The bullet is a nickname for uncompromising and brutal police, for whom the fight against crime is the meaning of his life. One terrible day, the mafia kidnaps his grandson, she didn't realize what kind of trouble for themselves incurring. The bullet takes the law into his own hands and begins to administer justice without trial.

  • Nick Lyon

Release Date: 2014-02-22
IMDb icon 4.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Spanish | French | German
  • Budget: $3,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $23,730
Jackqueline Rosse
14 March 2014 | 09:55

After the success/failure of the band's "Machete", the Directors drew attention to such a good actor as Danny Trejo and started to invite charismatic Mexican to participate in their projects, and not as an actor extras, as as the main character. Not said before that Danny Trejo is not used noticeable popularity, but all or almost all his characters appeared in the fairly short period of time. Now you can see many paintings on budget the cover of which is emblazoned this may have and older, but still a charming Mexican signature crooked grin. And our guest today is devoted to what the misadventures of the hero Trejo. So, it — "Bullet".

Frank Marasco is proud of his Department who does any, even the most complex cases and always bring them to the end. Perhaps for this hero was nicknamed "the bullet", and because he simply impassable stupid and concepts such as his army savvy hidden from its gaze. But more on that later. So people like Frank Marasco think for the benefit to cross the road influential criminal authorities, and the hero Danny Trejo is not is no exception. The thing that a few years ago Frank got the son of the influential mafia in jail initially, Carlito Kane does not give it any value. Well, put his only son in jail for the murder of three police officers well and okay. Prison will make him a man. In any case, I assume the famous mafia thought it was in that, and there is someone knows. Maybe he do not think? So or differently, but after a couple of years son Carlito was given a death sentence. Why are the police so long I don't know, but let's assume that they're just incompetent fools. And news the imminent demise of a "beloved" son forced Carlito to act. Well finally! Carlito Kane kidnaps the Governor's daughter, and after it kidnaps the grandson of the protagonist in order to realize the life is a devious plan which is that his son will be cleared of all the charges, and Frank Marasco will go to feed the worms. Here only Frank Marasco on the nickname "Bullet" not will sit in a corner and feel sorry for yourself it will challenge the criminal authority did not taking care of that the latter can any time to kill the grandson of the hero. Well, just a circus on the road!

In fact, to really, from this picture might would work though disposable, but quite a good Thriller if a script written by someone else, if in the Director's chair sat someone else, if the producers of the film would be not patients of the clinic for insane if actors the film were faking, a really played... No, so many "if" this film is nothing will save, no nothing. But let's order.

What makes a good Thriller from bad? Well, first features not even so much the plot as the main character is able to win over the audience to yourself. And we see this picture? And we see the hero, the character who was written with great care, but I swear it would be better the writers have restricted the phrase — "he's a good guy" and would finished. Because Frank Marasco despite the fact that he is "an honest COP" he involved in fighting rules. The hero is a drug addict, his daughter by the way so is a drug addict. And given fact that the viewer no not bother to say, and what the family of Marasco taking drugs, we can assume that kind grandfather hoisted his daughter on drugs, that he wasn't a boring one. But the most important thing is that hero Trejo substitutes "brother officers" under bullets. About no, he then Frank's not the police shoots, but he not trying to communicate to his colleagues that ambush ahead, because the Frank Marasco spit on their colleagues. You know, if hero Trejo even would sell firearms to children, it would get the hero of the new time and a perfect example for a role model to the younger generation... Oh, how I miss the characters such as Martin Riggs, Harry Callahan and Samuel Gerard, who would only know?

And how works with stories? Oh, you know I will result in an example of the first fifteen minutes of the movie, and so decide whether this story right to life. So the bad guy decides to deal with Frank for this, he decided to substitute the hero. That there is a policeman under the guise of buying drugs from shallow huckster and it is trying to detain the cops. You know, like it worked in"tango and Cash" for the simple reason that the leader of the bandits was a great connection, and he played really tricky combination, which is not looked like a Frank setup. Here for a COP under the cover come only two police officers and not just police officers, and best friends, Frank and not even going to arrest the hero. And it is says a lot about the intelligence, Carlito Kane and rather the lack thereof. But then the viewer show the scene where Trejo involved in underground fighting, and then where it sits on the meeting of narcotics anonymous. And well if this role what you were so there! They no nothing are, yeah and they very quickly forget. Well, was was. Therefore ask yourself the question, and are you ready to watch a movie with such a plot, because it only gets worse.

