Beverly Hills Cop II

The continuation of exploits for capturing criminals fun and resourceful COP Axel. Sexy blonde with a group of gangsters robbing a jewelry store. But the indefatigable Axel was right there, on the guard of law and order. Further, as befits a police Comedy, dynamic plot unwinds in an increasingly fast pace, chase and shootout followed one after another, dashing scuffle replace funny, though sometimes rude jokes.

  • Tony Scott

Release Date: 1987-05-20
IMDb icon 6.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $28,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $299,965,036
Dory Constanta
30 September 2014 | 08:22

Has long been among ordinary viewers and critics argued about that continue always be worse than the original and such examples as "Aliens" and"Terminator 2" is debited on the subject of exceptions to the rules. Now the film Tony Scott can be safely attributed to this list of exceptions. So as this film is a rare example of how the continuation of tape no way inferior to its predecessor, and in certain moments is even better.

Retaining almost all of production team, the filmmakers did very wisely and correctly. So as the fact the film has retained its unique spirit and color, which is so much came as the audience and critics. Moreover, it is encouraging and that the film-makers not began to clone the first film and even when the safety of the main advantages, decided to make a little different movie and here that itself, is shown by the Director of the film Tony Scott.

After all, if the first film was mainly Comedy-for the background of the scenes of action, then here before us is a classic Thriller with an entourage of comedic moments. What resulted in a greater number of chases, shootings, fights, destruction, explosions, and other attributes of the action scenes, which increased not only in number, but and quality. At this, again securing Tony Scott the title of perhaps one of the best Directors of the militants of the time. The more so before us, no action of the abundance of fantastic scenes and visual effects, and the classic example stylistycznie movie Director Tony Scott before his Hobbies of various visual experiments that turned into  Domino all the subsequent work of the Director.

Captivating film and from the point of view of the story. So as a certain sense repeating the basic plot of the plot of the first tape, the film-makers instantly transformed history into something totally new and not less interesting. The most, only spurring the interest of the viewer new crimes, new criminals, new inquiry for which took all the same Detective Axel Foley in the command already love the Rosewood and Taggart. Around the last so all spinning the main advantage of the picture. So as the filmmakers went ahead and made bonded friendships between the main characters more stronger. Here why if the first film they were only friends, here we see a real family and due to this, observe the relationship between the main characters more interesting.

Eddie Murphy all so is insanely gorgeous and charismatic in the way, restless and fun Axel Foley, who perfectly embodies the image as a tough COP, so and the real clown with the skill of reincarnation and interpretation of various miniatures on the screen. That allows much more to enjoy the character on the screen. Of course, good to have a favorite Duo of Rosewood and Taggart in performance judge of Reinhold and John Ashton. Well and of course very good in the negative images of jürgen Prochnoff and Brigitte Nielsen. Especially Bridgette, which has created a very impressive image of a sexy and femme fatale on the screen.

of 10 10

The COP of Beverly hills 2 — this is truly a rare example of how the continuation is not just not worse than the original tape, but even better. A true immortal classic video rental and Golden age "Comedy action" which gives to the audience even more dizzying spectacle, even more sparkling humor and even more inimitable Axel Foley on screen.

Ursuline Peterus
27 October 2011 | 09:29

Let now career of the famous comedian Eddie Murphy is going through a difficult period, we it is with great pleasure we return to the classic comedies with his participation.

Axel Foley continues to protect order in the city of Detroit. In this is the Los Angeles friends of the detective investigating complicated case about robberies in the city. Axel hurries to help his friends again to help with the resolution of the situation. After the resounding success of the original, the audience with great anticipation for the continuation of this great police series. And after two decades, perceive this history something very close and enjoyable. To we do not just got back one of your favorite characters — of course, there villains who don't go from the watchful police. Criminals have become more sophisticated and now Axl and his friends still need more ingenuity and skills to cope with them. Dose of humor here were outrageous and again happy watching the ingenuity of the protagonist, who does not miss an opportunity to put it in the course. The cast is on the most part preserved, adding in new heroes. And, of course, the show again runs Murphy.

A fascinating story about the unrestrained police, which is in the second time conquers Los Angeles. Have become a classic pattern with a surprisingly good mood.

Of 9 10

Babara Loferski
08 September 2010 | 12:09

Start with that looked at all three of the "Police of Beverly hills" at least 3 times. Two — Russian and times English. It just what I remember. Never been boring or uninteresting. But here is the second part of a fuse in soul. I saw 5-7 times (2 English). And soon, I look once more, to not forgotten. It worth it.

Film 1987, so talk about innovation the depth of the film, I omit. I can only say that there is much to learn. But unlikely to get also cool. And here's why.

In fact, if you dig details, in the picture there are terrible things, but due to how successfully plays Eddie Murphy, I had to tears. In how it he makes no equal. Imagination, antics, jokes, explicit banter and tricks "ID Detroit COP" — it all goes to first and it's not seen any of crime, nor the openly-minded cops of Los Angeles. All tied to Eddie. It, undoubtedly, 100 points. Especially with delivery "vitamins" in shooting.

Of all the acting suites only judge Reinhold and John Ashton kept on level. By the way, the idea is to reveal more of the characters of Rosewood and Tagert fully justified. This is not enough to my opinion, the first part. And Tagert not enough to the third. And how will the teammates look great. Remember blonde Bridgette Nielsen (growth) and Allen Garfield (the stupidity of the hero).

Finish that everything is dynamic, concise (102 minutes), funny and, of course, shooting. And abusive ending (only if you look at English) finishes the viewer in a good way. Must watch ... It's worth it.

Of 10 10

PS Axl triumphantly returned again, but Tagert not enough.

How much has Beverly Hills Cop II made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $299,965,036.
How much did it cost to make Beverly Hills Cop II?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $28,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Beverly Hills Cop II?
This tv-show was directed by Tony Scott.
What is the genre of Beverly Hills Cop II?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Comedy.
Who starred in Beverly Hills Cop II?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, Jürgen Prochnow, Ronny Cox, John Ashton.
What is Beverly Hills Cop II IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.5.
When was Beverly Hills Cop II released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1987-05-20.