On the eve of graduation, two high school girls-grades learn that their classmates also got accepted to good universities. Girls despair, because they do not consciously hung out all through high school and pored over the studies, and so it was that the rest had both. Now her friends decide to catch up and at any price to get to the party the most popular guy in class and need somewhere to get his address.

  • Olivia Wilde

Release Date: 2019-05-24
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Maritsa Mylor
09 June 2019 | 08:13

Currently, the genre of social Comedy drama about the American school is a bit stagnant. In General, probably because youth itself is not really changed: iPads, gays and etc. have no surprised, not shocked and that is called, not take "the bluff" relevance. Here and "Education" Olivia Wilde tries to collect in a heap all current trends militant social justice and fit in new modern world adolescents. Despite that the creators have done the hard work and still deftly avoided the topics of parties and promiscuity, "Education" only nominally can be called a Comedy about modern American young generation: the truth is here uppercase and the concept is slightly different from the films a similar theme is "the bearded" of the eighties.

Old and new school worlds collide in"Education". "Dazed and confused" is hopelessly outdated and not only morally: now intellectually gifted dolt can combine as a passion the fun and good grades. A disturbing gap drives the main characters Molly and Amy the bottom of the school society: jackass-nerds, of course, can go into one of the best colleges... only their peers also come to the prestigious universities, especially not bothered study. What well, Molly and Amy decided to catch up in recent weeks.

While "Lady bird" Greta Gerwig proclaims the perfect story about teenage angst "Education" on the part of the narrative is much more straightforward film. Focusing on the characters "sajadah", it becomes clear that the concept simply is worn, at least part of the comedic rhythms. Too many familiar situations of the typical incidents of American teenagers. Novelties little: is that heroes of our time are now some digital natives, yeah and touch them themes open sexuality and gender identity. This, of course, important and no need to be prudish to disallow such topics popular cinema, but the cynic in the soul has sounded the alarm: in the"Education" such issues like added to show your marketing potential.

The argument in favor of "Education" is that is inherently a Comedy best friends. In General, despite all the dubious features of Molly and Amy, I wonder what they both showed a still well-formed young individuals. The feeling that Olivia Wilde has hit upon the Holy Grail of female identity, though, it seems, and a bit disingenuous. The third act of "Education" is trying to be thin and sharp, like it's John Hughes film, but in contrast the imperishable classics, the creation of the wild sadly: the secondary characters are sometimes more compelling than the protagonists.

If  the"Education" as the film is not tried to seem Packed with such unbridled humor, perhaps, as oddly enough, he could would work as an ironic Comedy. On the practice of "Education" comes from the script compromise inserts one stupid and a base stage for the other. Teen drama is not enough wit and a delicate combination of drama and satire, causing the wild creature, alas, is not able to find your way in this complicated genre about growing up.

5 from 10

Krystle Chesna
20 August 2019 | 09:38

Perhaps there are those who study easy, and my school life can be spent not only studying. And that's someone you want to spend and evening, someone night to at least a part of the knowledge deposited in the head. Well and the category of people who just think for school to learn. This film as time in itself has a few such categories. But emphasis on the girls who in addition to learning, not had nothing. In contrast your peers, and walked the University has received. That there are different efforts in the end all got one and the same.

The film very much his serve: events are developing rapidly, but feeling that you the midst of the storm, but not see side — which is great. Girls, in order to be in the cherished place, find yourself in situations that seemed a quick way to the party was not so and fast. At this crazy situation it was really fun to watch, funny smile went on my face most of the movie.

The film, let's say, for the most part bright and positive. He does not reveal any new thoughts about friendship, separation, about about school and teenage youth, however, he brings yourself a little squeeze of fresh material with the road movie at the type, 21 more: we look slightly atypical plot about two "wonks", and to see how they come in various funny situations.

There are many clichés that can be found in such films, but the less of me once they are not jarred, and taken as a given. The film is dynamic and it was fun to watch. The main plus — this is a breakdown of all the shortcuts on your example, exemplary student of the school, who through their arrogance of know it. Of the minuses can only note the vulgarity of some things, and I have not mean crude humor, of which there is complete, but sometimes bust the spirit of "the ebony ha ha ha stick" when it became rather uncomfortable, and not funny.