What concerns for what we actually gathered here and it's action that everything is bad. Themselves shooting for the whole movie was good if a couple of pieces and they came down to a gentleman's duel, in which the upbringing of the characters are not allows put holes in your enemy, otherwise I can't you will manage to miss the goal of stood close you. Fight well and does cause depression and makes a dream. No, I know that Danny Trejo have an old but not a reason to turn melee fights in a bunch of little, which usually happens on the morning when the kids are not able to share the toy.

To summarize, we can say that this is perhaps the worst fighter I have ever seen, and I saw more than enough. So I urge to refrain from safe even for the sake of Jonathan "Mike Ehrmantraut" banks and Danny "Machete" Trejo.

2 of 10

Farica Sipple
04 March 2014 | 12:37

Completely empty and passing the film even with the given this trash-action movie. Very disappointing lack of humor, which often pulls this movie. All very derivative and banal. The lack of any ideas is depressing.

Plot. Latest on what should pay attention when watching these films. The atmosphere of madness, frenzy, rivers of blood, murder and epic jokes. All that this picture is devoid of completely.

Acting. The only thing that can catch the attention of. Trejo shows also that always, and anything else you don't. Banks also shows that and "Breaking bad", and that's fine too. The rest of the furniture.

Look no worth it.

3 of the 10

Helen Nady
05 March 2014 | 04:08

He always so angry?
- Angry? It it in a bad mood is not seen.

Actually, I don't look second-rate fighters, because haven't revised first-class. Militants in the type of this I look in one occasion, when they removed Danny Trejo. He do not know , but I loved this actor and trying to miss a one picture with him. After meeting with his new film Bullet I would like to say: "Trejo have not the". Previously, even in the worst movies I have always enjoyed it;heroes, tough, ruthless and merciless.

Here Trejo acts in the role of a respected police officer Frank Marasco at the nickname Bullet. Obviously how would mention that he is brutal and cool, but in fact, Frank turns out to be just an old COP, helps his daughter, a former drug addict and loving grandson of a teenager. When the grandson is kidnapped Bullet with the purpose of blackmail, he spits on your badge and the law, deciding himself to justice on offended his family gangsters. But got it is a bit aged, and without the former twinkle in his eyes. At least I thought so.

'Bullet' shot in the best traditions of low-budget militants and gathered all their most essential components.

Here you and the simplest and straightforward scenario without even a small fraction of the intrigue, although as the writers here are already three people. That in this simple story, according to which was not one hundred of these militants, it was possible to come up with three — the question I had not been reply.

In addition to the script is no one sane dialogue, and one empty chatter. And a phrase spoken with manners to something cool, then the audience will say "wow", but actually this conversation between the characters in the movie look even the meaner, stupider and funnier in places unpleasant.

Also want to allocate very weak density of action for the entire film. And in such films the good fight and dynamic shooting — is the only thing that can save the film from the full negative impact on the viewer. Here the whole thing starts closer to end the last 20 minutes of the film — is all that you can view and generally called action. The entire film up to this quite mediocre Trejo portrays a good COP, then very clumsily trying to play a loving father and grandfather, well, and closer to the end, a little bit going into your everyday image of the killer, lends to all events at least some watchable.

Summarizing the above, I note that this action, badly directed, disgusting removed useless installed and seasoned with a bunch of mistakes and a good soundtrack, but absolutely not the topic.

In the final I will say that if I had to describe the film Bullet word that suits him best just boring or intrigue, no action, absolutely nothing that might have to a little bit of interest to the viewer. Except that only Danny Trejo in his corona-style Mexican ruthless killers, yeah and only closer to the end. If you are a fan of Trejo, the with "Bullet" should have at least just "for show". All others might pass by, this picture does not deserve your attention.

4 10

How much has Bullet made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $23,730.
How much did it cost to make Bullet?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $3,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Bullet?
This tv-show was directed by Nick Lyon.
What is the genre of Bullet?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Thriller.
Who starred in Bullet?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Danny Trejo, Jonathan Banks, Julia Dietze, John Savage, Torsten Voges.
What is Bullet IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.6.
When was Bullet released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2014-02-22.