Cadet Kelly

Kelly Collins is an independent high school student from new York, which is the most important freedom of expression and the preservation of their individuality. Cally's parents are divorced, but they remained good friends. Mom has an admirer — General Joe Maxwell, who soon proposes to her. Kelly happy for the mother who found new love, but her joy soon is on the wane, as a new mom means marriage for Kelly moving to another city and studying in a new school, but not simple, but military! Freedom-loving girl becomes cadet Kelly military Academy, where there is iron discipline. New environment begins to affect the character of Kelly, but she can affect a change order in the school for the better...

  • Larry Shaw

Release Date: 2002-03-08
IMDb icon 5.5/10
  • Country: CA, US
  • Language: English
Florella Amaris
13 May 2013 | 10:30

"Cadet Kelly" — a wonderful film that can look any man in any age. It reminds us about the values relations with family, love, individuality and uniqueness, the need to Express his personality. Kelly — a character who uplodaed most creative and unusual people.

The film is very easy, the end of that is important. The actors play well, there there is nothing even to say.

The story is that girl Kelly is experiencing her parents ' divorce and is forced to learn in a military school with strict rules and restrictions. She tolerate bullying peers, disrespect from the elders at the title. But even with such circumstances Kelly does not lose his individuality and don't prognetsya under the cruel discipline. She loves his family and shows us a good example.

I watched this movie four years ago, but it made my impression is that think I looked it yesterday.

By far,

10 of 10

Bernette Sibby
17 July 2011 | 11:36

Original movie Disney channel has long been represents a separate genre of movies teen family orientation, which, although different employment of the characters (this is the main portion of their original), but as the two water drops like each other the characters, by the application of the characters and General thrust of history in the direction of good example, a positive stop and a light show. And according to this, with one to watch sooner or later it becomes boring, because you can guess the development is not is easy, yeah and generally with age school Genesis be you all more alien and overly adorned. But on the other hand: on a proven producer of lovely rainbow story is certainly a positive ending itself (up to a certain age) or with relatives age this movie focused products hardly will be fraught with what would be any it was a disappointment.

Plot. At this time nice to the impossibility of a Central character (in this case her name is Kelly Collins, and plays her Hilary Duff) at the confluence of Braco-movable and re-married circumstances sent from the big city of permissiveness and individuality in a small military Academy discipline and standardization of a personality. On how the rest of her life in an alien environment, we have to watch 101 minute "Cadet Kelly" (Cadet Kelly, 2002). At this story (as I described earlier) with one hand teaches that the new situation of employment of the main character, and other — again and again driven by trite, but in good working moral values loyalty to himself and the team, friendship and cheerful mood not without a pair of the idea of tearful moments, but with the traditional ending, which is not difficult nor to recognize almost not the ties, no same for the hundredth time to be happy for the main character.

Finally focus on the cast with a couple of the biggest names in more acquaintances, or at least the good stereotypes inspired by the roles. Hilary Duff with her cute face cute teen plays cute main character. Christy Carlson Romano played well  - called villain of the senior the rank natural hostility to freedom-loving beginner. Sean Ashmore spoke on fact male model — stood recognized the role of handsome a couple of times in a couple places. Father, stepfather and a few friends of the main character to indicate the friendship and family unity according to request.

you and the title of cadet in the title of the film — quite ordinary Disney project, but as typical of films of this genre and similar subjects — good positive teen and family movie.

Lyndell Nassi
27 November 2006 | 02:01

A good film on the relationship between the characters. Well that parents Kelly and I have a good relationship after the divorce. Kelly is very creative nature does not embittered all the lights, she took the new husband's mother, she well treated the completion the family. Kelly sensitive, as the very Hilary. An amazing film showing the ideal relationship between people here to aspire.

Who is the director of the movie Cadet Kelly?
This tv-show was directed by Larry Shaw.
What is the genre of Cadet Kelly?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Family.
Who starred in Cadet Kelly?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Hilary Duff, Christy Carlson Romano, Gary Cole, Shawn Ashmore, Aimee Garcia.
What is Cadet Kelly IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.5.
When was Cadet Kelly released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2002-03-08.