A remake of 1976 classic Thriller by Stephen king. It would seem that story — students poisoned his classmate Carrie for what she is not like the others. But the classmate unexpectedly discovers his telekinetic powers and when her adjust to the regular stuff, this gift becomes uncontrollable and breaks out...

  • David Carson

Release Date: 2002-11-04
IMDb icon 5.5/10
  • Country: CA, US
  • Language: English
Kakalina Thia
24 June 2015 | 04:28

Stephen king often does not carries on the film adaptation. The thing that for the most part they do not reach of the literary source. The viewer watches a film and like it is good, but if you read the book, is it in better times. Not I bet there is a very good and even has a great film adaptation, but they are much less than mediocre. And because there are such that just head missing — well as you could do that!?

The Carrie TV movie 2002 issue dangles somewhere between mediocre and complete crap. And all because  the"body". What the film was made for show on TV just catches the eye, about it says every second. And none of the crew, apparently, and thought that you can in fact do better. The feeling that they are so professionals that not able to make different.

The film is more full of details than the film adaptation in 1976, but it is not even saves, but is ruining. The action is sluggish, constantly punctuated by interrogation of survivors on the massacre that gave Carrie. Made is not very much seems unnecessary. Some of the episodes on the contrary, added, but also half of them could not be. This movie is simply boring, without sparkle. Bad it will be and praise especially not for that.

As well, and actors. Angela Bettis in the role of Carrie white? Maybe only here it much like the book Carrie, even played it on another same it does have not the girl it shows. The same sissy Spacek was also older, but a type more suited for this role. And hard to believe she's easier. Tommy Ross actually looks like a teacher, not a student, yeah and have played to be honest so yourself. Pleased only Chris Hangerson in performed by Emily De Revin, others simply worked for their money. Even Carrie's mother does not particularly impressed, though, and played well.

But the composer I would be whipped with a belt. Music — it is only in this film that is not good anywhere at all.

And last two my opinion the most important scenes in"Carrie". Scene in the shower stopped and personally I have caused confusion of the whole episode. We have shown only the bare backs and crouching in the fetal position Carrie. No tantrums, no of cries of "I'm dying, help!". In the book was better.

And of course, Chad party on the prom. What to say weak, although it is clear that tried. And again, a lot of excess, such that slows down all the action. Well and special effects, not clearly on top. I realize this for TV and the year 2002, but... if you do not can do well, why bother to start? Vaughn, Brian De Palm far 76 year came out better, and without the graphics and a big budget.

And in the end we still see the main character taking a bathroom. Yes well, where do without it, darling? It is difficult to read the book and remove what is written there? But okay bath Carrie more and survived. the end. And sue Snell, who lost her boyfriend and many just acquaintances tells Carrie that you to blame. Yeah, killed so many people, even in the heat of passion, but it changes.

The result? Could not to remove, honestly.

And again. Scene with five year old Carrie and stones the sky is absolutely not place. In the book she is very good, but not then sewn Mare's tail. And effects again disappoint.

Vonny Wendi
19 November 2013 | 03:39

The topic of school violence and abuse "special" students for the last two decades, devoted to a large number of films of different genres: from romantic comedies (so popular on the turn of the century) to a mystical horror movie (which this picture is). About the movie "Carrie" sample in 2002 said have enough for the most part comparing it with the first film adaptation by Brian de Palm. I try to imagine the impression of the film, set in the shelves, those positive and negative aspects that caused the MENA this film.

The soot from the film I liked it, despite what to actually of the horror genre it as it is not hold, is the first negative.

So, negative moments of "Carrie" (2002):

1. As from genre of the horror film expect the presence of the picture of chilling moments of the story, which is not lets go of its audience, making it be a constant sense of fear, anticipation of what about to happen something irreparable. To unfortunately, this movie is nothing like I didn't feel. The episode with the "evil joke" in the end, turned into a simple drawing, though, and with far-reaching consequences. Although the mystery Thriller was good.

2. Slightly overlong plot, though, and allows you to more fully develop the characters themselves are the main characters, to more accurately follow the book, but some of the scenes were unnecessarily prolonged. So, for example, was the scene of the massacre of the school hall. Too "savoring" the scene, and showing the mystical abilities of Cariety white, Director, along with a writer on my opinion, somewhat carried away.

3. The low budget of the film (however, not always prevent filmmakers to shoot high-quality movies), in this case, as affected. This is especially significantly in special effects — who watched the movie, I understand. But not even the main effects for me it but the severity of the moment. And he this painting arose from time to case in a short time.

4. Music for picture — interesting enough, although was it is often not to place (in meaning that better had to pick up darker).

Negative aspects, perhaps, and enough, then it hurt weak the picture that still good it saw more.

1. One of the most successful, in my opinion, was the casting. As whatever blamed Angela Bettis in the inconsistency of her age the role of the protagonist in the movie, and game — is not affected. It very well handled by the way Carrie, a sort of battered grey mouse, the object of constant bullying, which contains all the anger until it is one comes out. Constantly gloomy, she defeated only once, keeping all the way to the ball, when a priori the time required other. The role of sue, Chris, Tommy — they gave me a lot of interest, despite this raznolikosti characters. Infinitely making and Margaret's mother, but here she different from his book character — it a religious nut, here — more just rude and heartless mother, a recluse.

2. However, why do not change the Canon. Because the book and film — effects of different genres and I personally welcome when they do not follow strictly one another (in the details, of course, but not the main line). And plus this is the second picture. Changed here and ending — how, exactly, to clarify not going to spoil the impression. But this also — originality the highlight of the Director (it is interesting to watch the film, knowing what it will end).

3. After viewing — painting for a long time falls into memory, to remember the plot in many only thanks to the skill of Stephen king, who wrote in the time the novel, but and impressive acting. Have noticed myself a filmography of some of them — so as to continue the acquaintance with their works.

4. Yeah and overall impression of the picture, despite some inconsistency with the stated genre (for horror movie — not uncommon) have made me good.

Let me remind you that  Carrie — became the first published novel by Stephen king, which immediately brought him a great success. And the same picture, published through two years — became the first film adaptation.

8 from 10

Amberly Bala
09 November 2013 | 12:57

In this film adaptation directed not interested in interactions within the family, it shows more external interaction. So the mother does not look so crazy, but Carrie wear the cross in school, you wear it just before entering home. Mom behaves more like a obsessed with religion alarmed by the behavior of the child woman. In no fanaticism. And Carrie rebels as if it not extruded whole life. Intramural intrigue, show more, all teenagers are given a lot of time. Plus modernity — Carrie is calling somewhere to talk about telekinesis, digs in the Internet (votserkovleniya, but advanced, you know?) In the film has a lot of unnecessary details, really! All in order to show teenagers. They fuck, sniping, moral decay and all that.

The movie was short, kind of like oriented teenagers, but too overdone. Though was trying to get closer to the plot of the book, but still a lot got lost. And first and foremost the atmosphere. In this respect the film lost the first film adaptation of — there are a lot of things have changed, and the atmosphere is preserved.

PS Did-forced myself to watch until the end. Have me one reaction, so as not to spoil: SCHITO??!!!

Who is the director of the movie Carrie?
This tv-show was directed by David Carson.
What is the genre of Carrie?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror.
Who starred in Carrie?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Angela Bettis, Patricia Clarkson, Rena Sofer, Kandyse McClure, Emilie de Ravin.
What is Carrie IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.5.
When was Carrie released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2002-11-04.