Cadillac Records

In this story about sex, violence, race and rock and roll in Chicago of the 1950s, "Cadillac records" follows the exciting but turbulent lives of some of the musical legends of America, including muddy waters, Leonard Chazz, little Walter, Howlin of wolf, Etta James and Chuck berry.

  • Darnell Martin

Release Date: 2008-12-05
IMDb icon 7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $12,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $8,883,644
Brietta Fleta
06 April 2009 | 10:42

"Cadillac records" — a worthy successor of a series of musical films based on the history of American music in the twentieth century. After the great "ray" 2004 pause was somewhat delayed, so I waited for this movie with great interest.

For those who are not context — not about the film the history of the brand "Cadillac" (although in something, perhaps...)! In spotlight — the true events of the life of legendary Chicago Studio "chess records", founded by a native of Poland, Leonard Chesson (in the film — Adrien Brody). It chess the first of the white felt the commercial potential of Blues and the first to record black musicians with their then the unfamiliar "race music." And the first was muddy waters — the man, the legend, and the fact, the film's protagonist.

However, all who appear the film as heroes — genuine blocks, the mother chelovechische of American music! And melancholic Willie Dixon, who played the first Bassline "Hoochie Coochie Man" (waters: "Shit! How you do?"). And monumental Howlin ' wolf with the voice of an assassin — a classic man-danger. And nervous little Walter, peerless singing in a drunken state his "My Babe". And dolt Chuck berry, who really clearly knew what he wanted — even when I seduced little girls under the fear of a prison sentence. And vicious, but is an incredibly talented Etta James that was terrific Beyonce Knowles (that's really did not expect!).

Heroes came and left — muddy waters remained. Jealous to someone else's glory, picked on Chess for that he pays him less than berry, brought a young guitar cover "rolling stones"... But it waters — just a hard worker Monty Morganfield, the first of the southerners who took the electric guitar, — managed to hold on to volatile show business much longer than even he could have imagined. He has gone through many friends, but and care 1983 rather than natural. In General, of those who is depicted in the movie is still alive just Chuck  & Etta — and give God good health!

In the film a lot of strong scenes and not only music. Alas, a clear Russian translation is still there, so it's best to watch these scene the original language. When you consider how narrow is the potential audience is Cadillac records, wait for the normal dubbing, apparently, not have... the Most that whether, to take?!

And in General — very necessary and valuable movie, and not look into the amount of fees! History and must not be poppin!

Of 9 10

Charlotta Rusty
10 May 2009 | 05:13

After the war, Cadillac was a limit of dreams of ordinary Americans — white and black. Convertible with chrome bumpers symbolized prestige and high position of the owner of the car. "Just trust me" — said Leo. And bought muddy Cadillac. Walter came — and Chazz gave him a Cadillac. Came Chuck... the First places in the charts, beautiful girls and best machine — it was a time when guys with Chess Records was the coolest...

Recently in Hollywood is a very popular musical movies about the legendary musicians of the twentieth century. Biopic about ray Charles and johnny Cache was a great success — and critics among ordinary viewers. "Cadillac records" of the same time, it is visually similar to the films "ray" and to"Crossing the line" although it is not the story of one man. This fascinating film tells the story of the UPS and downs of the record company Chess Records, which have passed through such musical legends as muddy waters, little Walter, Chuck berry, Howlin wolf, Etta James, Willie Dixon and many others.

Two centuries in America, grew out of the short pants racist ku Klux Klan, were segregated by race. Even after the Second world war racist sentiment in society was so strong that the executable for black music, DJs radio stations called racial. Leonard Chazz was like all white. Friends thought the crazy desire to contain the club for black. The ears debt but absorbed in his great idea, he opened a small restaurant in Chicago "black quarter," which gradually developed into record company. Leo was devoid of racial prejudice and soon around Chess Records began to spin while nobody well-known musicians, which later became the icons of American music, their influence one or less experienced all of contemporary music.

"Cadillac records" — in all respects a remarkable film. And not look into small fees doubtful a synopsis that lists the names that you nothing talking about. It often happens that the works are "based on a true story" are boring because of the abundance of facts, the desire of the Director to squeeze in film actual events. Director Darnell Martin shows the viewer a completely different approach. Some minor historical facts do not give attention to (for example, in reality the origins of Chess Records were brothers, and not one Leo). A small shuffling of the facts does not affect the overall quality of the film. The picture is specific, a story about the development of a new musical direction, about real rhythm and Blues.

In this film you will see a completely different Beyonce. Here it is not that a glamorous pop diva, to which we used to. Of course, appeal, did not diminished. It is important that to pass a difficult way of life struggling with heroin addiction Etta James Beyonce turned out truthfully and convincingly. On some point you can even forget that Knowles — an Amateur actress. Changed the style of performance. She sings lower, quieter, appeared before the voice of unusual depth. Sensual and incredibly soulful in one of the most dramatic episodes sounds in her performance of "I'd Rather Go Blind".

