A former policeman from the division of drug control Danny Gallagher out of prison, seeks revenge against false witnesses and the murderer of his partner. Strands of the investigation derive Danny on another mysterious murder and large-scale government conspiracy.

  • Bobby Moresco

Release Date: 2018-03-09
IMDb icon 5.3/10
  • Country: ES, US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:36m
Sheeree Beverle
04 March 2019 | 07:42

Spanish-American film "the Tendency" could to attract the audience is that due to the actor's caste. In the lead roles are here-tight and cold-blooded Karl urban, the company he is a sultry latina Sofia Vergara, and is crowned by the star triumvirate between the past and present centuries, screen heartthrob Cuban-born Andy Garcia. Plus "Addiction" could would still be required in the genre of crime Thriller. And directed by Robert Moresco, once awarded the "Oscar" for best screenplay (the film "Collision"). Moresco also adapted the novel Joseph P. O'donnell, on the basis of which builds the plot of "Propensity".

But the first shots are forced to think hard about the quality of the material. It all starts as is not trivial: two police officers, among whom is a character from Karl urban, prepare to enter the dialogue the mafia, posing as well as criminal elements in preparation for those take red-handed. But after a few minutes the situation spirals out of control and it all ends in a bloodbath. Subsequently, the character Karl urban is accused of corruption goes to places not so remote. Then we carry on a few years forward when the urban release of the prison. He comes with his famous face, where not a single muscle does not move, but apparently, his character is ready to dig into the thing of the past, to see who he was framed. And another old life in his freedom won't let go.

Agree that idea police removed a broken and very special interest is. If  the"Tendency" was released was years twenty to thirty ago, when as once Andy Garcia was Prime  & glory, it could even arouse a keen interest, and so the viewer is clearly zakormlen similar kind of movie, so it to hook need to come up with something interesting and serious. Alas, "Disposition" does not similarly smell. The film is full of genre clichés, the images are easy to read and not even quite the astute viewer will quickly be able to find the suspect, who stood for the accusations of the character Karl urban. But which further degrades the perception of the picture — this is a huge abundance of errors throwing in eyes. The glass crash and in the next scene they on the spot; that blood and then disappears. And such flaws in the"Addiction" a lot. Total we have poor at the interesting twists in the script, but from being extremely boring action, stereotyped images and error in statement. Who would recommend such a movie? Likely that none.

A lifesaver for setting by Robert Moresco could become actors because they like or not, still the famous people. But, alas, here was one big mistake. Karl urban and we little happy emotional roles, can even remember what his role in a free remake of "Judge Dredd 3D", where he was wearing a helmet, but at its essence character is not effect. And it was a feeling that the "Inclination" urban forgot to take my helmet off, and because his ex-COP's dramatic and heroic destiny, lying in the canvas of deception and revenge. Karl urban is not handled role. However, and Sofia Vergara reiterated the "success" of their partner at the set. She even role in "Propensities" had a little change of image, but proved more profound role in a serious movie, she not force. Useless from her agentessa came out, according to the idea of she had to flaunt intelligence, and found that in every scene the heroine Vergari you can shout "No way!". Andy Garcia somehow to abuse is not want to, given its past achievements, but I would like to still recommend him more such films to avoid, as so sad it was to see the star of the third "Godfather" and"Modigliani".

Like "Inclination" is based on the canons of the good old crime Thriller years since the 80s of the last century, but, frankly, not seen cause of nostalgia or some kind of sympathy, so badly directed film. Raw script, no action and voltage can be easily calculated antagonist Yes and generally stereotyped characters, plus (or rather minus, of course) a huge number of "blunders", according to which reader to write — all in the aggregate makes "addiction" antisociales. Only if You an ardent fan of the cheap "old school" then then you are welcome and otherwise — pass safely.

3 of the 10

PS: And, by the way, why the "Tendency"? Who and who is here to what tips or leans? Like me, "Dishonesty" is more suitable. The feeling that the translators do not bother gave the first which came to mind the name. Although it is correct — what film is and name.

Hendrika Loleta
03 April 2018 | 10:22

Give this film any other word in the translated into Russian language means "Bent", not changed nothing. "Disposition", "Bend", "Meadow", "Hillside", "kinky", "Curve", "Tension", "Tension" — this movie could be called as anything it as not changed for the better. It is unclear where it a fairly high rating on ImDb (6.7 points), the film with the participation of Karl urban and Andy Garcia was very weak and unintelligible.

Police officer Danny Gallagher, along with partner go on job which was killed a COP undercover. In the result, Gallagher falls for the bars, his friend grave after several years Gallagher (Karl urban) goes to freedom is determined to deal with the sad episode of his life. According to the course of the investigation, the thread leads his another thing Gallagher becomes involved in a dangerous game, the rate of which — life.

If the whole plot of the film somehow logically trying to squeeze in shown prologue, then some scenes seem either incomprehensible or completely irrelevant. So, until the end is not clear the role of character Andy Garcia. Whom he has Gallagher and why help him in every issue? To something to show revelations a former dancer at a strip club. If she never will be given screen time? To show the attitude of urban character to sleep with someone after release from prison? How to break away from the surveillance (although chasing the car holding on distance more than a hundred meters) and then show up in the frame, quietly standing in the bushes (if the spy managed to break away as at least five minutes. it was fashionable to have time to drink coffee) to come up behind his pursuer and himself become the pursuer? Manner to lead the investigation of the protagonist also kills came in government building, had a smoke on the street, I learned that have gone, or went upstairs on the Elevator, the current at the gaps, using the courtesy of a good citizen, and then somehow went down... Probably on the fire escape...

