About the beautiful dream of every Prince, to say nothing of Beautiful. Unusual gift the young man received at birth: girls will do anything for his smile, but to pay for it — righteous anger of men. This situation can not last forever, but the gift here will result in a curse. And now the Good ol ' Prince just three days to save the Kingdom from itself...

  • Ross Venokur

Release Date: 2018-04-20
IMDb icon 5.6/10
  • Country: CA, KY, US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $8,751,856
Giustina Dotti
01 October 2018 | 10:37

This cartoon was all prerequisites to stand on one step with "Shrek," "Rapunzel," and other wonderful stories, as children and adults. But didn't happen.

I tell you why.

The story is simple as three kopecks, and plot is not something fundamentally new. There's a Prince — Phillippe Great. By the way, I wonder what the Shrek name Prince Charming does not have to translate to Russian, making a household name. Here it was necessary to identify rasprekrasnoe of Philippe. Not mix it with other heroes.

But back to our story. The Prince so charming that girls will fall in love without memory, barely seeing its pretty face (which, incidentally, is a very controversial statement). And not in some rare charisma of the guy, and in the present spell. Which, as usual, is removed only by true love's kiss. Well and some tests.

They the Prince and went with for the fidelity of satellite, find themselves suddenly... a bold and brave girl. On further development of the plot, I think, everyone will guess himself.

But may it would not new. If not was so boring. Guess with the first frame of the story, vague and unlikable characters, stereotyped to the impossibility of history. The creators do not able to bring anything new, everything already was before and looked much more interesting.

The only thing that remember — a harem of brides with the Prince, but this situation you could imagine and a lot more fun.

The entrance animation on once.

5 out of 10

Ericka Levana
29 August 2018 | 08:53

"Beautiful Prince" on first glance is incredibly reminiscent of "Shrek." Nothing surprising, because of works by one producer. Animirovannoe adventure plays on the perception of the good old fairy tales: again ridiculed the conventions of familiar stories, and the original tales get a new interpretation. The restructuring of these sources of inspiration, it seems, has more to do with marketing strategy than with the true creativity: "the Fine Prince" charming, but too reliant on cobbled together at the knee in the plot and weak animation, only to the end to look like a product of fast consumption for young audiences in the animated period of calm.

So, the main character lives up to his name — it's the Prince who saved snow white, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. It turns out his heroic feats, well, was made out of necessity: the Prince must find true love before the onset of the 21st day of birth, otherwise the Kingdom will fall a terrible curse. Three of the saved brides planning a competition, and Prince goes to journey last chance to find love.

Since since the aforementioned "Shrek" turned the rules of fairy tales upside down, such a concept was a bit beaten up. For Studio Disney princesses (Princess or fighting) to still are the backbone of the universe, and the role of the Prince-Savior departed on the second plan. I wonder how the creators of the "Fine Prince" came to write the script: ideas animated film has a lot of potential. To unfortunately, really a breakthrough idea in these days when every other Princess saves herself, well, the implementation is not very elegant. Satire and probably ridiculing the cliche (for some reason on mind the finale of "the Enchanted"), and other elements of postmodernism gave way schematically constructed history. Even the characteristic content of the characters in "Fine Prince" not stands out.

For some reason, "Fine Prince" added too many pop songs. Nothing are against it, but is more like is talents of popular singers who took part in the voice acting of the characters. It is a bit confusing, because such advertising is really very candid, and the songs are not such catchy.

Animation unfortunately, also goes up with time. In "Prince," little attention has been paid to the details in the shape of the characters or background. History, of course, time is compensates, thanks to some interesting finds, like a tribe of giants, and also charm because of the change of roles. The Prince is not able to fence and not that he charming, but the hero, at least, felt alive. Have in mind that despite the whole poverty of his animation strange appearance, it is filled with some emotional parts, while the father-king, witch-antagonist, Cinderella and other fairy tale characters appear in the end, some digital dead.

Princes only want to in order to rescue princesses — now, it seems, a full installation of the "Beautiful Prince". History does not receive any emotional involvement, although at first intriguing due to the reversal of role models. To put an end to the animated film, of course, impossible — charming salaminizer, turning in the end, acceptable adventure in the limits of wit any outdated creations the world famous Studio Disney, for example, the beginning of "zero" years.

