A dog named "Volt" all my life acted in television series, where his hero — underdog — saves humanity, using their extraordinary abilities. V himself strongly believes in his own invulnerability, incredible strength, and the ability to fly. When the destiny throws it in the full dangers of the Big City, he still thinks it is — just another episode of...

  • Chris Williams
  • Byron Howard

Release Date: 2008-11-21
IMDb icon 6.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $150,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $309,979,994
Kathrine Albemarle
21 December 2008 | 03:59

After a long period of time with the purchase Pixar'a, is the first animated cartoon Walt Disney in 3D somehow it was thought that it will be lower at the level of such a strong Prime Minister in 2008, as the valley, the Panda. It is not clear what was so based spatial view, and glad I doubt these people do not met.

the Foundation all over — story.

And here the writers did a good job. The plot was exciting, and original, it is interwoven with humor — it is not falls the plot, why well perceived. Well thought out and the story itself, the history and the characters, their action, reaction, dialogue.

Incarnation of the story — animation.

When fascinated by the picture, you don't even think about comparing the quality of the drawing. In this regard, the picture does not yield the same pictures from other studios, all made soundly, and when viewing raises no matter. 3D scene in first and foremost improve the impression of the image, but the key is not are not less impressed you can get view the usual format.

Soundtrack Translation.

A well-chosen soundtrack complements the action not the screen will be out of the overall picture. Russian translation is pretty good in terms of quality of sound. Pretty good selection of voices for the characters. The humor in our performance that important is the humor. It's worth noting the poetic sound of the translated text of the main song of the movie.

From the cartoon in General get a very pleasant and warm impression, no lubricated. For all the criteria of the cartoon, of course, becomes in number previously announced the valley, Panda and etc. And the sequence in which they put — it is a private matter. This Walt Disney, famous for good, good cartoons, has proven that "famous" is to say in present.

And true,

No better than his house...

Reggie Tam
02 December 2008 | 06:25

Frankly, I do not want to repeat something about than here a lot already said it is a beautiful, kind and intelligent cartoon. BUT! I fundamentally agree with those who calls it the best Disney cartoon, and also those who says his infinite goodness. I don't say "V" I do not like, not at all! But I was disappointed. I went to a masterpiece, but not saw. My opinion: this movie is not reach the standards pure, deep, child-like atmosphere of kindness, both given "Stories of toys", "Nemo", "Wall-e" and other masterpieces from Pixar.

Yes, you say that this film is pure disney! And I am glad to this! I'm glad in the credits "Volt" no Studio "Pixar", so the reputation of the Studio left for me spotless. With the other hand, it is a pity, because if she took part in creation — it was a cartoon. There would not was not relevant to the kindness of the producer and scene its discarding of the ambulance (I want to understand: such characters and such scenes just do not acceptable to Pixar'a). Not would be a number of scenes with pigeons hamster (the phrases "This day the best in my life" (when hanging from the bridge cat) and "I'll break his neck") and, perhaps, these characters were a few others, (sorry, but behavior film — it is something looks like a second Ice age and Madagascar).

But that I "if Yes, if"! What happens, happened. And, in my opinion, alone, Disney is not handled. Although, if "Wall-e" for You are too boring, "Volt" you'll like it. Personally, I wait Up...

7 of 10

Mira Jed
23 November 2010 | 04:59

the Road will be rough
- And I have a charm
There's no going back
- And I'm going to bypass obstacles
- We are waiting for a variety of test -
- Fair?
- I warn you! We go to the lair of the enemy. Danger on every step of the way
Yeah I eat risk on the Breakfast (s)