Very "cool" it looks epic scene when visit Gallagher descended Rebecca, played by Sofia Vergara. The situation itself is simply idiotic. A stranger enters the house (obviously, door was locked), and the host does not closed the door, taking a better with barrel. To what to make a thoroughfare to the apartment to worry about security, being in the shower Nude? That babe saw the Smoking barrel and then threw all of clothing? How to know, but this trick from the hero of Urbana worked.

"Propensity" is a criminal detective story with elements of a Thriller, in which all the investigation is too simple and running as on the thumb. If any posed question by Danny Gallagher quickly finds the answer, everyone is willing to share with him information even instead riddled the car he fast the click of your fingers find a replacement all the same black is a brutal color. Maybe all the case in the extraordinary insight and luck of the hero, but damn it, why he then the beginning got in trouble, deprived of its freedom?

Throughout the greater part of the picture in the frame flickers just overgrown Karl urban in while supporting characters either flicker from time to the case (a Prime example — Garcia, the role of which is unclear), or just the sound of their names, persons demonstrated in the end, making it quite difficult to relate to what a name what a person applies. The finale is trying to revive all the events in the expense of the second bottom, in which is immersed in Gallagher after the events in the port, however, the final outcome on it is merely an attempt to shake up a boring swamp of which the audience had to Wade about half an hour... surprising, but the cops in USA — amazing guys! Okay, let's take for brackets them against Gallagher, but this applies not only "Inclination" — is the main character to kill someone as immediately frontman turns on freedom. Yeah, he beating right, it the Central figure, as the minimum should be detention and interrogation, and in most cases it turns out that killing — is quite a common thing and the shooter can go home and even give it a change to travel.

However, to watch You. Your opinion is not impose.

Nice view.

4 of 10

Stephannie Roman
22 March 2018 | 09:46

Honestly was expecting "Disposition", a new project with the participation of Karl urban and Andy Garcia, will be something more than an opportunity to show off the actors to have appeared in circulation, or the desire of these actors to work off their fees. Alas, dull Thriller that wants to imitate the scene the setting of the classic film Noir, not can boast of anything except a couple of big names in the caste the above the tie, forcing to recollect cinteractive the 1940s. it is Possible that at the stage of writing the script of "addiction" and was a serious creation, but the final product is a cheap, modest, powerless and slightly confusing collection of characters and motivations.

Danny (Karl urban), once worked as a detective. The hero was framed and after his release in prison for ex-COP going to find the culprit. Studying the connection of a local authority, had a hand in stained the name of Danny, our hero finds even more puzzling crime than tainted reputation.

Strictly speaking, the whole film is about how to investigate Danny, and troubled relations with different personalities like singer Kate or mentor Jimmy. And as "Disposition" has in itself the Central antagonist, all still most of the film concentrated on Danny its problems. A strange change of focus from detective/Thriller almost not drama is not very well directed by the Director, so as a barrage of characters surrounding Danny, makes you forget half of them to the end of the movie. In other words, in the scenario present a considerable number of characters, but a significant impact on the plot have two-three persons. For example, the female character Rebecca, Danny providing possible assistance in the investigation of crimes in mostly just a technical input to the antagonist. If it was replaced by any notes or clues, then the story would not lost.

Neither the story nor the characters nor the concept felt something special, maybe at least the theme will work? Alas, the depth of "Inclination" is not at all. In viewing is not offer on something to think about and the thrill is also not enough. The only more or less important for the characters of the film events happening in the last 20 minutes, when it that the lethargy depression.

One of the drawbacks of the genre of "police detective" is the need to constantly maintain the rhythm of the narrative, placing the hero in an incredible dangerous situation. "The tendency" with this play, but as a sluggish. Half-dead dialogues of the characters do not work on the atmosphere, and Danny, getting access to some of forbidden to it quickly retreats.

On the other, in many ways the "Tendency" is not like a terrible creations coming from on DVD or in digital services. In the film has participated, I think, talented people, there is good cinematography and strong acting values. Have in mind that Karl urban, performing the lead role, trying to do something with the friable character, which got its hero. Andy Garcia gets a few solid scenes, sorry its a little.

"Disposition" — this is the quintessential "bad detective" about the police, caught in a bad situation. Only at this time the project is some kind of uninspired, in the first place because of the abundance devours the brain of clichés and weak characters. The lack of good stories, interesting characters, interesting topics or action is not features a "Propensity" from kinokoncerne, and only makes the picture unattractive for viewing.

3 of the 10

How long is Bent?
2h 16m
Who is the director of the movie Bent?
This tv-show was directed by Bobby Moresco.
What is the genre of Bent?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Thriller.
Who starred in Bent?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Karl Urban, Sofía Vergara, Andy Garcia, Vincent Spano, John Finn.
What is Bent IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.3.
When was Bent released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-03-09.