5 from 10

Cristal Salzhauer
28 September 2018 | 10:38

Pros. In the entire film without the difficulty in recognizing the hand of the master that created the once famous Shrek. It applies to all parties to this cartoon from the expressions of characters and manners, their behaviour to the awe-inspiring 3D backgrounds and musicality.

The plot is interesting and even somewhat touching, if not to cling to detail. Along with the concept of "love" for the film devastating humiliated, since you are at this always meant exclusively fleetingly-the sensual side of this phenomenon. And even when the characters were together "fire and water" in the frankness of their feelings still do not believe because they in the story of them to believe the end.

The Central characters were quite bland and unmemorable. Like it was a special order — to make them images such that they were forgotten immediately after viewing. However, the images still remembered in General: Prince — the narcissistic, infantile, spoiled fool, though and not deprived of self-sacrifice and true courage; the girl — feminist self-sufficient person living solely by stealing and cheating. Changed they better the course of the story? — no, and appearance of heroes of sympathy have not reason to the opposite conclusion. The viewer just gets used to the characters in viewing for all their negative qualities are smoothed in mind. Of course, the story itself is the fact of overcoming spell opens a certain characters perspective, which have them before, but these prospects — the theme of another story. However, and removal spells don't happen by itself, and thanks to the persistence of characters and something even of sacrifice. So that is for sure, — heroes proved, at least in something positive side.

Cons. I don't like was presented to the mental perception of the main characters of his marriage: who they are regarded marriage as a funny action that only opens them new horizons for the development of the surrounding world, the world — as a consumer product and source of pleasure. "In joy and in sorrow" — not about us because we — joy! "The General party line" is obvious, for human relations in throughout their entirety, including the inevitable problems and conflicts, reject. Only adventure, only fun!

The biggest surprise was the inability of the Prince to identify with his companion, the woman who tried to impersonate male. We are talking about the most experienced in the world of man is part of women's nature, as it he the scenario of the cartoon, simply by his glance fall in love with forever any woman. It came to that the entire male population of the Kingdom unanimously hated him and wanted revenge ("hell is a damn curse!"), therefore, their daily walk "for the women," he made in environment protection. And here, beside them on long nose to the nose was an attractive young woman, and although glued a mustache and clumsily changed voice, but still — woman is quite outstanding secondary sexual characteristics. He even been touched and against her! So that looked extremely ridiculous that Prince I heard women's music in voice, not saw a female shape in shape, walk move (something not seen even quite exposed Breasts!), not saw distinguished female limbs, smooth skin and etc. Remind, we are talking about professional part of the female flesh. In General, it literally looked unnatural.

Too much unnatural presents: career as a pickpocket, when it is open for the eyes of strangers with the person removed jewelry; implementation of the "ingenious plan" of the robbery on the road in broad daylight, with organized under the road bunker; the experience of the characters different attacks on the body like this rubber people they have no bones that can break down, and internal organs that could be injured. And so on. In other words, the film is on the way of simplification and exaggeration of many aspects of human life in the result looks like a true tale, totally divorced from reality not because causes this deep empathy for characters in danger. Too often abused by neglect of the laws of physics, logic and so on, so many events perceived as tale which can get up to anything unusual and unnatural, and you for nothing will.

Did not like the demeanor of the secondary characters. For example, princesses are representative of GC ("glamorous Kiso"), disgusting in its primitiveness and claims happiness, despite the attractive appearance. Surprised by the father-king of his static face turned completely "wooden" character; in addition, it role in something even disgusting because it not affect infamous antics of his son. DJ on the feast of the savages — Ah, it's unoriginal!

Conclusion. Another one-off tale of Prince the transformation of a commoner in the Princess. For one-time viewing more than good. To watch brave.

5 from 10

How much has Charming made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $8,751,856.
Who is the director of the movie Charming?
This tv-show was directed by Ross Venokur.
What is the genre of Charming?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Animation, Best Animation Movies 2018, Best Musical Movies 2018.
Who starred in Charming?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Demi Lovato, Wilmer Valderrama, Sia, Nia Vardalos, Ashley Tisdale.
What is Charming IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.6.
When was Charming released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-04-20.