Unfortunately, when the real giants of the animation industry "Walt Disney" already have the popularity, they had previously. It took place, forever rival "Pixar" and"DreamWorks Animation". But glad that the company gives about itself to know, a kind of sign of life. This animated film, I greatly praised. At this, putting on that the Walt Disney company, finally successfully merged with the entertainment business. In relations with the, soon on the screens out another entertainment product of the Disney "Rapunzel: a Tangled tale", the same Directors who have done this film. What have worked out. Just a good cartoon. I liked it. In this animated film, I finally I saw that always been each cartoon product, this renowned company. That there are, positive, humor, ease and kindness. The film is very easy. In connection it, watch it is a pleasure. When browsing, don't have a chance to laugh, to mourn and "catching on" the moral quality of the painting, including the quality of an educational nature. Scenes from the filming of the series with unaware this dog, I personally reminded of "the Truman Show" Peter Weir. At this, even the same visual design, which is what is maximized in the direction of action. the Animation is very nice and high quality. Dogs, pigeons, cats, yeah and the people themselves look very interesting and nice. Particularly pleased with a whole bunch of expressions, which can be seen at each of characters. That of course, makes them the perception is better.

The idea sounds a bit like "the Truman Show" Peter Weir. But the at least, developing in exclusively Disney manner. the Story is very interesting and impresses with its plausibility. Because and so accepted that the dog, most faithful animal of all. What you can clearly see in many pictures, including "the White Prisoner", "Hachiko" and many more. the Plot is very interesting and fast, not despite its smooth and smooth narrative. The characters are very interesting and each of them, is captivating for its unique qualities and advantages. Very interesting, most do not V himself, and his companions in this arduous journey. That there, the cat Mittens and Rhino the hamster. Especially liked the hamster. It a sincere belief in supernatural powers and Volt match, which he not doubt, makes you laugh, not a dozen times. And multiple sound phrases, "Awesome" in his performance, just drives with mind. Now, it is the word is associated with me Hamster Reno. Very good story and the right ending. The film is about loyalty and friendship. About the sincere belief in the best thing can be each of us.

The voice acting is excellent. Among other things, that the Russian dubbing that original English voice. John Travolta on the surprisingly cool, sounded Volts. And his voice was a perfect fit, this character. So I can only praise and Miley Cyrus for voice acting. But there to the picture of the two elegant character. The ones that tighten and Eclipse, of the Volta. It is the cat Mittens and Rhino the hamster. Particularly superb voice second. And most interesting is that even the Russian voice acting, the creators have tried so much that all the jokes and manner of speaking, preserved absolutely. Yeah and externally, Reno are constantly moving in the ball is simply gorgeous. Real Charmer this guy.

The music for the film was created, a veteran in this field, composer John Powell. For the long years of joint work on cartoons animated ribbons, along with such masters as Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson Williams, mark Mancina and many others, Powell is perfectly shaped to your main style. For me, classic Powell, can be broken into two component. The first is e-Powell, sample movies of Doug Lyman and Paul Gringras. The second is the classic Powell cartoon format. Very dynamic and simultaneously this beautiful music. Very original orchestral work. Sometimes appearing synth and guitar, is a repeat of the main advantages of Powell's, possession of these tools. Triver Rescuing Penny and Scooter Chase, just gorgeous. They is formed in this tape, but also ideal would be to any fighter. Beauty and the richness of the thinking, brilliant Powell.

Also, I want to highlight, the excellent duet track I Thought I Lost You, well done Miley Cyrus John Travolta. Travolta, on a surprisingly cool, played their part. And Miley sang it so cool as have become familiar. Yeah and in General, creativity and the voice of Cyrus, I personally love, and I'm a fan of her creation.

My rating picture

Of 10 10

Kind, cheerful, funny and positive product from your favorite company, Walt Disney Pictures. Here what I love them. work. So that, you won't be thinking boldly, take view, of this great animated film. A pleasant pastime, you guaranteed ...

How much has Bolt made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $309,979,994.
How much did it cost to make Bolt?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $150,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Bolt?
This tv-show was directed by Chris Williams, Byron Howard.
What is the genre of Bolt?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Animation, Best Disney Movies.
Who starred in Bolt?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, Susie Essman, Mark Walton, Malcolm McDowell.
What is Bolt IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.8.
When was Bolt released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2008-11-21.