What can you say about the directorial debut of Olivia Wilde — youth blunt Comedy the easiest way to return on investment. With one hand, humor, awe, tenderness, and other solid vulgarity and hopelessness. Well, it if a philosophical sense this picture. I think Teens are in the most part, as shown film. Someone believes that these movies encourage teenagers it is on this behavior. With other hand — those learn to those movies are clearly not big mind, because you need to understand that it's only a movie, and to build their lives on our way, the way I want personally to each of us. Each age has certain pleasures of life. If some of them miss, because besides the problems and troubles they nothing are then that would be even better. But as mentioned slightly above, each in its own way, and only one single person decides for itself that he do — to learn, to walk, to have fun, to fall in love. Who with easy it combines and someone focus on than one. Life is not a holiday with the icing on the cake. Films such as Education may cause many to feel alienated in the adolescence. But is no in no way fault of the film. The problem clearly lies in the man in the awareness of myself.

Of the known actors in the film, I note the presence of Jason Sudeikis. His role large, and amuse as he did the his films have no opportunities. Therefore, celebrate it rather tick, than with the desire to allocate some of his work.

Summary — I recommend to watch in mostly teenagers, well and young people who are not longer of similar age. The spectacle is really exciting and interesting. Only do not suggest to repeat the the exploits of the main character of this film, because you need to understand who you are and make it need an earlier age. If you're a bot — so nerd. To change the one night — well, completely unrealistic. On it and film.

7 of 10

Missy Gav
25 July 2019 | 07:21

The film "Education", "Books", "Erudite", "science geek", "Nerd", and I would , translated as "bookworm". "Booksmart" — term refer to a person who knows a lot of books, but not particularly suited to real life got a little knowledge of my own experience (antonym — "streetsmart").

So, this is a modern teen movie. It from the generation that ate the hipsters and just did not have time to come up with names, so as it was occupied by a million other things. And may it is the most important in the movie, as it reflects all of its quality. This movie

Dynamic. No one second is not given to get bored. The synopsis is not even close shows that the event will take place on the screen. The title of the poster is boring and nor , but here's another poster — drawn — is that need. A chair flies, a naked dude runs around the roof, boom-BOOM-BAM, Oh yeah, about that sense of film.

Sincere. We tell about the said many times, but what do not to begin to keep silence, and that usually prefer to skip. Heroes, even on the running the life time to be honest, though, in truth, even in a lie. If filmmakers was there any taboo, it carries eyes, in this case, any affected theme looks not matter not rude.

Funny. It is not the funniest Comedy in the world, but laughter guaranteed, and an almost constant wide smile and frequent giggles ensured. Funny characters, funny situations, funny dialogue. Know anything about jokes about penises and vaginas, from which is not feel uncomfortable? Do not becomes. So here to learn. This smart, cute and absolutely not nasty jokes about penises and vaginas.

Personally, I did not particularly like: Some of the scenes and events too vividly Express yourself what go to the screen is somewhat artificial and creates a feeling that over the audience still a little bullied. But this rarely happens and is quickly forgotten. Still there is a feeling that the film tried to reduce to the single most important ideas and is absolutely not turned out, but still ugly shadow of this attempt. What upsets me is the lack of dubbing, but quite a bit, so as many-voiced offscreen voice is very good.

Overall a great movie. I wanted is almost here it to review. On in one of the many momentico, on which first pay attention, which later emerge and find its smallest value. My favorite characters — Jared with his inimitable mimicry and the gorgeous Gigi.

8 from 10

Who is the director of the movie Booksmart?
This tv-show was directed by Olivia Wilde.
What is the genre of Booksmart?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror, Best Comedy Movies 2019, Best movies 2019.
Who starred in Booksmart?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kaitlyn Dever, Beanie Feldstein, Jessica Williams, Jason Sudeikis, Lisa Kudrow.
What is Booksmart IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was Booksmart released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-05-24.