Black and Blue

A young employee of the New Orleans police Department becomes an eyewitness of how the corrupt officers to kill the drug dealer, the incident remains recorded on her camera. The cops are after her to destroy the recording, but soon it gets even worse: they convince the criminal gang that the girl responsible for the death dealer.

  • Deon Taylor

Release Date: 2019-10-25
IMDb icon 6.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $12,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $22,741,061
Leonanie Piers
21 January 2020 | 03:33

Alicia West (Naomi Harris) is working in the police Department, then do New Orleans, then if Detroit (at different sites the different information regarding the place of events). It in a new place just a couple of weeks, and so long as much introduced in the situation and on her night shift yet never had.

Deciding to replace your partner as time for night duty, she gets into a heck of a cover, because of the fact that it was a fatal witness, the girl becomes the object of persecution and local groups and police. While on fact under the crossfire, it seeks to save where it took her child...

Movies corrupt police officers and even more about the cops come out regularly. To replace the "Lethal weapon" and"COP" with Stallone, "the Fight" with al Pacino and"Policeman of Beverly hills" came "Brooklyn polaskia" from Antoine Fuqua, "the Hunt for thieves", "Three nine", "Patrol" and"street Kings" with"the Damned season". To really — movies the police very much and many they deserve attention. "Black and blue" from directed by Deon Taylor continues this quinolinyl and takes place a variety of paintings that are dedicated as times the corrupt cops.

The picture turned out quite interesting and tense. How does the theme of "one against all" (or in this case — one), often winning and the viewer will not only colorful course of events, but with high probability hot finale to make sure that the choice of a particular film for viewing was a mistake. To say about that "Black and blue" — this is a film that offers something new in the genre of COP Thriller is impossible. The usual police story.

But along with the "Black and blue" is not without errors. If you think about it, the trouble with which was the character Naomi Harris, too superficial and unnatural, after all, an experienced COP to which it was assigned to partner to that fateful night, is clearly not would like received. After all, except bases its behavior is not called. Not the best things with the hero Frank Grillo, who suddenly was impatient to call his people to so they got into the camera lens.

On the positive side, too, is something to select. For example an interesting scenario for the course, on how one minute out colleagues to turn into enemy how much more weighty is the word of a man with more experience. Interesting and how behave ordinary citizens with the police. In guardians of order they do not see those prepared help difficult times, and those who is to be feared (bright example — hero Tyreese Gibson). And the cops, at the same time not hurry to come in particular criminal areas, because I understand that there might be torn to pieces by the crowd.

A comparison of different social groups, and people have deprived of any authority though not presented bright factor determining the nature of the painting, but still has its own context. In poor neighborhoods people live according to its laws, and the letter of the law here is not valid — some learned to survive without support of the authorities, others used to live, not see what going under the nose.

Deon Taylor, who started with the Comedy "Tales for the night" with Adam Sandler, in recent years more often makes movies where the first cast is black. Recently released film "wedding Crashers", where a black couple spouses were chasing a white serial killer, and also "Meet the family of black" and"Traffic". Here and "Black and blue" he used a lot of black actors who played a key role — the male female, and also secondary characters in the person of the leader of the gang, police-partner of course the captain of the police Department. Here it fit to talk about that the rights of whites are oppressed (the irony). But more than just Taylor succeeded with black promotion, calling the film "Black and blue". On my opinion — the name is ambiguous and nondescript that the viewer could draw the film attention.

However, to watch You. Your opinion is not impose.

Pleasant viewing.

7 of 10

Evvy Hannah
04 January 2020 | 05:35

The film, which I would look at the cinema, but unfortunately, the us in his country the premiere is not been. But a bunch of uninteresting materials released on the big screen.

"Black and Blue" — is a action-Thriller-Thriller with a social touch. Quite addictive and intense, i.e., interest in viewing is not sags. Personally, I looked at one breath. Not worse than others like him: "a Disturbing call", "Cell", "Abduction", "the Negotiator". To unfortunately now this type of film rarely appears on the screens pleases its audience.

Yes, the new film in the genre of nothing presents. It is another story, now about a COP-the recruit, which gets in major trouble because of their corrupt colleagues, which it tries out all possible ways. Well, that the film invokes empathy and not only the main character that of course, but and some people area for example, a store owner, a friend who does not chose such a life and try to survive as among the "scum" of the streets and among the corrupt police officers that their actions bring on district only chaos, only increasing the crime. Clear message of the film that the law must not be the election and act all, regardless of status social status.

