Children of the Corn: Runaway

Ruth is the only survivor after a fire in the infamous community of children, worshipping the dark God of corn fields. At the time of his flight out Ruth was pregnant, and since then she has many years wandering around the country with his son, trying to escape his past and save the boy from his influence. But, the fates stuck in a small provincial town, Ruth starts thinking about sticking around for long — especially since the owner of the local garage gives her a job, and one of the waitresses is almost a friend. However, from the past will not escape.

  • John Gulager

Release Date: 2018-03-13
IMDb icon 3.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:22m
Myrtle Sellma
01 May 2018 | 10:50

2018. Dimension Films is acting according to the plan — rights of the franchise to lose, not want, so immediately after the tenth of Pinched meet — the tenth part "Children of corn"! Well, or ninth, I just in total, we looked for 10. What can swoop in eyes from — at the helm is Mr. Gulager, who likes to give a little bit of kind of movies but for writing the script was spotted a friend Sousan, then just likes to write scripts for different extensions. Judge for yourself: "the Prophecy 3", "Highlander-4", "Mutant-2", "Pulse-2" "Pulse-3", but to "the Piranha-3DD" he also attached. And Gulager, among other things, after "Piranha" even managed to work with The Asylum. What came from this? We understand.

So, we have mystical horror John Gulager "children of the corn: the Fugitive". Finally the film's title clearly reflects what is happening in the film will be attended by the children of the corn, and the main character is from them the whole movie to escape. Clearly, concisely and clearly, without any of your Apocalypse and Genesis. Yes in General than the previous two or three (four?) parts of this film can be a little cock of the walk. But quite a bit.

The film finally got a legible story, which you can tell not in one sentence (although "the main character runs away" — quite good but still). In the beginning should be a two-minute prologue, in which clearly and briefly explains. Once there was a girl here it was the age when she had to be a sacrifice to the Maize and she has to burn hell field. And runs. The path, true, labor. And runs again. And that it with her thirteen year old son is traveling travels. The journey turns her on in a town of Luther where she gets a job as a mechanic, but there it was — the city declared a little girl who loves when adults die...

In General and General, this movie story is better than any "let's go find mom/grandma/cat and came across corn". But only if General a whole. I would also like to note that the baby corn here alone again at this time girl. No, in the flashbacks will show more other children, but it's the flashbacks, and we need reality. Emphasis on the corn not is actually is, if it before somewhere at least grew frame, here — forget. According to the idea of the next part should be out in 2025 — so I already waiting for "children of the corn: the Desert" or"South pole".

However, the film does not like their colleagues. Gulager though lazily, but still works with atmosphere, a suitable soundtrack and camera work. I forgot to do when these things were in this franchise. Remember slow the blood, hopeless atmosphere and a dark ending. In fact, the film impregnated with some black and hopelessness that is also quite interesting for this series. I'm not might say that the film is very boring. Yeah, he boring, but it step up after the previous parts.

If you got this part — it already just need to watch, because the last the moment. Yeah and not disappoint a must if you saw the previous. It still the format of the cable Thriller, which should show at night, but it's not so obvious in shooting his previous counterparts. Well, I a little bit happy that finished "Children of corn" on this note.

Thank you for attention.

6 from 10

Maud Reiss
19 June 2018 | 05:39

As John Gulager returned to the franchise that does not cost to return...

children of the corn: the Fugitive

Plot. Gatlin, corn field, ETS Stephen king, the house of the road. One of the girls sends their counterparts in the blood-corn business, shows them the middle finger, sets fire to the field and dumps. After a time, from her child. Years later she trying to be a good mother, but corn past makes you know. Glitches, killing, smelly children, Tommy Wyso won an Oscar...

"The fugitive" — this is the tenth film in the franchise "children of the corn", Hallelujah. I now (of course) teasing, but on the anniversary because it is customary to give gifts. Gulager had to try to get at least an average film, to please its audience (if that is the case anyone will be watching). Gulager gave up on a film fans, made a gift to myself, I guess.

