Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman appears in the clinic Arkham, where finds out that the Joker managed to escape from custody. This threat the patient was under observation, but now his function to entertain the hospital transferred to another. The role of a clown does not realize the consequences of what is happening. The Joker is on the loose and intend to show others what you are capable of. They are mistaken who thought him insane. The world around has gone mad, and the Joker has his own plans and ways to implement them. Amusement Park, no longer functioning, purchased by a fugitive from the clinic for a penny. This is the first step on the way to the dream. James Gordon becomes the assistant of the Joker. Why is it? Gordon represents honor and morality in Gotham is rotten to the core...

  • Sam Liu

Release Date: 2016-07-25
IMDb icon 6.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $3,500,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $4,462,034
Cyndy Vacla
01 August 2016 | 04:51

Every self-respecting superhero is supposed to have a Nemesis. This, if anything, an indispensable attribute of hard-boiled personality, bringing retribution to the criminal element — same as a stylish leotard, mask and special equipment with weapons. The confrontation between Spider-Man and Green Goblin has many volumes of comics and a dozen spools of film. The feud between Superman and Lex Luthor still has a great history. However, the intransigence of Batman and the Joker stands out even on this glorious background. The dark knight of Gotham city and chief among insane clown fraternity was originally created — until the end of time to disturb each other. At this, somewhere in the subcortex the makers always had the idea that in fact, both hero — two variations of one and the same the man whose fate depended only on external circumstances. In its own way funny, that the old comic "the killing joke" was adapted only now, thanks to films and cartoons, the audience learned several incarnations sworn enemies. However, the animated Batman with the Joker came on screen exactly as they recognize fans of the canonical version of DC. Only one thing has changed: the regular meeting of the vigilante and psychopath gave them little opportunity to better understand the nature of their own hostility, and along themselves as if they long looked in the mirror.

Passing in the hands of justice once a thief, cheater or even the big gangster — companion Batgirl or without — the tough guard of the town does not could ward off the thought of the curse that he himself on and brought. One day made Batman Batman, or there have been a lot — doesn't matter. More importantly, like the night existence is not added to the life of a really the feelings of accomplishment, and turned into an obsessive habit, in fact, drug which he is could, wanted to rid assistant. So the creators of the cartoon went on the risky way and a good half of the duration given under the prologue, where Joker appears. This gag went counter to the comic book, but has released the identity of Batgirl as vulnerable, psychologically weak girl black outfit obviously too big. This warrior is barely able to resist the narcissistic bastard Paris Franz, what's really is there to talk about the supervillain with a clown. "Soap" passions in the first part of the tape and is indeed sufficient, but the more afraid of the contrast between a brave heroine and the crippled victim of an escaped maniac. It turned out that people are not able to reject the chosen path of revenge, and punishment cowardice can come in any time. More  & mocking remark, "smile!" at this throw.

That of wild Batman has always been shared, so it is the hardness of the judgment of the madness of the world, which they only meet, but do not exceed. Cartoon sad Sepia tones shows the history of crazy clown and along the way, adds color its character. Despite the heap of terrible crimes and the number of dead they are thinking about the possibilities are kind of a comeback. In this regard, in its own way symbolic that the most vivid character in the voice Grade Hamill, not by hearsay familiar with the return of someone on the light side. Chaotic charm, the film and the Central villain is a convincing illusion of returning. Invisible limit one overtakes each character, and the gloomy surroundings of the abandoned theme Park as fits in as a graveyard of ideas that led Batman and the Joker. Alone with each other, nose to the nose, these charismatics do not need help or in the retinue or even a bunch of cool gadgets. Only the intellect against the intellect, only the ring duel, leaving just three solutions. It is the "Killer joke". Deadly in its paradoxical surprise.

Perennial, very dreary and sometimes controversial work on a picture naturally ended in a very controversial product, to which you can complain and find fault, especially if you do not recognize the slightest deviations from the original by Alan Moore. Another question, and should I? The long-awaited and in a certain account clash of eternal enemies, definitely, worth and waiting, sexist half-hour prologue. The cartoon plays on the usual cards, the eldest of which is incomparable voice Grade Hamill and Kevin Conroy, but they are still strong and meet the expectations. In technical tape of the skin does not tear, however, represents the feature works DC, which still distinguishes them colleagues Marvel — hypnotic Noir atmosphere. Filled with sin, evil and misery, the city became a site of conflict, storehouse for the study of types. The sympathy between the protagonist and antagonist fall apart right in the middle — otherwise not be those two deserve each other. Hysterical laughter of the Joker, sabrepulse very specific sense of humor, was a true reward for the work. The main party here is played out so vividly that once complete, you can remember only her, well and a scene after the credits, of course. Here really want to smile.

