Broken Arrow

The story of the two pilots of the U.S. air force aces. They were instructed to perform a secret mission on a plane of invisibility with two nuclear warheads on Board. Dickens, a loser in life, always overlooking the promotion, planned a steal warheads in order to blackmail the U.S. government. But his partner Hale, honest guy and will not allow anyone so just take and steal the property of his home country. Between them flares up, the real war where you could die not only they but also several million civilians living in the area, if at least one nuclear warhead will explode.

  • John Woo

Release Date: 1996-02-09
IMDb icon 6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $50,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $150,270,147
Maddalena Letrice
01 October 2013 | 09:08

Two friends-the pilots of the air force is instructed to perform a secret mission. To fly on a new plane of invisibility with two nuclear warheads on Board. Major Dickens — loser at life, always overlooking in the service, planned a steal warheads, with in order to blackmail the U.S. government. He planned and calculated. But his partner captain Hale — honest guy and won't let him to do so. Between them flares up, the real war in which can never perish the and several million civilians living in the area, if at least one nuclear warhead will explode. And to help the hero in his fight against former partner and his group of mercenaries will be a lovely employee of reserve protection over which crashed plane with nuclear missiles...

"-Know why you could to defeat me?
Because you are well-trained and more than twenty years, boxed?
-No. You could not win, because you advance Smer your defeat." (C)

Famous for their hurricane fighters shot for a pittance at home in Hong Kong, Director John Woo has received a proposal from which is not could not refuse. It called to work in Hollywood: Mecca of all ambitious producers on the planet. And allowed to do juggling as stars and budgets (very large, among other things), in times greater than those whom he I ordered "small country". It has affected how the quality of the pictures, and increase the territory of their rolled. All the same, us movies played on almost world in contrast Chinese fighters. And I must say that the Director justified the honor given to him. trust. Removed them in the "factory of dreams" Thriller "Hard Target" (1993) -easily recouped the modest (by Hollywood standards) costs, and brought a handsome profit, if you than a long time, Boyko sold on video. After the American debut, John Woo had to build on their success, and prove it is not was accidental. And having twice the budget he got at the time, said "a powerful superbasic". Starring in which were not action stars like Jean Claude Vann Damme, and real actors of A class, such as John Travolta (nominated for the Oscar) and Christian Slater (in the mid-90s and is gaining momentum, and had a great future). How you understand this film —  Broken Arrow.

"-Be so kind, do me a favor -don't shoot at the nuclear warheads!" (C)

So. In this picture released in hire 1996, the year, and collected cash in more than 150 millions of dollars (when nested in her 65), we see that is called "rampant" Chinese Director in Hollywood. In the film lasting standard for such entertainment projects, an hour and a half — so many chases, shootings, explosions and fights-that they would more than enough for two and then all three blockbuster grade in below! When that from this, figuratively speaking of action - overdose made not gate. On the contrary, you sitting in front of the screen as a table and enjoy all these "sex life", "the broads" masterfully captured on film, and realize at this moment watching one of the coolest fighters that ever been shot at all! And to review this hurricane, rushing, like a locomotive out of control, the film endlessly. Again and again, savoring any episodes of fights and dizzying stunts. When it is not important what age did you look at Broken Arrow for the first time. It is not for anybody not the secret that fighters in mostly impress the children or adolescents, and adults their perceive skepticism. But not only in this case! For John made for its audience with cinema-brew the highest top class, with the explosive filling. In the quality of which is not only pyrotechnic and other visual practices of the blockbuster (though I must admit -all the explosions here at the very least -a Grand and gorgeous-the Michael Bay envy!). And in the first this game employed in the ribbon of stars.

"-You want to kill me!
But it doesn't mean I you are bad." (C)

John Travolta, at that plays a bad guy-does not pass on the second plan. It in some scenes even includes the audience to myself  to"steal" the movie from his colleague Christian Slater - who is there is good with his fists (and his head, among other things). For carrying the antics of Travolta watch is a pleasure-he just basks in the role of the villain, creating a charismatic and memorable image of the villain. And you what the moment you catch yourself on seditious thoughts -"And to hell with him! Suppose that we have this asshole will Dikins out of the canyon these fucking missiles." But and Slater (the same way a contender for the prize of the Academy) is not lost to the background of their more representative counterparts. It is evident that many tricks which makes it character-a brave captain Hale was he doing on the site itself, without the extra help of the backup. Some jumping at the cars racing trains are worth! To plus he charming small and his character sympathetic. The it tries to save not only the conventional "thousands of innocent lives," but and his unwitting partner -Terry (played by a young and quite slender Samantha Mathis). But the romantic feeling with which very delicately alludes to the ending (the characters don't even never kiss, Yes, and introduced to each other only when "deal with things"!). And the wings are working DelRoy Lindo and Bob Gunton (the Chairperson of the correctional institution "Shawshank" and as of this can be understood-he plays the villain)...

