The film begins with a story about the accident that happened in 2010, the water Park in Orlando when the orca Tilikum dragged under water and drowned her tamer. As it turned out, this was not the only victim of the whale-killer — ten years before this incident, in 2001, Tilikum drowned the trainer at a canadian Park, Victoria. Using shocking footage of attacks by killer whales and interview witnesses, Gabriela cowperthwaite trying to figure out the true causes of the tragedy.

  • Gabriela Cowperthwaite

Release Date: 2013-10-18
IMDb icon 8.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Spanish
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $2,303,417
Alia Vinia
14 December 2016 | 10:59

I come from Vladivostok and when it became known that we will stand by the aquarium, many citizens have accepted this news with inspiration: from we will not is worse than there, abroad. I saw pictures of Seaworld and its analogues on the world. But the construction was delayed, drinks drank, and the remaining groshiki built (late to 4 years) a great center with a huge site, Shuttle-bass, growth sculptures, and.. . unhappy animals. It was visible to the naked eye. In the half-empty tanks drifted squid, somewhere in the corner huddled the Steller sea lion. And then press carried the terrible news about the death of animals in the seaside aquarium: 14 deaths over three years, including the Steller sea lion stark, who scored (!) to death. In the written description of the investigation: death in the result of blunt force trauma to the head. It seemed that this nightmare is happening only us. But the film Gabriela, Cowperthwaite reveals a terrible truth: this situation is everywhere.

I would like note that the stunning movie poster. No, really, such a menacing killer whales face more never been.

The film tells about the plight of killer whales on behalf of Tilikum. And then have to give credit to the Director, some of the facts of life of the animal provided so that the viewer is ready to eat their nails with excitement. To tear of the aorta. Tilikum was taken from the natural habitat. Stupidly took his mother. And that's when the old sea wolf who had seen much in life, says that the mother's cry of Tilikum when they took this baby was one of the worst memories in his life, you believe him. As and what the animal may retaliate. For content small pool for an insufficient number of fish, per day-to-day operation. I can't blame the girls that died. They only a cog in a huge machine for printing money "Seaworld". Don died 2010 and now its the one place Daniel. And and will continue.

Yes, Tilikum to still is the Park. On the Seaworld website in the profile of the animal evasively says that he was transferred from Canada because of "the tragic death of Kelty Byrne". About that the multi-ton mammal dragged the girl on the bottom, silent. Also mentioned that now with Tilikum cannot swim.

But positive shifts are. After the film has changed the image of the Park in the animated film "finding Dory", so as not to create unnecessary advertising Seaworld. Also the scene with the Park was cut from "Paper towns" by a novel by Greene. And, most importantly, March 2016 Seaworld announced the decision to gradually move away from speeches killer whales. Perhaps, Tilikum heal in peace.

Amazing work of the documentarian. Impossible to put down. And absolutely impossible not to sympathize with.

8 from 10

Carmina Ogdon
07 November 2013 | 05:58

What happens when a father of three children, a loving husband, a good taxpayer, and the best worker on the enterprise is a brutal serial killer, who thirty years. destroys the lives of innocent young girls? As it only found a permanent home in prison, it will be flooded with emails wanting to know why he did what made from journalists and Directors of documentary films, and ending with a simple thrill seekers in try to know the essence of a maniac. What happens a few hours after a diligent student of the graduating class of a good family, which can boast a one hundred percent attendance and some fives in the report card, visits one school in order to obtain knowledge, and to shoot as many of my peers? All it in the Internet, which can only track basic user, will be carefully studied by hundreds of people, and while it is not erased in the interests of the investigation, saved for future generations to after twenty years they might be asking yourself "why?" and look for the answer in all available sources. But what would happen if a crime against a person will do not like him, and animal? Then nobody try to understand that gave it to this, no one comes in mind to study it past trying to look him in the soul, because according to the common opinion of its not exist. The Director of the documentary film Blackfish Gabriela Cowperthwaite decided to change the situation and made the unprecedented step of finding out all possible on the life history of killer whales on behalf of Tilikum to figure out why this is the animal made two murder girls drassinower, among which was period ten years.

As appropriate for a good documentary, the film tells Cowperthwaite not only a specific story, but and focuses on one or another problem of modern society, and in the case of "Black fin" was very successfully selected the events with which the author wants to tell about the need to take immediate and serious action in the or other activities. Most pictures calling for the liberation of animals, focused on how it hurts them. slavery in the name of the person, and there are many people who will cry over how Minks are killed for the sake of someone else's coats, but later after a couple of days from this feeling of grief for nothing will remain, because the viewer does not feel a threat to myself, that, to sorry for the majority is the only effective inducement to action. The story of Tilikum and two killed them girls allows you to see not just what animals are a shameless exploitation of a person, but that people who believe that took control a huge beast, which only the wild, can die the death the same ill what go to the light every year, millions of animals for food, clothing or simply entertainment. Apart from the fact that the film Gabriela, Cowperthwaite allows you to feel the human pain that was the result of the culling of whales and their subsequent use for profit, he still drew attention to what is similar to us have these qualities of aquatic mammals. A good not just an idea to tell about it but still how it was embodied in  the"Black fin" — with a combination of personal emotions and observation the scientific facts narrated by experts in their field. You hear how it sounds theory how it happens in life, knowing that between these two positions there any contradiction, and thus there and the reasons of them to believe. In the end, how it was the classified Director the catching of whales and has become a major factor in the success of the story, as "the abduction of children from mothers" will be the first words to say to anyone, really touched by the film, and it's still a good because  Blackfish one of the main task poses to convey to the negligent parents that any entertainment shows with animals the last stand very much, and they are worth to give it in order to entertain someone else's child.