Ashlee Joyan
31 July 2016 | 11:35

Let's start with small displays, DC is known that periodically produces a dark, hard history in the context of the comics, which raise various social and moral issues. For the mass audience they have just started to build a movie universe on the manner of Marvel, but in terms of animated projects, DC went to your head forward. In favor of playing the fact that they filmed as the rule of" the best comic stories, which are more intended for adults. the killing joke is Alan Moore, the disclosure of the relationship Batman and the Joker, hard, grim, imbued with psychic horror, and how fans have been waiting for this, especially after the excellent "the return of the dark knight." But...

The plot of Alan Moore not so long stretch it. half — two hours was impossible, it was therefore decided to complement the story. First floor hours picture to us dumped story Barbara Gordon — Batgirl, where we adventure. Here it is the root of all evil, not understand correctly, to acquaint the viewer with new character and open it is good, but "killing joke" is not a story of Barbara's story the Joker, Batman and Commissioner Gordon. Barbara falls out of the history and it is only an instrument for the story, that case, why bring down the pace of painting the background, which is not brings how good? It would be more logical to show a life together James and Barbara Gordon that we've seen how much he loves his daughter, his further drama would look like a lot harder. But no, the first 30 minutes of the movie you can safely skip, from you will not lose anything.

What further, the animation is simple, this can be seen in almost all DC animations, but not her all the abuse, it is common to blame the visual image, but I'm such panache at the soul, efficiently and atmospheric.

The characters do not all good, but this only applies to the main antagonist of the background Barbara. Not going into details, and that will slide into the spoilers, but the spectacle there really. In main we all the same Batman, the same Commissioner. Joker, that's who revealed at full, then you can draw an analogy with the Joker Heath Ledger, the same a manic crazy person with his philosophy. But in fact if you think about it after pictures realize that the Joker is just simply morally weak person.

Voice acting is good, mark Hamill on the height, better to watch with subtitles for the sake of this gorgeous voice.

That in the end, the very "killing joke" came out great, look for what is happening creepy but it is interesting. End of story there looks more ambiguous than in the comic. And it was good cartoon, but the backstory of Barbara spoils the overall impression of the picture. Itself by her story line looks weak, but in addition to this story finds any development in the new same success could show the beginning of a series of the Simpsons, the effect would not changed. Yeah and the behavior of the characters in the backstory is a lot of incorrect questions.

In General, due to this mess of emotions is nasty residue, not an adaptation of waiting for the fans.

6 out of 10

Tessa Vas
25 July 2016 | 04:21

Anticipated cartoon adaptation of the comic book "Batman: the killing joke"

The creators decided to slightly change the story of the comic, adding the story to escape Joker the increasing duration or introducing such a character as "Batgirl" and her relationship with Batman.

The cartoon was very interesting, and I am glad that put an adult rating, so as the story is not exactly for children, there are not an abundance of fights and blood, there are a couple adult scenes and an interesting story. That tightens and does not let go. Have not me have a desire to rewind some point (if only a little bit music scene), some scenes on the contrary wanted to review, especially the jokes Joker and the final scene, which is not give a definite answer.

The plot is based on that Batman tired of the combat Joker (Like me and the Joker tired of trying to break Batman and show that even a hero can get away with mind to become the villain.) and he understands that whole the fight will lead to the death of one of them, or both. And he's trying to talk Joker, to finish all this. They are two opposites of the same essence. And what happens, you know yourself. And I still say that laughter Batman caused me the creeps, he gave me a fright. And I set day and not one, so I recommend to watch in the night. So in contrast comic book there is an interesting stage Batman with Batgirl.

About drawing in the cartoon all done qualitatively, for with the exception of one moment, the reflection in the Windows of a skyscraper. Drawing here one in one in the comic book that very much.

Summing up we can say. One of the most now the best adaptation of a comic book, along with "the Dark knight: the legend", sharp dialogue and chic atmosphere. So here shows one of many possible stories of the appearance of Joker, which I like the most. So I recommend to browse.

How much has Batman: The Killing Joke made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $4,462,034.
How much did it cost to make Batman: The Killing Joke?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $3,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie Batman: The Killing Joke?
This tv-show was directed by Sam Liu.
What is the genre of Batman: The Killing Joke?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Animation, Best Animation Movies 2016.
Who starred in Batman: The Killing Joke?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Tara Strong, Ray Wise, John DiMaggio.
What is Batman: The Killing Joke IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.4.
When was Batman: The Killing Joke released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-07-25.