Boy Erased

The story of the son of a Baptist pastor from the conservative heartland, which a teenager discovers his homosexuality. At the insistence of parents, the Garrard agrees to undergo "corrective" therapy, in order not to lose their loved ones, their faith and place in society.

  • Joel Edgerton

Release Date: 2019-01-27
IMDb icon 6.9/10
  • Country: AU, US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $7,928,149, 6 January 2019
Erina Emmons
10 March 2019 | 07:05

In this strong drama Joel Edgerton I saw quite a common problem for many parents. The most terrible for any child to get stuck in beliefs of their parents and go for them blind trusting any word that they told you, because these people gave birth to you and supposedly I have the right to rule your life. But is absolutely not so! And the most important thing to realize is, until it was too late. Matter who you are himself to accept ourselves for what is! In this film the main character got in the cage of their parents ' lives. Followed the rules, who instilled in him his parents were not aware that it is a meeting of a precipice, because he blindly believed them, because he loved them and wanted to change for them. But forgot itself it could to ruin.

I want to say that cannot be lost in the shadow of the beliefs of their parents, even if it is a religion or something. You free and unique and you need to trust your inner self! The main character did the maximum for his friends, sacrificing himself, but it is time to realize that not perhaps, not know that's life! And you either continue to live with it or die! &Nbsp;importantly, parents with the end realized that can lose your Chad because of their own views.

The film is very strong, acting is just a delight and the ending does not leave anyone indifferent and I hope every parent will think about this!

Of 9 10

Stephanie Landa
26 March 2019 | 01:21

Joel Edgerton, who his dramatic painting "Erased person" hurt two patients "hemisphere" of modern society, presents the viewer overly serious and important, but decorated, disregard drama. Drama, including all what can boast a reality of a teenager self-realized "not like all". But the etching flow (conversation is not about action), weak, almost terse dialogue and the color correction frame, have it all show impassable boring a hole hundreds of such depressing dramas about the hard share of the pubertal man.

Of course, satire is I knew — son of a Baptist Minister trying to figure out their not quite a standard situation, going to split God's statutes and the conservative attitude of the family. In order to eradicate the "disease", the young man (who takes Lucas hedges) sent to therapeutic group with a religious bent.

Not say that the plot has some special highlights that distinguish it from the paintings of this genre. But a biopic about the plight (as well as and many such situations) of Gerrard Konland touches the side of local and do not open, in particular — description of institutions such as appearing in the film "prison ward," hood drive LGBT youths and maidens. And again satire — criminals repeat offenders are endowed with the rage of homosexuality and unjustified aggression talking about that kissing boys it bad.

Yes, wave of the last decades of tolerance Edgerton is trying to sit on two chairs, catering "and your and our". It turns out that it's funny, but to professional have not close (in a separate claim to Jay Rabinowitz, if it intends to ignore the basics of installation). There are already Nicole Kidman with Russell Crowe not strongly rectify the situation. But young and the theme of social equality is to be for a very long time, so hope for the fix is.

5 from 10

Noellyn Caryl
24 March 2019 | 11:29

For our country, LGBT people in the coming decades will remain, to put it mildly, a delicate subject, but reaction the film is like a theme will always depend on the submitted material. Of special interest is the movies, where the character in addition to making the most of yourself is forced to face acceptance of their own family. In this cycle of events is the protagonist of the psychological drama "Erased identity".

synopsis As a teenager, the son of the Baptist pastor Jared Emmons aware of his homosexuality, but from faces accepted my father's side who hold to traditional views. To understand yourself and not to lose his family and, most importantly, faith in God, Jared agrees to undergo conversion therapy. However, the consequences are much more dramatic.

acting Lucas hedges can truly be called a real rising star because it was involved only in a good dramatic roles. In the case of an "Erased person" he played the difficult role Jared Emmons, a young man who recently realized his homosexuality and passed through the main difficulties of adopting as a nice people, and himself. Also, we celebrate the reincarnation of Nicole Kidman in the role of the mother of Jared, a woman who, with one hand, committed to family and belief in God, and on the other, never refuse the role of the caring mother who will always defend and support your child. Finally, mention should be made of the former "Gladiator" Russell Crowe in the role of father of Jared, a man of conservative views, who had not is easier than his own son.

Directing For actor Joel Edgerton this film was the second directorial full-length work. At this time the Director decided to test himself in the dramatic to remove the psychological drama on the theme of acceptance of homosexuality as a person and others. The Director diligently tried to convey all the main challenges that the faces of the people, the whole life in a deeply religious atmosphere of traditional values. Ie, first of all, the Director has tried to focus on the adoption by the hero himself. After realizing his homosexuality and the futility of conversion therapy, which only ruined its members, the hero is forced to establish relations with parents, primarily with a father, always blame for such incidents. In the result Joel Edgerton has turned out a deeply psychological drama without any dirt and lust, but with a very sluggish pace and slow dynamics.

Script the film is set in the"land of opportunity", Arkansas. The main character Jared Emmons, the son of a Baptist pastor and part-time owner of a car dealership, is sent along with the mother center of conversion therapy, where he is going to "cure" his homosexuality. The character really tries to improve and executes all the required tasks, in parallel, remembering with what started it. problems: bad relations with the first the only girl, the attempted rape of another College, first love and, finally, recognition in front of their own parents. Soon the "therapy" takes more violent forms, and the hero realizes that whole "help" only kills people, erasing all the human, including a craving for life.

Summary really "Erased identity" the movie was good. Many expect to see in him some obscenities, but in fact it even same-sex kiss is not. The film is more focused on the internal state of a person passing through a difficult phase in his life. And although the film does not have enough speakers, all he left a positive impression.

8 from 10

How much has Boy Erased made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $7,928,149, 6 January 2019.
Who is the director of the movie Boy Erased?
This tv-show was directed by Joel Edgerton.
What is the genre of Boy Erased?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Biography, Best movies 2018.
Who starred in Boy Erased?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Madelyn Cline, Victor McCay.
What is Boy Erased IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.9.
When was Boy Erased released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-01-27.