To infiltrate the Ku-Klux-Klan — no easy task, especially if you are black. But dedicated police officer from Colorado such things are not confused. Together with a partner-a Jew, he enters into an unequal battle with dangerous opponents.

Release Date: 2018-08-10
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $15,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $25,592,685, 19 August 2018
Ann-Marie Eriha
21 November 2018 | 08:14

Overall impression: That is racism and what it eats?

Repeatedly over the history of the world people are faced with this definition. What sadly the word is terrible need explain early age. "All kinds of things over black" — this is a film that is based on the real story of a black policeman and his partner of Jewish origin who made a professional feat to infiltrate the organization of the Ku Klux Klan and ruined it.

The story is incredibly interesting, it submitted all with black humour, and I love it so for many times laughed. But not would so funny that you really sad. The film takes place in the 70 years of the 20th century, a young man Ron (John David Washington — son of Denzel) gets work in the police, first in archive then the investigations division. Getting involved in the difficult venture of becoming a police under the cover, how much do you think the black characters got? In the Ku Klux Klan! It would seem like?! He helped partner Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver).

Despite the long duration of 2 hours 15 minutes, the film looks easy, sagging in the film is not. All because it is a tandem Driver and Washington. Actors look so good together, no feeling that some of them inappropriately. All to the point, clear and exciting.

In the picture quite a lot of rise, but so there is a blemish, which could remove, leaving just the story. About than me? About the political subtext. It is clear that for us foundations the US is not clear far. And think now everything is gone, but no, the final scenes that show us real not everything rosy as we (Russian) I think.

Film determined deserves attention not just because for the overseas contingent, and because it is important to understand that horrible things happen right now. Not surprising that at the end of the premiere of the movie on Cannes film festival Director received a 6 minute standing ovation. I recommend that you to see. There are no violence, there is a deeper meaning

8 from 10

Dawn Corabel
24 January 2019 | 04:08

From the time of David Griffith — the forefather of American cinema — theme  - called blacksploitation rises on the agenda. The Director then, in 1915, took the legendary historical drama "Birth of a nation", which brought the movie to a new level. The public reaction was resonant, the film was banned, criticized, denigrated by hook and by crook. In the end it came to that Griffith was filming his next work "Intolerance" of 1916 as would as a consolation or not even an apology. And subsequently, the film turned into a large genre of art, and the real first blockbuster, Griffith brought millions in profits, some separated by age. Now people read moving pictures, admired the hand-painted flag in  the"Battleship "Potemkin"" and the advent of sound in"the jazz Singer". Seriously with the racism and oppression of the African-American race became interested in only after almost a hundred years! Rented a bunch of movies with leaky scenarios, and the delay time, in order to showcase what we now tolerant. And the film spike Lee "all kinds of things over the Black", published in 2018, initially also seemed to be next, boring kintsom. However, when all its intrigue and obvious shortcomings, not be put in a row with the same "Moonlight" or"Hidden figures". Why?

Yes, "all kinds of things over Black" is focused on modern society's problems. Yes, it to times a time when a movie about of African Americans, gays, handicapped people is gaining momentum and removed in the proletarian scale. But not the case when a hot topic greedily solely because of the time. History does not simple but the first black policeman in the office of the city of Colorado springs, Ron Stallworth, taken at the book the hero of events is absolutely clear and clearly explains why racism — this is an evil and ugly phenomenon, which do not should be of modern civilization. The viewer is watching an adventure of Stalwart at the penetration into the ranks of the Ku Klux Klan and internal sabotage mixed with evidence of the film — no joke. It is shown of unrest in society, which, although at times and seem naive and sham, in cheap performance is not flow. Thanks to the introduction of Philip "Flip" Zimmerman, played by Adam Driver, is a life of the collective of the KKK, fearfully referred to as between themselves the Organization. Advocating for white nationalism, members openly and flagrantly hate dirty races, whether African Americans, Jews, Chinese, Irish and everyone else. And this hate acts is so disgusting and cynical that the police are even ready their lives to stop everything. For every scene feels that the investigation may fall in any minute for exposing the Flip or Stalwart, and, perhaps, because of the failure to a manic Felix with his wife or someone else. And it still continues despite the danger. Continues because should not remain such an outrage.

