No one can compete with Sam Rothstien. No one knows how to earn money as he is. No one knows how to work so selflessly and accurately as workaholic Sam. For its undeniable merits rotstin got the nickname AC. And that is why the mafia bosses decided to instruct the ACU to fill a huge luxurious casinos in Las Vegas. And to Sam nobody bothered to work, mafia sent a message after ACE childhood friend Rustina — Nicky Santoro, inveterate gangster and ruthless thug.

  • Martin Scorsese

Release Date: 1995-11-22
IMDb icon 8.2/10
  • Country: FR, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $52,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $116,112,375
Sileas Belford
06 September 2017 | 08:11

Long put off viewing this film, was heard about it has enough. But reason of interest does not arise. But still, the desire appeared and the meeting was held. The impressions were good, because the gangster movie is not always put a lot of time.

The picture is original in its kind, with its vivid features. A well-constructed plot, showing gambling in all its glory, because he's involved with on the big money, the excitement, and certainly the mafia, a behind this business. Although in General, the mafia here is on the second plan. A key figure in playing the very Casino, luring a lot of people. Perfectly conveys the atmosphere of Las Vegas 80s. the City, which greatly affects the people with a special power. Very interesting to see unsuccessful attempts to cheat the casino. Close surveillance and control all, also Stripping customers to zero in the benefit of the Treasury of the institution, sweeping his tracks from police — great.

Acting. Robert De Niro, Sharon stone, Joe Hiking — played the highest level, without any errors. GL. character, casino owner Sam Rothstein — good, but the images of elite ginger and the gangster Nikki at I was more colorful, showing strong characters, respectively.

"Casino" — a great gangster movies, from Martin Scorsese. It carries a sign of quality. Games Empire in the criminal world is built as that need. The main characters natural, the campaign of developing events, reveal even more, because the casino operates on them all the power.

8 from 10

Myrlene Fuller
15 March 2010 | 01:30

- "Six black" — shouted the dealer for the entire game table.

Failed again, today is clearly not my day. With 15 years and I started to play, bet, and since then I during the money. For me it trifles, betting it my life, I pay attention to the weight of the parts, before how to put own money. I live breathe only with the game, in this case, I ass God of gaming. Due to this, I was given Paradise on earth. Local bosses made me the Manager of one of the most luxurious casinos of Las Vegas — "Tangier", the proceeds of which with the moment of my assignments has doubled. For me this was all like that sell dreams for cash. Better than I run this casino is not could anybody. For all over the country I was outside of the law, but I law-abiding and influential people. For my life I once put a controversial card. But not today that day to make informed bets. We are surrounded by hypocrisy, one can do everything the other nothing but that's life. And wasn't that around this table, I have already lost a large sum. Today I have lost more than just money. This city has never be the same.

Fabulous casino atmosphere has always attracted such people as I'm loving the risk, passion, focus a chance to break the Bank to enjoy a beautiful, scantily clad dancers be awarded with the charming smiles of the waitresses, so you shining like you're the most important guest and always leave them a huge tip. Be surrounded by famous people, famous actors, musicians, politicians, you like merge with all these Bohemians, feeling part of it. It wasn't Paradise was the world that we've created. Every year millions of rich people come from across the country, leaving billions in profits. There was a sea of money, which every day I shed someone's blood, and in the Mojave desert was made the hole for someone else, another city problem. We know what they were, but we were the only one who remains of the win. But then we do all ruined. U would not be life and tale. But was that after we have no risk to trust something as valuable to people like us. We are to blame at all, Vegas has spoiled us, made a weak, greedy, arrogant people. Get rich quick has blinded us eyes at one point all rained down one after the others like the dominoes in dominoes. Between us and Las Vegas lay a Paradise that we managed to destroy

- "Eleven black" — announced the dealer.

Black again, it looks like this strip continues in my life. A young, pimply dealer, under the close supervision of the Manager of the beholder, from which is not takes the view inspector and dozens of cameras, rowing to my last chips. In Vegas all should follow each other, I guess I have to go. Recently, I thought of himself more important than others, forgetting about the simple things that life has taught me. I, my friend Nikki, we since childhood knew that we do not rely on anyone but themselves. We increased poor, harsh world where was ruled by cruel laws, where does not forgive mistakes and all we had this friendship loyalty each to the other. We was as brothers. Passing through the corridor, I witnessed a minor conflict, but at one point the guards quickly eliminate the threat of a fight.

- "the Amateurs" — I thought. 

