Bobby and Marty are friends since childhood. Only a strange friendship: the pathological sadist Bobby brutally torturing a naive Bumpkin Marty. And once "mattress" Marty decides once and for all stop the bullying and wild... to kill Bobby!

  • Larry Clark

Release Date: 2001-12-12
IMDb icon 6.9/10
  • Country: FR, GB, US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $704,808
Mandy Wengert
02 October 2017 | 11:02

Somehow completely accidentally hit on this movie was not originally knowing it will happen. According to the course of the story, is quite ordinary, the movie began to tighten, not matter what is happening all stupid and logic, or the lack of it, as such.

And so, Marty — dropped out of school, not think about your future, a good surfer, with interest from side of the girls, but completely unsure of yourself.

Bobby — a friend of Marty having aggressive tendencies, strong, often rude to everyone, saying how strange that is the truth.

Not know who, based on the plot, nasty and pathetic is just Marty, tired of taunts from the part of Bobby, but not that can give "back". Here Lisa, Marty's girlfriend, says, not kill us to your friend. And that, strangely enough, agrees. What?? So it? On the duration of the film, as rukalitso not leave me until the final. But most importantly, the film is based on real events that even more enters in the bad state. ... deal with Bobby, along with all the problems that he it. Brilliant.

In the film depicted uneducated teenagers who abuse drugs. Ali, a friend of Lisa's, gave birth and gave their parents on education, leads a dissolute life. Lisa gets pregnant, it is not clear from one, Marty or Bobby. And what is most surprising is that this is the only "bully" Bobby plans to enroll in College passes tests at a decent grades. How to me, the victim in direct figurative sense it.

Yes, I note it's a good part of a drug addict Donnie, in performance Michael pitt.

In General, some film do not like, some extract it.

Don't let God anyone of friends.

"Please, so I did, I'm sorry" — this phrase more 'll remember for a long time.

10 of 10

Shara Medea
15 November 2009 | 04:42

Movies this brutal and uncompromising Director like a swift, merciless kick boxer — terrible, knock out the whole spirit; it is a knockout, after which it is very difficult to come in itself,

Bobby — strong, smart and evil Marty — a plump, kind and narrow-minded. And nothing the way always will be. Bobby and Marty, and normal teenagers have sex, smoke marijuana, ride on surfing go night clubs. They are best friends, but Bobby — sadist, and Marty — his victim. And when relations between them become too tense, the usual teenage stupidity turn into the flow of stupidity of epic proportions, which at first leads to tragedy, and then to revenge.

The whole movie is violent reconstruction of the murder of a teenager; murder, in which one of them repented. Cruelty begets like you know, just myself — the victim was a bastard and a sadist, for that he paid with his life.

None of the participants in the "ritual murder" and not going to hide its true intentions regarding the upcoming evening: "like We're going to kill Bobby! Will go with us? — Go".

In the final, not sorry for anybody, except that parents, although they are something like time is guilty more than anyone.

8 from 10

Silva Lady
28 August 2013 | 06:48

Strong film about teenage violence.

what started

Two best friend name of Bobby and Marty in really — victim sadist. Bobby at the character is a wimp, and Marty is cunning and strong guy. My so he called the force to your friend, hits him, insulting name-calling. But if you look closely? Marty thus wants to teach the weak to strong methods, to teach them to fight back. Once we see Bobby decides to fight back and in response to receiving the apology with the phrase "you're my best friend." Then the victim is a girl, which he also can't defend, and all her complains which one it is bad as he got. Note that Bobby no one sentence, no action sadist not ran off said "bye dude, I do not want you to know." The problem would be solved. Bobby himself allows Marty to mock other.


The ease with which the Teens decided to the killing, for them it like to say Hello. "Hey, you have to kill one bastard, you with me?" — "Yes, of Course". Kids talk about planned to right and left, any intelligence, created the impression that the grass is finally eaten their brain.


The consequences were severe.

Michael pitt played the role of a stoned kid.

Filmed for comprehension of the events in round us, and also to prevent such situations.

10 of 10

How much has Bully made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $704,808.
Who is the director of the movie Bully?
This tv-show was directed by Larry Clark.
What is the genre of Bully?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Biography.
Who starred in Bully?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Brad Renfro, Bijou Phillips, Rachel Miner, Nick Stahl, Michael Pitt.
What is Bully IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.9.
When was Bully released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2001-12-12.