Stuck his wife in"the Fugitive". Stuck his father in"the Fugitive". Even would be a great Director stuck, dreams-dreams. By the way, Gulager after all, nothing has been doing it for five years (only the treshak was playing). I would say even a man-bad times I decided to get "Children of the corn." From the tenth carries a cosmic commonplace, is a dull worthless spectacle.

Why sad? Gulager trying to scare children, sorry, a girl in a yellow dress. More old nothing has to offer. In 2018, remind. A couple of bloody murders causes one only nervous laughter (infernal nonsense). All the rest of the time will show a corn field. Yeah and the hard fate of our fugitive.

The real fact is stern, the son should be put in the school paper all sorts to carry on the work to get to sleep with boss etc. of Course, it you don't through the corn field with a machete (Trejo — long life, not tequila lots of drink) ready to run! "Children of the corn 10" — social drama from John Gulager, a-ha-ha, sorry.

Why worthless? An hour and a half flew out of life. About the conversation, if there's mother justified to the son, because tried to have sex with a man. Adult e-my. And then her son is States — You need a man? On she he answers — Only when you don't close!

John Gulager, ladies and gentlemen. He took off the trilogy, "the Feast." Sure, the Director is no more. There is one degradation. About the script Solsona, which is not stand up to criticism, saying it is not will. One moment, Saison was the Director of the previous film —  Genesis. The awl on the soap, although "the Runaway" I liked small plus.

But, the franchise is dead and is the bottom, to deny this fact is kind of silly. Gulager not able to stir up. It's a shame? No. It's a shame? No. Waiting for the eleventh movie? No. Whether there is he? Yes...


It is better to watch — "sleepaway camp", "now is not look", "Alice, sweet Alice", "the Brood".

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Truda Bunni
26 September 2018 | 06:41

Not so long ago, I realized still not been seen any one part of the franchise children of the corn. At first I read himself a story, even the tales written by Stephen king. Have the question — what it was possible to take on 10 parts? All parts plus a remake I within six months mastered to look at. And if the first part I like, with 2 through the fifth is more or less good, 6-7 is generally miserable about the remake, I just silent, and the eighth part of a I want to forget soon. So, left me the last part on the moment, published in this year. Yesterday I watched her.

It should be noted that not the weakest part. Just the creators trying of the iconic names to concoct passage movie, it is unclear to be cut the cabbage. Really don't know what you can make money on this movie, but the franchise was ruined completely.

Us tells the story of a girl who for many years ago escaped from this cult, and since then, all time runs away, afraid to run into a corn field. In the film only shows a glimpse of a young preacher, telling children about a Covenant Bypassing the series. Yeah and children themselves, over with the exception of the son of the main character not been. Why is that? Isn't that is the meaning of history, not children? Yeah and the very corn field? Where the Jogging on the endless rows of corn, which were invariably in the first parts of the movie? In the film radically changed the story and it's a minus, a big minus.

All this looks boring and stupid. Gray background and nyakusa musical arrangement only adds pepper. Visions that haunt the girl — what is it? Gift or just go to the roof? Most likely the latter, given the final picture. In the end, we have faded, stringy and most importantly completely unnecessary the next part of this franchise.

Remembering the first part of the film, 1984, with young and insanely beautiful Linda Hamilton in the main role, I want to understand what makes various minor Directors to remove and make a new part of Children of the corn not coming up with anything really new? The frankly, I had to finish on the fifth part. But could actually, one of the first to leave. But no, we filmed a lot of shit to disgrace the work of masters of horror.

Guys who have not reached the last part — not get. Go boldly forward, nothing will lose. But if anyone do not seen not familiar with encircling rows — I would suggest to watch the original and stop there. Don't waste time all this, spent I.

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How long is Children of the Corn: Runaway?
2h 2m
Who is the director of the movie Children of the Corn: Runaway?
This tv-show was directed by John Gulager.
What is the genre of Children of the Corn: Runaway?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Horror.
Who starred in Children of the Corn: Runaway?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Clu Gulager, Marci Miller, Mary Kathryn Bryant, Diane Ayala Goldner, Molly Nikki Anderson.
What is Children of the Corn: Runaway IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 3.8.
When was Children of the Corn: Runaway released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-03-13.