Despite the invited singer, the Director does not makes her obvious bait for the viewer. On equal footing with Beyonce co-exist and other actors. Perhaps the most successful image created Jeffrey Wright. Apart from the fact that the actor looks very similar to a muddy waters and singing in General, it seems, in the movie his personality is the hero is seen under different angles. A brilliant performer, a guitarist from God — on the one hand, avaricious and lead a depraved life style — on the other. And what choice matuhi slip from him through every word! Look at English. Not are all translated.

It makes no sense to elaborate on the cast, little Walter, Chuck berry and Haulin of Wolfe. Suffice it to say that shows they are exactly as was — people with their advantages and disadvantages. The picture "Cadillac records" perfect surprising lack of pathos, as against the main characters and applying the facts. The first breakthrough in"white charts", the visit of the Rolling Stones — all filed holistically with the plot. Yes how could it be otherwise, when the plot worked life itself?

Adrian Brody, given all its talent, plays a quite common role. It hero — Leonard Chazz not provides greater opportunities for improvisation. Honest, good guy, devoted to his work, he is not think to change his wife, but the reality is literally pushing him to the capricious singer. Romantic line seems to be not basic, but this part leaves the strongest impressions of the film. The inability to be together is obvious, not that I bet even Leo and Etta, so the final of their history looks even sadder. It really was love.

The film's soundtrack is composed of the best songs of the record label Chess Records. Harmonica of little Walter, and rock-n-roll theme Chuck berry, the threatening howls of Haulin of Wolfe, technical slide of muddy waters, vocals Etta James — all were played by actors. I doubt that play the guitar as muddy waters of our world will anyone else, but the musicians managed a very close approach to the original sound of the songs. Maybe Mos Def sings not so sprightly as Chuck berry and Beyonce remains personality, even trying to copy the style of singing Etta James, maybe. And still more harmonious, more pleasing soundtrack, I do not recall.

Great acting and the music make watching "Cadillac records" in an hour and a half of aesthetic satisfaction, when everything is done exactly as it should be in the ideal. If this luxurious movie is not exist, it necessarily would have to remove, because it is the most memorable piece about the Blues, the true story of his dream of one person, the history of music forever changed the world.

Donica Conlee
03 September 2009 | 09:44

In the program of the festival "Gala premiere" was shown the film Cadillac records Darnell Martin. This film about music for life and life for music. A Polish immigrant arrives in America dream — rich and ride "Cadillac." At first it opens a night club, then finds a more profitable business — opens the record company and gives his first open — now the legendary muddy Waters — your old Cadillac, and buys a new one. Money begins to flow like water. Soon it joins a talented musician, a master on the harmonica little Walter, then mysterious and fundamental Howlin 'wolf, who's fuckin' with colleagues, saying "I own a car, and is not it me." Yes, all his players chess gives "Cadillacs", and record company has a distinctive name —  Cadillac records. In one day to Chess coming group of British nerds and said: "We were impressed by your music. We also want her to play. We called "the rolling stones". In the film, Mick and the team are so dull that, on first glance, one would without if it not one "but". After all, rock-n-roll — this is black music, and with the company's Chess and began rock-n-roll, and short appearance in the movie "rolling stones" only shows that to the masses he is followed by astute white, not pobrezgovali black music, imbued with it to the bone.

Of course, fame and money spoil musicians, and they turn into the snickering idiots. The existence of record companies is under the threat there HE was... Chuck berry, played by rapper Mos Def, became a major star of the time, it and feed all the brothers, while its not put in jail. It loved hated — but certainly not been.

Then chess again decided to leave on new level and to try unprecedented — female rock-n-roll. So there was Etta James, which Chess ensued a very touching relationship. They loved each other, but they not be sued. The role of Etta James was performed by American singer beyoncé — girl, has a beautiful appearance and vocal talent, to the same good actress.

The plot seems to be too dynamic. Disharmonious dynamic — Yes, it is rock-n-roll, but not to do a clip of the full meter!

Indeed, the movie is good, though, and pass. But it ignites, makes the experience, the characters are very bright and inconsistent.

For those who gathers a collection of musical films, — viewing is mandatory for all other — optional.

How much has Cadillac Records made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $8,883,644.
How much did it cost to make Cadillac Records?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $12,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Cadillac Records?
This tv-show was directed by Darnell Martin.
What is the genre of Cadillac Records?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Music, Biography.
Who starred in Cadillac Records?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Josh Alscher, Tim Bellow, Tony Bentley, Tammy Blanchard, Eric Bogosian.
What is Cadillac Records IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.
When was Cadillac Records released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2008-12-05.