course they even charge, bloodthirsty pirates, and never hurt.

Keenan seems to be even has a plot which is more like no associated insert. Here some men 10 minutes talking over the table, here is something about a robbery, here are some Chinese, who, what? All accompanied by wild antics, antics, Hamming it up, no empty talk about and the most disgusting audio. As Jackie had solved the mystery in the library, I still then, to understand not apparently, special magic. The time the face pointing symbols of national geographic, and each 5 minutes repeat on the national heritage, which in the Museum. Well, Jackie, I'm it is realized a long time ago, I is a little interesting, I want to see your classic fights, and not your dotage on the theme of the national heritage. When? And so the whole film. You ready... and then the captions.

Also in the film is a literal retelling of the second part of the Armor, when the two girls beat the enemies, even the scene with unmanaged machine gun in place the search for the lost grandfathers in the bargain, but somehow too forced and very derivative. How their team is there was as they tied a big tree as they killed each other and they figured once the ring was lying beside a skeleton, then he is? Jackie does not care about such details, because next comes a parody of the Pirates of the Caribbean, almost the only memorable thing in the film.

At the end of this turmoil, when you will cease to blush with his "singing" in the time of departure of the yacht and the two men, giving each other a high five, ahem, barefoot, will be interesting, but a short scuffle on the sofa, Yes very sad show with railings and at the spirit of the first part. Serious uncle, who came after the boom, of course, will say that everything is fine, nothing that destroyed expensive equipment it source of income was intended.

In the scene of the flight for nobody need the dragon head threat to a healthy amount of pathos. Poor Jackie must have got beat in his youth. In addition to all of this absurdity in the film clumsily dealt with the topic of divorce parents, as this is bad for child a couple themes, like "littering on the street is bad" and all like that. But, tell me, including a film with Jackie, you want to get a two-hour lecture on the subject of national treasures, or you want to see what the actor and made a name for himself? If the latter, then do not watch this movie. You will promote green activists and with great pathos to show how they fight for law of the ancient Chinese heads, as they are beaten, kept in captivity, oppressed, but they still together and are fighting for... the people's property? Only Jackie Chan here is not necessary, how do not need such a grandiose name for such a niche film.

How much has Chinese Zodiac made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $171,339,013.
Who is the director of the movie Chinese Zodiac?
This tv-show was directed by Jackie Chan.
What is the genre of Chinese Zodiac?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Comedy.
Who starred in Chinese Zodiac?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jackie Chan, Qi Shu, Oliver Platt, Daniel Wu, Wen Jiang.
What is Chinese Zodiac IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.1.
When was Chinese Zodiac released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-10-18.