After the work of Gabriela Cowperthwaite it was still very little time to talk about some global victories in the fight release already the captured orcas and the cessation of such activities in principle, but now we can talk about that the film is called in society the response you'd expect the film team — a large number of people, who loved to visit colorful show Seaworld'a, after viewing "Black fin" promised never go of damaging the image of the campaign; to in face painting Cowperthwaite activists of animal protection organizations and concerned citizens a powerful tool for delivering their ideas, which is interesting not just as agit-material, but still has a cinematic value. For understanding that killer whales not can do not have to live in captivity, serving a life sentence in close pools for the crimes that are not have made former trainers Seaworld'a need to watch the death of their colleagues and to serious injuries to themselves. Gabriela Cowperthwaite offers the viewer a "Black fin" a unique opportunity to come to addition to the conclusion passed through the hell that really characters, which tears eyes blood individuals will share their experience with the whale my disappointment in industry, they more recently, as believed.

Viva Anestassia
16 November 2014 | 09:11

February 24, 2010 in the famous water Park, with a Sea World of in Orlando, happened a terrible event: the male orcas of Tilikum mutilated and killed experienced trainer dawn Brancho. With this incident begins a documentary Thriller "Black fin" — meticulous study of the psychology of highly organized creatures, and one of the most bitter movies on the enslavement of human animals. But it also very powerful argument against the new crazy fashion — construction Russia dolphinariums. After all, it is not just converted to show the vicious and disgusting business, but essentially — the construction of the legal prisons for animals. Aspiring filmmaker Gabriela Cowperthwaite expertly and with obvious pain in the heart tells the story, the relevance of which will increase as humanity will begin to realize the seriousness of the exploitation of their fellows.

When the creation of unusual (mainly — children) demonstrates operation and in fact, the enslavement of any of innocent animals who would never voluntarily agreed to participate in to show the gratification of human vanity. Therefore, the "Black fin" — this is a movie of the future. In meaning that people who are already have not accept slavery among their own kind (with it continuing to give this is the "Oscars"), doesn't want to consider the enslavement of other sentient beings, which continues to be cultivated by around the world, starting with zoos, circuses, dolphinariums and to scientific laboratories, where on our little experiment, again, "the good man".

Confronts commercials Sea World, masking servitude to Disneyland, Amateur recording of emergency situations, never involved in media, film unrolling time ago, in 1970-th year, when and began a large-scale manhunt on orcas with the purpose the further operation of the parks water rides. Archival footage of the hunt young orcas — this, fact, the real genocide, when a person intervenes in a streamlined social context that these animals are much stronger than humans. It turns out that they are so much attached to their young that under natural conditions the children of orcas never leave their mother, despite the fact that some females can live on the will is up to 100 years.

But people decided to not to stop, continuing to take away from the mothers those cubs that were born in captivity, to then resell them in other parks for a lot of millions of dollars. The story in  the"Black fin" about one such cases are heartbreaking for parts results at this confusion, on the background of which pales even the most tragic scene of "Sophie's Choice". So spent the whole life in a concrete tank, as in the wild her friends swim up to 150 miles per day, enclosed in captivity orca — disappointment desperate — begins to attack people, not being able to vent the anger and pain in some other way.

The film shows how the collision tragedy leads involved in it to awareness rethink their actions, to serious changes in the world and repentance in where they have devoted their lives. Commenting on the incident, the authors reinforce their position does not only digits, refuting all the positive facts of domestication of these animals (in particular the common misconception that in captivity orcas allegedly live longer), but and the heartbreaking footage of killer whale aggression against their oppressors. This film, whose hair is getting cold in veins. It is a movie that makes you cry and at the same time arouses the anger. This movie active citizenship, which overturned the idea of Americans on the essence of this kind of entertainment. In any case, many of the more than 200 thousand people in the US watching it in theaters, I swore I would never ever go on a show that exploits animals.

Today humanity is still very low level of development (given that the overwhelming majority of the animals simply eat) to be fully aware of the problem that rises in this picture. Simple in its clarity, the way — drooping of the dorsal fin of Tilikum — not just a marker reflecting physical problems from stay (and all without exceptions) of killer whales in captivity, but the strongest and their emotional symbol of slavery and of the subordination of one living being to another, once imagines himself the master of nature. This film shows that animals, orcas in particular, also have a soul and feelings, too, can suffer from loneliness rage against the unbearable grief, respond and those and other that caused them people.

"Black fin", released in the USA (only at 99 screens) are unlikely to ever to be shown in Russia, which is trying to meet international standards, and in the field of entertainment, suddenly started to erect, in major cities dolphinariums. The situation with the dolphins is even more tragic because these relatively small animals are unlikely to be able to cope and to punish their oppressors for the simple reason that they are much weaker than the giant orcas weighing 3-4 tons. The construction of theme parks in Russia, involving the exploitation of some of the representatives of the smartest living beings on the Earth was very shameful initiative, which otherwise legalized slavery and is not called. And someday, our heirs, the characters of this film will regret and exclaim: "God, what those were wild times!".

How much has Blackfish made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $2,303,417.
Who is the director of the movie Blackfish?
This tv-show was directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite.
What is the genre of Blackfish?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Documentary.
Who starred in Blackfish?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tilikum, John Hargrove, Samantha Berg, Mark Simmons, Kim Ashdown.
What is Blackfish IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.1.
When was Blackfish released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-10-18.