The script of the film was done by Graham Yost, who wrote the crazy "Speed" (which became one of the hits of 1994). The soundtrack of was composed by Hans Zimmer. And that says it all. He cheerful, cool and incredibly accurately placed on the events on the screen. To everything else, the music sometimes sets the movie's tempo (to recall the race desert military "Hummers"). Operator Peter levy ("Predator 2", "Island of Thugs") took all very cool. The picture "Broken Arrow" has withstood the test of time, and looks fresh even today, 17 years after the release of the film on the screen! And branded John scene slowdown here as especially chic. Here but without white doves at this time cost. But quite likely the Chinese have saved for his next super-hit Face / off (1997). To the way, removed all the same Travolta in the title role. But already in the image of a good guy. Although that is quite relative...

Summing up to sum up -"Broken Arrow" is one of the best representatives of this popular genre as "Thriller", and one of a milestone movies in the career of Hong Kong Director. Those who wants to spend the evening in a good mood and get pleasure from viewing this film will provide a service. Remember to buckle up!

9 10

Georgeanne Lyda
03 March 2016 | 09:31

Of course, Good will always win, but I personally throughout the film I wanted to win it Vik Dickins, well, or at least the Director finished the story of all the characters at the same time.

This is probably the main mistake of the film. Too charismatic and spectacular was the villain who turns their machinations so and laid-back, as Smoking a cigar. He really empathize, because it is open, relaxed and all he seeks, and that's "a Good man" appears much more weak and primitive; it only wins because of the amazing luck, help random people and events.

Because of this experience of the film is quite differ greatly in the time of viewing. When in frame Travolta and his team blunt, but colorful henchmen, the attention is literally riveted to the screen: want to see something incredible, epic and just beautiful. For example: machinery volumetric explosions, bloody fights and skirmishes, cunning plans and operations in the abundance present in this picture. But as soon as the focus is placed on the "good guy" and the girl (of course, it added for the sake of romance, which must be in action) then enthusiasm is replaced by a slight disappointment.

In my opinion, played poorly Slater his role. Partner and more sympathetic.

The rest of the film is gorgeous. The plot is filled with intrigue, albeit not very sophisticated, but quite tenacious, so that the audience was afraid to accidentally click on a pause. Spectacular action scenes, as in the present American action in the best manifestations. Lots of shooting (mainly all like befits the genre), destroyed a bunch of beautiful technology. The scenery in fully meet current events and subjective expectations, but the blanket on themselves not pull; all has to the film is more important than the environment.

The music deserves a separate description. She is so beautifully draws the events on screen this is perceived as happening with by the viewer. Literally want to grab the characters for the hand to shout: "There is an enemy, shoot him", or Vice versa: "Hide more", down from the flying debris and from the emotions of the characters and his own eyes begin to get wet.

Of course, sound greatly affects the perceived quality of the video, but very few films with such a high quality soundtrack.

The film is strong. Recommend.

Of 9 10

Verene Fuchs
20 December 2015 | 02:35

One of my very first fighters. Watched it in the distant 2004. even now, after 11 years, the film does not look dated.

Briefly about the plot: two air force officers USA, major Dickins and captain Hale sent to the secret teachings on the stealth bomber with two nuclear warheads on Board. But Dikins, who suffers humiliation from the authorities decides to steal them. the Only one resist him is it partner, Hale.

Actors. John Travolta is just created for the role of villains. Pleased and Christian Slater, and also Samantha Mathis, who looked very cute in the role of girlfriend of the protagonist.

Music by Hans Zimmer perfectly blended in the film. Very bright and catchy melodies.

Conclusion: we have Before us one of the best representatives of their genre. Fans of "the Rock" and other classic shooters, it is strongly recommended for viewing. The rest of the movie is also likely to have the soul; at least time spent not sorry.

Of 9 10

How much has Broken Arrow made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $150,270,147.
How much did it cost to make Broken Arrow?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $50,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Broken Arrow?
This tv-show was directed by John Woo.
What is the genre of Broken Arrow?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Thriller, Adventure.
Who starred in Broken Arrow?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: John Travolta, Christian Slater, Samantha Mathis, Delroy Lindo, Bob Gunton.
What is Broken Arrow IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.
When was Broken Arrow released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1996-02-09.