Captains Courageous

Spoiled with attention and his father's money the son of a millionaire, named Harvey by fate falls from his father's cruise ship Board in the middle of the Atlantic. Fortunately, it immediately picks up a fishing schooner. Waking up smelling of fish in the hold, the boy begins to demand from the captain to turn the boat and take him to his father, or his parent "take action", but a team of fishermen their plans. They need to fill their holds with fish. Entreaties and threats of the boy's vain and he will spend three months in a friendly team of sailors to experience one storm, to learn to sail, to fish and to part with their caprices and whims...

  • Victor Fleming

Release Date: 1937-06-25
IMDb icon 8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Portuguese
  • Budget: $1,645,000
Camella Terence
21 March 2017 | 07:43

The film of Victor Fleming's "captains Courageous" is based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling. Harvey (spoiled Scion of a wealthy American businessman) fell from the Board the ocean liner at the time of travel in Europe. Harvey accidentally saves a fisherman Manuel and deliver on a fishing schooner. At first the boy wants to live by their former laws. He remains haughty and arrogant. It tries before, to flaunt the wealth of his father. But very soon he realizes that the fishermen (captains courageous) live a completely different life, the main value of which are bravery and courage, friendship and honesty, well and the ability to catch fish, of course. Harvey is moving closer to Manuel he teaches the boy the tricks of the fishing life. Harvey realizes that all the wealth of his father hardly compares to month the schooner with fishermen. Victor Fleming makes the picture action, and its ending — intentionally dramatic.

"Captains courageous" — not just an adventure film. This one of those paintings, about which they say "at all times". Hard to find two not so similar other person than Manuel Harvey: adult and small, simple-minded and arrogant, not have the soul rich. But they become true friends, after all friendship as you know, the framework does not familiar when it comes to two hot hearts. Manuel teaches Harvey to steer the boat, get out water cod a huge but it — he is teaching the boy to value friendship and love, to come to the rescue in a difficult moment. He teaches Harvey to really live — in harmony with a nature.

The role Manuel played a great actor Spencer Tracy (he takes the ninth place ranking with the American film Institute). Tracy has created one of the most striking of their images. Manuel — a great sailor and a skilled fisherman. It is a wandering poet and philosopher. This people with a huge heart. It is impossible not to fall in love with Manuel (and Tracy, his played). Especially interesting is filled with poetry of Manuel reasoning about the afterlife and God. Acting the part of "captains Courageous" is replete with famous Hollywood actors: Lionel Barrymore (captain Disco), Melvyn Douglas (father of Harvey), Mickey Rooney (a very young Mickey Rooney) played the role of son of the captain. Freddie Bartholomew, who played Harvey, was then pretty popular. He has done a fine for his role.

In 1938, the "captains Courageous" has received four nominations on"Oscar": Best film, Best actor, Best adapted screenplay and Best editing. Only won Spencer Tracy (in the fierce competition, because the competition in this year was high: Charles Boyer, Paul Mooney, Robert Montgomery and Fredric March). Must say that in 1937, Victor Fleming is still have not removed their landmark, large-scale, iconic movie "gone with the wind", "Wizard of Oz" and"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". But already "Brave captains" felt special handwriting of this "Director-muralist".

Micheline Sihonn
19 September 2013 | 12:05

Imagine that you were born under lucky star. In your life you no what is not need of you always baked, and you think everything you need to obey. But suddenly, in a moment, all changes you are forced to work, you can't resist this. Will on the emotional change and revise their values and priorities? The answer is given in stunning adventure drama for based on a story by Rudyard Kipling "captains Courageous".

synopsis Spoiled his father's money the son of the American millionaire Harvey in the cruise on ship accidentally falls from the ship in the open ocean. The happy coincidence, it immediately picks up a fishing schooner. Angered by the sudden change in the situation Harvey immediately finds a common language with command of the ship, if not a good soul and understanding of the Jolly fisherman Manuel.

acting the main role is beyond praise. Most impressed by the very young, but already incredibly talented Freddie Bartholomew, who played rich Harvey, who in relations with the main events changes the whole life in a better way. Of course, a bright distinguished role Spencer Tracy played a Portuguese Manuel, who only was able to find a contact with the boy become only close friend, but also just replace his father.

