1987. Hiding from persecution, Bumblebee arrives on Earth, where are immediately faced with the military. As a result of clashes with humans and the Decepticons, Bumblebee loses his voice module corrupts the memory and scans before I passed out standing near the Volkswagen beetle. After some time, a girl named Charlie finds it in the junkyard in the California town and gets as a gift on my 18th birthday. Rolling his car in his garage, Charlie is surprised to find that she is not got a simple yellow Volkswagen beetle.

  • Travis Knight

Release Date: 2018-12-21
IMDb icon 6.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $128,000,000
Caterina Ilke
15 December 2018 | 11:10

"Bumblebee" — very exciting journey that will be a real event for every fan of fantasy-adventure films. What characteristic of this case does not necessarily the viewer to be a fan and a fan of kynoselen Transformers. The movie "Bumblebee" is perceived quite as separate the same time, the whole film, which the eyes of the young spectator, the authors raise a pretty important themes: family, love, honesty and good responsiveness to everything around him. These movies educate and investing in the viewer only the good, right and even the right thing. Just for the older generation such movies was "save Willy", "Short", "Harry and the Hendersons," "Alien," and others. Times change, films are, but the essence remains the same, everyone knows that and love will save this world from total self-destruction.

Returning to the movie "Bumblebee", I'd like to mention Director Travis knight, for whom this film is a serious debut in feature film, because in 2016, he debuted the animated genre, removing the adventure cartoon "Kubo. The legend of the samurai". What applies to a Director of photography, the Enrique Chediak know almost all, if not personally, his paintings accurately: "Deepwater horizon", "Running in the maze", "Rage" "28 weeks later" and many other wonderful works. Not forget a great composer Dario Marianelli, with which famous film Director John Wright collaborates on all his projects (including"Anna Karenina," "Pride and prejudice", "Atonement" and so on). But first and foremost the success of the picture of the yellow transformer is bound Christine Hodson, who wrote the script to this film. She recently started its journey, but even so short a time for its script has already there were two pictures: "Obsession" and"Lockdown". Genre Thriller changed the family film, in which the author raised a very important topic, affecting both the main characters and minor characters.

The events of the film develop in 1987. On earth a specific purpose arrives shy, but the brave transformer, with whom later befriends eighteen year old lover of cars. Together, the heroes have to overcome many difficulties and obstacles, each of which will seriously impact how on the characters, like and disclosure images.

Itself his story is very big and meaningful. Even without the participation in story line transformers, the picture well it looked like that. The main character is full of contradictions, insults, and a dreary solitude from a meaningless existence. After his father's death the girl had lost herself. Have she had inner fears, doubts yourself in their own abilities. She is a detached way of life, not finds common ground with family and many other complexes of difficulties and troubles. But the course of the film the girl through the friendship finds the strength to the struggle for search hope the best. Have from the first moments of the narrative the viewer in head immersed in the fantastic world of the Autobots, becoming a witness of massive-spectacular confrontation. But then the action moves to the land where subsequent events will be for all an unforgettable experience and enjoyable pastime. Of course, in the story there anything supernatural. All very clear, simple and logical. The writer does not "reinvent the wheel", and only drew attention to all known aspects which properly contribute to the development of a strong and versatile personality. Through certain circumstances and the obstacles the heroine becomes important to the ability comes to understanding of permissions or an internal conflict. All they work flawlessly everywhere and always, but it is understood that using this formula, when the view appears the effect of predictability, so experienced fans will not be terribly impressed by the final outcome. Although, of course, a happy ending, it is absolutely the logical outcome for such stories, just it could be done well, not so cloying. But in any case, the picture definitely deserves everyone's attention.

Mention the production, I guess not necessary, because already on the first frame of the trailer, we see immediately that the visuals are well made, colorful and spectacular, allowing you to watch the audience, not looking up. In the movie you forward as the funny moments, and peace to the tears, so get ready to experience a whole set of emotions that you laugh, be impressed and moved. The only thing that there — it's boredom but I repeat that this film is not for lovers of hardcore and senseless action. In the framework of the genre to the first place still is adventure drama, then fiction Thriller.

Actors are selected is interesting and good, although nothing special in their images there. As I would have looked for a character with more expressive, unusual and original expression. But anyway in this scenario, the movie looks great. By the way, it should be noted that most of the musical accompaniment refers to the most famous hits of the ' 80s that sound for the entire film. How to me, this is very cool and nice to hearing. In General, definitely recommend to all. This movie is the perfect reason for a family hike in the cinema. Pleasant viewing.

7 of 10

Roxie Kind
15 December 2018 | 11:40

Of all the Prime weeks, "Bumblebee" was my outsiderdom. I waited another fiasco from the universe of Transformers. But I was crushed in down and ashes. The film I was pleasantly surprised.

I'm not going to say anything about the plot, there I just share emotions. First, I am very pleased that Mr. Bay do not remove the Transformers. Well, it certainly done that could bring on screens this universe, but his last film was one continuous failure. Nasnimal, it in General (Transformers for sure). In"Bumblebee," no such powerful effects, but they not needed. It more down to earth story.

Generally, the I liked the film, it is that he was able to show everything I was missing in the franchise. He showed real friendship between the human and the Autobot. Bi cherishes, Charlie, and it them. It is ready for anything to help him. There are very touching scenes, the film often breaks at the emotions. It is its basic plus.

In this small review, I would like to discuss characters. The big question at I had to John Cena. It is not an actor, and I expect it's bad acting, but not happened. John played well its role. Agent burns I like, the character is the soul, and it appears the most important point.

The selection of the actress for the main role at first I didn't come. But, at the time of viewing, I have changed their opinions. Charlie — great character, and Haley Steinfeld played it well.

About other characters I don't want to say anything. He castes of the film — good. I don't want too much to talk about the film now, but I advise everyone to him to go. It is very touching, sensitive picture about a true friendship. From outsider "Bumblebee" became for me a movie better than "Aquaman". Yes, Yes, such a turn of events I did not expect, but I could put a nice "attraction" more than the really good romantic Comedy.

9 of the 10

Rani Jaquelin
12 March 2019 | 01:37

We all love Megafranchise, and movies from the special effects are now the trump card of many studios. Transformers — one of the famous series of toys from Hasbro, and after the first Michael Bay movie was a hit in its genre. So as a fan of the huge audience, many were expecting action and this time...

Many watched the first 5 movies from Michael we know there is another story of transformers. Therefore, all realized Bee — this is the restart of the series. I now I will rate the movie as a lover, , not as an ardent fan of Bayformers transformers General.

1. Very little action for such a big film, not able to show the full potential of the craftsmen at the special effects. Previously, we felt the power and size robots at the compared to people. Here they "some local" robots.

2. Very crude scenario. Understand more wanted to show Bumblebee, but don't said on him a little of the history. Not showed us his character, experience in spying and all of that.

3. Very bad acting. In the family is a mess, parents are so currently coping with responsibilities, my daughter's a loner with no friends but with the machine. it's hard to feel the emotions of the actors.

Conclusion: the Film for children and Teens of course for ardent fans of this franchise.

4 out of 10

How much did it cost to make Bumblebee?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $128,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Bumblebee?
This tv-show was directed by Travis Knight.
What is the genre of Bumblebee?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Best movies 2018, Best Action Movies 2018, Best Adventure Movies 2018, Best Sci-Fi Movies 2018.
Who starred in Bumblebee?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Justin Theroux, Hailee Steinfeld, Angela Bassett, Marcella Bragio, John Cena.
What is Bumblebee IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.8.
When was Bumblebee released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-12-21.