Breaking In

Mother with two children after the death of his father, arrives at a secluded house to deal with the Affairs of the deceased. The mansion is equipped with the latest technology and is ready for a long siege. The peace is disturbed by a group of bandits who dream to reach millions, hidden in a vault of the mansion. But no traps or impenetrable door can't stop the angry mother, when her children are in danger.

  • James McTeigue

Release Date: 2018-05-11
IMDb icon 5.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Josselyn Bartholemy
16 October 2018 | 07:20

Love films on the theme of "home invasion" and each of them on its unique, has its own story and different motivations of the main characters and those invaded their lives. But not all of such films can have something new to surprise the audience and bring on emotions. A good example of these films, personally, for me, is the picture of "Funny games" 2007 (directed by Michael Haneke), in which a "breaking the fourth wall" is indescribable brutality and completely wild ending.

After watching the first few seconds of the trailer of this movie, I knew immediately that it is clearly for me my expectations were confirmed.

Mother with children goes to the house of his deceased father, where she grew up that would get the house in order to meet realtor in the end to sell it. Arriving there, they see the house "is equipped with the latest technology and ready to a long siege" and the whole house was easy to control on distance, having had at yourself touch-sensitive control panel.

"The peace is disturbed by a group of thugs" that broke into the house, before the arrival of the family, eager to get a large sum of money hidden in the safe as not strange, he safe is also hidden. From the gang is only 90 minutes, to get something for what they came from, but they I don't had what kind of parent has faced.

By the way, hackers are the characters before us is the leader, dominating over all the rest, the maniac psycho, "a boy — an addict", and feels strongly that everything goes smoothly a former military man, who had with the beginning of the "invasion" not sweet.

Children caught and closed the house, the mothers escaped to take decisions on the vast territory of the property where have the opportunity to run and to hide and, of course, solve everything so just not will, it would seem, tell us, where a hidden safe, let them take the money and leave you there is a huge house that's worth much more than the amount which lies in the safe, but it's just my assumptions. At this would and over the whole movie.

What could be scarier and crazier mother when her children are not safe? The leader clearly thought that he's smarter than her, but as it turned out, our heroine fighter intends to the last fight for the lives of their children.

Then my emotions bounds, the film develops dynamically, for every move the heroine was going through (speaking of the actress Gabriel Union, she is awesome, living his role in the screen makes it perfect).

The film is undeniably beautiful, a very professional camera work, no. some wild scenes, frames that change so fast that it hurt the eyes. Looks on one breath, there are boring and meaningless moments.

Yes, of course the idea of the film is not new, the story is not the original, but imaging plus excellent actors made this film worthy.

Of 9 10

Selie Lewie
02 August 2018 | 11:40

It seems that "Penetration" could be a new word in the genre of "home invasion". Dull subgenre, in which the bandits sneak into the house, do a little evolyutsioniruet in the picture: maternal instincts turn character in John McClane in the skirt. Alas, the "Penetration" made quite rough, which the film simply does not have enough energy. In the end, the film in whole is a stretching thin the premise of mother-heroine in 90 minutes.

Thus, "Penetration" is not wasting time in vain and the script does not bother disclosing of characters, backgrounds or the subtleties of personalities. General plot outline is like some kind of a statement: the character has two children (student and his older sister-the teenager) and went to a secluded mansion to deal with inheritance. In the house also got bandits, each which is kind of like there are characters: the sinister and philosophical leader, a man with a dark past, a psychopath, a former military man. Children grabbed in house and Maman wanders around the HOMESTEAD area and trying to rescue precious children.

As it turns out, in the house is hidden the "gold of the party", and the robbers have a 90 minutes in order to find money underground millionaire before the police arrived. Sound familiar? Theoretically it really "panic Room", but in the reverse case: the mother should break into a fortified building. However, for this would to use ingenuity to creatively embellish the story, but, amazingly, the creators have managed only one — to make a "Penetration" uninteresting precisely because of its plot setup. All kind of toothless, the mundane and the subject only to one scenario: a mother is easy and just takes everything the obstacles that any other had, appears where should actively use the "piano in the bushes" and violate the laws of physics.

Bad and that scum is clearly not fit to contrast the protagonist. Free Assembly of villains for film package "DIY his antagonist" all the spoils. Have them little honor and even less logic. Four, it seems only lazy in terms of biographies and added picture of, well, just mother was with whom to fight. The script tries, of course, their to change and even give the excuse of stupidity a limited time to the arrival of the police, but this is a weak way to help the story. In the end, "Penetration" is still frequently uses backtracking and repetitive moments.