Directing Victor Flemming — one of the best Hollywood Directors of the 20th century, because he manages to make each of his paintings a vivid, emotional and memorable at all, how he did it with Gone with the wind. "Captains courageous" — not just an adventure movie like it may seem on first glance, it is primarily a profound psychological drama about life, values, and family. Fleming is wonderfully portrayed relationship between Harvey and Manuel, who was a friend to other at once and friends and brothers father and son.

Script to be Honest, immediately after watching the have had a wild desire to read this novel, even on the English language, because he plot of the film really drags for themselves. Actually, I really like built a movie script. The beginning of all not portends nothing special, but suddenly an unexpected turn, and it was the falling with the ship, turns everything feet utterly. And we then you are immersed in a fascinating adventure Harvey that will forever change his life.

operator In the movie, which takes place on the sea, a special responsibility lies on the main operator. To create an atmosphere of sea breeze, light or strong pitching and boundless freedom, it is to convey through photography. Operator Harold Rossano that succeeded brilliantly. Thanks to his talent skills the viewer becomes an unwitting participant in the events occurring on the screen.

Summary One of the fundamental thoughts in the majority of Hollywood movies of the 30's — 40s. — change your life. "Captains courageous" — one of these paintings, which will be remembered for his kindness, sincerity, drama and bright and a memorable atmosphere that will delight the viewer even years.

10 of 10

Dru Allrud
25 March 2013 | 10:11

The film starts with solid plates: Financial crisis. A millionaire who one son and have no time baby. Complaints of teachers. Formed meanness. The father is aware that raised second-Machiavelli.

But it just tie soon thanks to the talent of the writers, a young hero will be on a fishing schooner, along with ordinary workers.

It is about work in this society, a boy becomes a Man, and his desire to intrigue transformirovalsya in passion struggle.

The friendship of a boy with Manuel, a simple believer in God, the fisherman, about whom little is known — gives the hero a lot of internal forces. Manuel is honest and courageous. Easy to find near do with the result of their job.

But it hard work and not an entertaining adventure. Arthur Conan Doyle himself at the time, visited a whaling expedition wrote about what if the loop of the rope fell a foot of a sailor, then the man was fond for Board. In this case, it is the friends were left with a choice: to release the whale or cut the rope. Usually, the harpooner shouted:

- Leave! For the widow will be fish!

Such cruelty and heartlessness by famous fishermen. Similar topics will be raised and in "captains Courageous".

I wouldn't say that the film has an interesting story or a flawless directing, but the cast is chosen perfectly. The main role is brilliantly played by Freddie Bartholomew. The boy was very specific. the image of what is happening in the character transformations. I will only add that in a small role he played Mickey Rooney.

Perfectly selected and the crew of the schooner. The role of captain played a great Lionel Barrymore. A small but colorful role sailors played John Carradin (father of the legendary David).

Memorable role of the father was played by Melvin Douglas. The talented actor played a role so that after watching me not have left the impression that his role could be much more.

But, of course, all the applause went to the star of the film — the actor Manuel Spencer Tracy. In fact, the actor is not has done nothing new. He just continued previously he worked in "San Francisco" character "merciful" guy.

It is known that this role Tracy received his first Oscar. But, compared leaders of the year his role looks unequivocally stronger. Ronald Coleman in"Lost horizon," Gender Muni in"the Life of Emile Zola" and Charles Boyer in"Conquest" did not look weaker than Tracy.

The less touching scenes with Manuel in especially when he says his vision of the afterlife, it touching kindness does not go unnoticed. Tracy was really very good.

In this case, the main thing in this film — is not its a game. summing up note that "captains Courageous" — and about growing up as a young man, shaping its worldview and help in this adult. Exactly accurate disclosure of these matters allows you to appreciate the picture.

8 from 10

How much did it cost to make Captains Courageous?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $1,645,000.
Who is the director of the movie Captains Courageous?
This tv-show was directed by Victor Fleming.
What is the genre of Captains Courageous?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Drama, Family, Best Family Movies.
Who starred in Captains Courageous?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Freddie Bartholomew, Spencer Tracy, Lionel Barrymore, Melvyn Douglas, Charley Grapewin.
What is Captains Courageous IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.
When was Captains Courageous released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1937-06-25.