Another thing Nikki, for him matter height, weight, or status of the person. Its fists have always been ahead of his head and its language is not just created a lot of problems, a lot of people in including me. I knew what he wants to, but I wasn't need. Do I was his view of Las Vegas, have Nikki your. This city for it was to not a plowed field. I told him that need to be careful, warned that you need to be quiet, but he wanted everything. But he openly got into crime, quickly lit up everywhere, and unleashed in the city war for the redivision. It were considered the unofficial owner of the Vegas. It is not like a lot, ranging from our common bosses to me personally. Such people have trouble created an extra buzz around my casino, which I wasn't need. I still never believe it comes with us. Nikki, because we grew up together...

Passing by the restaurant, a young, pretty girl smiled at me like I'm the only the World, who will make happy. Such as she is here with in excess, everything we know they really need. But whether in Vegas, heady air, but for some reason I want to believe this smile was sincere. In this point I remembered. ginger, always relying on the winning, it that is the only time when I put the dubious map. I loved it, cared for it was the mother of my child, and our Union was on the basis of mutual respect. I made it a comfortable life, but knew all the money and jewels without trust only tinsel. Ginger was the Queen of Las Vegas are looking for her companies. She had a magical effect on people no know the true motives of her actions. Have it was a code of honor, she knew well the laws the principles of the casino, knew how to be grateful and not forget about others. Money was her life's goal, and in this city, love such as it is expensive. But like I tried it, and I couldn't bring it to yourself, to force you to love. Why all the is it so? All it was not with someone, but with us. Remembering this now in me occurs more charities than regrets not my fault. Those who do you love need to trust fully, if true love. You need to give them keys all that have. Otherwise, what's the point. One time I thought this love is from me.

Leaving a casino, I went to the car, heard the police sirens, and noticed by ran ambulances.

- "well, I have lost all but at least I alive" — I thought, sitting in the car.

I'm not repeatedly telling myself these thought that unlike other people, what I was surrounded by, in these circumstances, I managed to survive. Okay, time to go. Why is not start. I'll try again...

"Player is the hardest to not move what he lost, and that have to stop the game" ©

Madame de Steel

Faun Mace
26 April 2012 | 09:25

Familiarity with movies mafia I began with film —  Casino. Beautiful cover drive, stunning the cast has captivated me with the moment I picked the hands of the disc. A film about Sam "ACE" Rothstein, who was for the sweepstakes. Mafia decided to lure him to Vegas to put it at the head of the casino "Tangier", but without a license. To him in the guards put a childhood friend - Nicholas Santoro. Nicknames — thug substituting 2, 3 guards. Sam falls madly in love with girl — ginger. According to the beginning, the film seemed a kind of utopia. Have all good mafia get their share with a casino, Nicky to protect Sam and also gets the money that enough for life and on a good funeral, Sam gets the money from casino lives happily with ginger, have a child is born. But everything goes so smoothly. In all the fault of human greed. Ginger becomes addicted to drugs, meets and provides money ACE your pimp, Nikki decided to become the "King of Vegas" by killing and robbing of important people, and Rothstein does not give the license because of ties with mafia. Money to kill a man.

I liked the plot of the film. The film, as a feature film about mafia simultaneously documentary about the life of a casino Manager's eyes.

Not can't notice how the changing the image of Sharon stone. In the beginning of the film is a very beautiful woman with a gorgeous smile, great hair, lively, cheerful. But by the end of the film, this is "the devil in the flesh." Have very short haircut (she is not), it always yelling, shaking and behaves like a patient psycho-neurological clinic.

Played on the height of Joe foot. A very good actor. A small, vicious thug. Have it worked to show the maniac that went crazy from the money. And every time he says the word "Fuck", one gets lot of fun, because it is the word is obtained from soul.

Robert De Niro. It it role. He is very able to play a credible, balanced people. Have him get to play a man like Tony Montana. From his calm, measured speech, calm face, so that the role is managed.

Soundtrack. Songs in the film picked up very well. One song the animals — house of the rising sun is worth. Pleased with the presence of Louis Prima and his orchestra. Not one song in the film keep you indifferent, it's songs of the 80-ies.

In earlier reviews I would not advise to watch without a translation, and I suggest, watch the movie in the original. All the intonation of the actors, very much convey emotion well, Yes just get great fun. People who transferred the film, not invested needs a drop of emotion.

This movie the legend of mafia movie (I am not confuse mafia and gangster), in the film is or nothing to reproach. Spend time movie.

10 out of 10

How much has Casino made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $116,112,375.
How much did it cost to make Casino?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $52,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Casino?
This tv-show was directed by Martin Scorsese.
What is the genre of Casino?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Best Biography Movies.
Who starred in Casino?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci, James Woods, Don Rickles.
What is Casino IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.2.
When was Casino released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1995-11-22.