Boyz n the Hood

If you want to live, you should not meddle in the Los Angeles quarter of South Central. This is a very dangerous place, inhabited entirely cool black guys — such as Tre and half-brothers Ricky and Dogboy. Daily cooking in this hellish kitchen, filled with violence, ignorance and malice, Paradise for drug addicts and murderers, they seem to simply doomed to join the ranks of the scum of society and to end his days with a bullet in the back or with a syringe in Vienna. But the hope of escape from this terrible world — not feet first — do not leave heroes. Only here the South Central is not very easily let go of their victims...

  • John Singleton

Release Date: 1991-07-12
IMDb icon 7.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $6,500,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $57,529,070
Waly Fi
28 September 2014 | 11:20

This debut film by John singleton became a box office hit in 1991 year, recouping its small budget of almost 10 times in the home rental. A young African-American Director could create a picture that resonated with the General public, in the mass consciousness which the problem of crime and closed "colored" population in the ghetto have was quite acute. No wonder the film begins with the sounds of "showdown" and a disappointing statistic: "Every twenty-first African American to be killed. Most of them will die from the hands of other African Americans".

The action takes place in the Los Angeles South Central. And singleton sees it as a kind of penal colony, the inhabitants of which can even be attributed to"criminals at birth" — so, it would seem that the obvious path of those who appeared to light. Youth with the early years left to themselves, goes to the street where the right after kicking on the first offense for followed by, second, third, and now a young black man myself is so, what the parents were scared of his most childhood. Yeah and very young boys is easy to discern for all boast only the sparkle of children — no wonder one of friends Dagba permanent accessory supports baby's pacifier. And these children are not tend to forgive past grievances, the only way to solve the problem is to kill the offender. So was so is, will. Only a few find the strength to break this cycle of violence, to leave the area to find a place in life. But they are often victims of shooting without parsing — just because were hand.

"The guys with the district" (this name seems more appropriate) stylistically go on the beaten track of mass audience movie that can be called one of the reasons for the high cash ratios. In same time when compared with a picture of spike Lee "Do it is necessary", published in two years before this, the film loses a bit of the part of holding the audience's attention and certainly more predictable than original more detached from time job Lee. And how would not wanted the authors to prove the reality of what is happening in her events, she is still perceived as a kind of a cross between tales and parables about whatever is not mentioned in the slogan. But still not detract from the sincere humanistic orientation of the film by singleton. Because today, when cases of intolerance to people of other origin does not uncommon, many will find this a picture of the actual. Ribbon like as if foreseeing the events of April and may 1992-year in same Los Angeles, contains the final credits passionate appeal to save the world. It is hoped that someone seeing this film, will find in itself forces him to follow.

7,5 of 10

Reyna Wil
01 February 2012 | 01:50

John singleton showed America and the world the life of ordinary people, who would like a normal human life, BUT...

... First, social media. Ghetto prison in the city where people actually live in isolation from all over the world. The main character Trey wants to leave the walls. It like a bird with a broken wing who is forced to dwell among crime, drugs and degradation. The image daddy's son, but he really a child who too soon becomes a man. Hero ice cube deprived of maternal love, thrown on the street. Not is devoid of human qualities, but the image of a gangster he is like more. His brother Ricky — the hope of the family, the future breadwinner. Error is the mother in that she selfishly loves the "good" son, and when it vehemently hates his "bad" son.

Secondly, poverty. In the world are valued only money, children of poor families are doomed to a difficult childhood. In South Central no rich families. The boys are forced to work with Junior classes, most often they attracts crime — "easy money", and already there rolled — "he stole, drank, in jail."

Thirdly, racism. When you how to the beast, then Willy nilly begins to growl. Scene with two police officers and the main character well show all the doom of the inhabitants of the quarter before guardians of the law. If you black and poor, so you in Los Angeles NO one in the time. Black guys don't know their rights, they have them not been. Only education could correct the situation that and promoted hero Lawrence Fishborne. It as Martin Luther king, living by the neighborhood. It know, respect, his afraid listen to him. Very positive character who loves and properly raising his son. Not necessarily "be cool nigh.. om", it is more important to remain human in this jungle.

This drama for all people. Poor look and understand life and the less striving to improve its quality. Rich in the preview will show compassion for the characters. In the States this film was the most commercially successful in that year (if we take in account the costs of film how much more work the box office), it is a cult movie for colored people. And nominations for the Oscars have taken place, because masters of cinema have really appreciated the quality of the belt and first original screenplay concept.

Suggest also the film of the Director's "Higher Education" in 1995.

Of 10 10

The plot, the dialogues, the acting, the music, the drama, the atmosphere and philosophy of the film.

PS must Watch in Blu-Ray, at least with two-part transfer.

Terrye Munniks
31 May 2010 | 01:21

The film tells the story of  the"up to the area of" three African American friends. Daily life in a typical American ghetto is shown as it is — rough, with Mat: drinking, partying, sex, poverty, dismantling of the house and on the street, blood, death, despair...

Daddy's boy Cuba Gooding Jr. dreaming to move out from district, bad Ice Cube gun at the ready, and his brother General a normal guy Ricky thought about your future; invalid Chris, a caring daddy Laurence "Morpheus" Fishburne. Each of the heroes represents a different type of inhabitants of the ghetto, but their both it "up on the block."

The film is believable, acting on level. People listening to the music of the black brothers, lovers of good crime dramas is recommended.

8. out of 10

How much has Boyz n the Hood made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $57,529,070.
How much did it cost to make Boyz n the Hood?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $6,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie Boyz n the Hood?
This tv-show was directed by John Singleton.
What is the genre of Boyz n the Hood?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama.
Who starred in Boyz n the Hood?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Hudhail Al-Amir, Lloyd Avery II, Angela Bassett, Miya McGhee, Lexie Bigham.
What is Boyz n the Hood IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.7.
When was Boyz n the Hood released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1991-07-12.