The antithesis to white racists are black racists in the organization "Black Panthers". Aggressive and almost not brought to despair, they are willing to openly be in conflict with power of the white population. It is clear that they prefer the ideas of Malcolm X than Martin Luther king, and will oppose anyone who crossed the road at least once. Only their calls still boil down to equality, they do not require full autocracy of his race, and in General, the vast majority of the members of the "Panthers" — students. It is hardly they understand the fight what I want. Their has infected the speech of personalities like Kwame Toure, that they go to meetings sticks, plugged the nails. That is why the leader of the organization, Patrice Dumas so eager to unleash the potential riots and hates every COP that just inspired by the stereotype of "trash — assholes." But the KKK appears to be a full-fledged organization, almost occult, with their leaders and branches people in government, and that most importantly, an army of like-minded people. So it in principle, is. But in the film the KKK recursively empties himself because its existence is not here makes sense. Take a look at the organization — almost nobody shows a man with a real idea in mind. And only Walter Brechfa, in fact, has the motivation to fight blacks, so how those brutally raped his wife. All others spit "great" ideas about the superiority of the white race, about the true American population. Only here they forget that that the indigenous population of the United States — it is the Indians who systematically slaughtered the General Lee him like that. And you, the members of the clan who want — Spaniards, Italians, Germans — but not true Americans. And the Declaration of independence, which the boasted heroes of the picture, was not signed with the aim to deify something, and to release from the UK. They don't remember were there are African Americans who have attained comparable and greater heights than white. Only to that time (the story takes place in the 1970s) the world I know people like Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, will Chamberlain, Sidney Poitier, Louis Armstrong, ray Charles, Otis Redding and thousands of others. Yes, the history of the Ron Stallworth — direct proof, Evo he cheat on a couple a Jew Zimmerman a whole branch of the KKK! Thus, lanovtsy appear common criminals who foment violence for the sake of violence. Not better and "Black Panthers", but at least they can be understood, albeit kind of distant. The main moral of the film is reduced to that violence any nationalism is meaningless.

Of course, watching very carefully, so as the tendency of Hollywood to make a movie about the minority sign anyone interested in modern Hollywood. But when you can see that the creators were trying to convey the importance of the problem, and not dully filled her contact with movie impossible to believe. When a clear artistic assumptions of the authors, sometimes showing blatant nonsense or boring politics, with a bad installation where the bonding between the events of a chess knight jump, if not the most appropriate soundtrack and in a strange approach to consider the film a Comedy, "Black all kinds of things over" really takes the idea, but doesn't work with slogan. To the way, the rare humor still present the place was fooled by the same clan. Nomination on"Oscar-2019" not looks forsirovanno, and project on a penny budget in 15 million dollars, not seem cut off. However, for major Academy awards the film is damp, to recall the "In the spotlight" (Oscar-2015) with no less poignant social drama. However, the world saw the awarding of the "Moon light", so that surprised the possible reward of the work of spike Lee, who has long been out prizes catwalk, and then suddenly grabbed awards from the AIC at the Cannes film festival, not necessary.

8 from 10.

Mufinella Femmine
18 February 2019 | 12:58

It all started good. A cheerful film, this police drama, about the interesting (and definitely a stylish and beautiful) historic period. Stylish clothes, beautiful cars, and like I hope to have a good time.

But at the level of the drama of the story reminds the student of the theatre. Bad student theatre. And believe me, I a couple times has tried to write a script for skit, playwright I'm average. In some things I waited movie characters bow to the audience and go to a short break under applause.

The characters are flat and boring, but their motivation or logic remains behind;of understanding. And I'm usually quite tolerant of error in the movies, I'm not that the dude who nags points level "and 1:22:05 hero watch on his left hand, and 1:23:12 paskudny stage they on the left. YOU THERE of your MIND THAT LEE."

The cops are sent on a secret mission under the cover of the protagonist-a Negro literally a couple of weeks-months after he settled on work.

Kuklusclan seems to be not very legitimate, but when join the clan you fill out a questionnaire (of course with Social Security Number and address of residence), as if you get a discount card in AVON.

And the pinnacle of irrationality in that a large part of the story is that Ron Stalwarts on the phone appears to be a black hero and at meetings of the clan comes another, white COP. they constantly have to sync to no one suspect this is two different people. Why is everyone talking phone to give the white COP I and could not understand, although he tried.

Perhaps the reason for all this — I found out after watching the movie — it is based on real events. And as you know there is the boundaries of human stupidity.

The only plus that I found in film — acting. Yes, the actors got stupid unexamined roles, but play cool, quite smoothly and I wish they got a script adequate.

Well, last I was annoyed — clumsy, too obvious reference to modern times. No in one movie I have not seen so many references to the presidency trump, Make America Great Again and I use citations of white nationalists.

Overall — I could, but not entirely gone there. Not advise.

5 from 10

How much has BlacKkKlansman made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $25,592,685, 19 August 2018.
How much did it cost to make BlacKkKlansman?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $15,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie BlacKkKlansman?
This tv-show was directed by Spike Lee.
What is the genre of BlacKkKlansman?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Comedy, Biography, Best movies 2018, Oscar 2019, Best Comedy Movies 2018, Best Crime Movies 2018, Best Drama Movies 2018.
Who starred in BlacKkKlansman?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Alec Baldwin, John David Washington, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Robert John Burke, Brian Tarantina.
What is BlacKkKlansman IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was BlacKkKlansman released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-08-10.