Judging from around the, directed by veteran James McTeague not could understand that he takes, because "Penetration" is full of mutually exclusive elements of the spirit of the film. That this is as severe a stunning Thriller or a light Thriller? The result — mess which is hard to perceive the leader of the bandits as a cold-blooded master of crime, and some funny altercations in the camp of the antagonists undermine nervous scenario. Instead of trying to move the plot as follows a lot of the time is not that, and, most importantly, even when children are threatened, it seems, inevitable death, the rate of "Penetration" is not change. Thriller remains the same viscous, like was before.

A real decoration of "Penetration" is, perhaps, Gabriel Union, which is trying to add story in the contrived nature of their pathos and small parts. As any mother, she works more than any member of the family: and how literally in a figurative sense.

Sometimes, of course, "Penetration" can even be interesting (something like an adult version of "One house" or more thrash interpretations have mentioned "panic Room"), but generally a boring collection of clichés that were involved earlier in the hundreds of other films. It could be bold and the plot fast-growing project, but felt that the script was mercilessly cut, the character development has stalled, that only traces left of any deleted subject lines. Of course, minimalist and conventional characters can be interesting in its own way, but that's in the "Penetration" they are more than an empty shell, wandering the giant home and simply appearing in the wrong places at the wrong time. Without any consequences.

5 from 10

Storm Shotton
10 September 2018 | 10:19

American cinema has always been in a certain "rare". When the individual paintings are willing to repeat other and the chain of this trend is not comes late already for decades. Special peak this trend occurred in time and the film James Maktiga do not too much evidence.

The plot tells of the middle-aged woman, which goes along with your kids home of his late father in the God-forsaken hinterland. Not only that would be nice to spend time and relax on weekends. But for that would be to sell the house and get rid of bad memories of the past. However, all changes dramatically when, in home broken into by robbers, and the mother is forced to confront the robbers that would save their children.

The naked eye can see that when you create a tape filmmakers readily drew inspiration from of such films as "What lies beneath" with Nicolas cage, "Home penetration" with Natasha Henstridge, "When a stranger calls" with and Camille bell and a number of other paintings. The basic concept with the"protected house" so is copied from "panic Room" by David Fincher. Except that, if the picture Fincher's focus was made "super protected" and an impregnable room, in the tape scale developed to locations of a house.

Otherwise, nothing fundamentally new picture of a not is. A plot moves predugadat with extreme ease, the final picture obvious with the beginning, the main villains were very cardboard and not all their actions conform to the logic, and dialogs has turned out frankly boring. Moreover, in the second half of the narrative, turning the picture in inside-out variation of the cult Comedy "home Alone".

Once the Director of this tape is James MCTg was a revelation, a loud debut with a gorgeous film adaptation of the cult graphic novel "V for Vendetta". However, as the art Director with each time has been steadily decreasing and this seems can be considered a point of no return. So as not matter cash charges recoup the costs almost 8 once again, not to be in solidarity with the critics and the audience simply impossible.

The film turned out frankly weak. At this, weak in all. Filmed enough not bad very danceable. However, for all of this not at all there is no atmospheric pressure. The film is quite frankly blank with the point of view of the emotional filling and this particularly affected the suspense (which in principle, picture ), and spectacular scenes, which seem to be at all.

Actress Gabriel Union properly trying to the entire tape. Her good can the image frightened for the fate of their children and the life of the mother. So not bad given the image of a tough "battle ax", which is ready to single-handedly repel the armed enemies. However, to combine two these character one she has failed. Here why "changes" his character in the character at times seems a bit unconvincing. Billy Burke frankly nudography in the image of the villain and single-handedly drags the film Richard Cabral, to whom even play not have a villainous appearance.

3 of the 10

Invasion — it was a weak film that was weak in all. Representing a symbiosis repeatedly broken stories, beautiful and simultaneously this is completely empty in terms of emotions directing, unconvincing acting and the lack of a certain warmth. So as in viewing paintings have a thought that the quality of the picture its creators completely indifferent, and why the painting then needs to be not indifferent spectators?

Who is the director of the movie Breaking In?
This tv-show was directed by James McTeigue.
What is the genre of Breaking In?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller.
Who starred in Breaking In?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Gabrielle Union, Billy Burke, Richard Cabral, Ajiona Alexus, Levi Meaden.
What is Breaking In IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.4.
When was Breaking In released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-05-11.