In the movie enough exciting moments, and not that they are so many, but they just enough dilute the main line and bring the film takes drive, raising the tension even more. And in the end we are waiting for a pretty interesting move.

Music in the film is, it is invisible helps to create the necessary background, the mood and tension. So should be the laws of musical dramaturgy in film.

The film is a strong middle peasant in its genre, not bringing anything new, but well using all the old. To all those who liked the above mentioned films and those who is a fan of movies about the police have to look. Evening this movie you will definitely do.

8 from 10

Bernadene Bogosian
05 February 2020 | 08:42

Every day, we meet the guardians of the law. However, always we sincerely believe that the police will perform their duty in accordance with the law and justice? And it is often quite the opposite — when defending the truth, law abiding citizen becomes the Prime suspect in a crime he did not commit.

As soon as you start to analyze these movies, then view soon becomes impractical. Cons always easier to find. However, the filmmakers have focused on the emotions of the main character, and her faith in justice, much conceded the logic. This the whole story could end pretty quickly, because we live in the era of the Internet and computer technologies, which were deprived of our iconic superheroes of the militants of the 80-90s. The plot is classic. Dirty cops, police brutality, honest citizens who live in a crime area and I hate all the representatives of the law, and the desire to hold and save power — all you can see almost two hours on the screen. The name of the film for me is unclear. If black is blue, it was a COP — the main character, and here in this option who here blue and who is black is unclear. Perhaps, there's it is American slang, however, the audience such details, no one explained, and sorry.

For me the film was in the first place, the philosophical, the main character here is not just shows the good COP, who is struggling with bad with all the world's evil and is a very simple explanation for her actions and whole life — she wants the world to better and makes it better by his actions, not can act differently. And it is not important, if not understand even if you did, because in her life, in its world is not the world exists for her as many many people as we are constantly imposed on the modern movies, mostly, especially in Hollywood, and it exists for world — can't be happy living only for yourself. In General, the film was very surprised by such an unusual approach to our reality, were once dominant in our films, Soviet, but a long-forgotten and lost. So very excited about it again to detect at least have not in our movie. Humanity will not go from our planet, and it pleases.

A little bit about the actors. naomie Harris ideal for the main role. Here only the actress clearly could. show more. The character of the heroine is absolutely not written, although there was a hint of Nico skirt. Let naomie Harris ran scared and fired gun, but for action film this is not enough. The impression is that the creators of the film to end and decided on the genre: it if this action, that is a Thriller with a hint drama. Frank Grillo beat as many cops, bad and good, criminals and drug traffickers that this role was for him another manifestation of his criminal talent. The best villain at this role it is hard to imagine. After the role in the purge 2 he began to actively act in film, producing 3-4 movie in a year with different quality. However, what unites them is one — almost all its role or negative or tough guys. Have these goes great, pity that to zero, not particularly starred.

Do not argue, some things seemed implausible, not fall in the heroine of the bullet, the physical strength of a fragile girl and etc. However, the film does not about it. Most importantly, that holds voltage for the heroine survive. The atmosphere of a police Thriller seasoned great, and look really believe what is happening. The speaker is quite good, bored just do not necessary. In General for a nearly two-hour film, the time flew by, you can dig deeper and many of schools, but not desirable, because the General feel of viewing of this film the most that neither is brave.

For its genre the film is quite good. A criminal drama about a showdown of dirty cops is great looked 90. However, today the viewer does have a little. If the shootings had enough, it here fights and chases is not enough. There were a few suspenseful moments, but to the Thriller so far. To watch once it is possible, of course, that no claim for eternity. The picture is bright. Music great dynamic story. Police work is shown as on the streets of the city, and plot. Blood no, and obscene language. The film with the visual side cleared perfectly.

Turned out quite се6е decent movie that you can watch any what not hesitate. Although we all saw not once, however, the film itself is quite entertaining. If you want a break from drama, fiction, not funny comedies and thrillers, then good old-fashioned Thriller about bad good cops exactly what is necessary. The only thing that have the film — is humor and sarcasm of the main character, who is not afraid of any obstacles. Definitely recommend to viewing!

8 from 10

How much has Black and Blue made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $22,741,061.
How much did it cost to make Black and Blue?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $12,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Black and Blue?
This tv-show was directed by Deon Taylor.
What is the genre of Black and Blue?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Drama, Best Action Movies 2019.
Who starred in Black and Blue?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Naomie Harris, Tyrese Gibson, Frank Grillo, Mike Colter, Reid Scott.
What is Black and Blue IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.2.
When was Black and Blue released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-10-25.