Bad Samaritan

Two guys, working as a Valet at a luxury restaurant, successfully cleaned the houses of rich visitors, while they enjoy fine cuisine. Once one of the accomplices, broke into someone's mansion, in addition to the rich mining discovers the tormented prisoner, tightly bound and held in bondage by the chains. Trying to save the girl, he falls deeper into the trap of a cruel monster.

  • Dean Devlin

Release Date: 2018-05-04
IMDb icon 6.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Cammie Julee
04 April 2019 | 10:59

Pretty good Thriller presented us the Director of Dean Devlin (perhaps as the atonement of sins for last year's worthless "Geostorm"). "The Monster's lair" tells us about two young men working the Valet Parking next to a French restaurant. While visitors enjoy dinner, one of the Valet Parking, using the GPS data, comes to their house and drove into the garage, clean out customers.

The Valet Parking service at Shaun interested in photography, have a girl, who is studying in College in General it is a nice guy, if you close your eyes to what he's a small apartment thief.

Once in the restaurant came to a luxury car is clearly a very wealthy client, and Sean went to him in hopes to a good catch. In home finds a room that is locked very securely. In anticipation of the rich booty guy picks locks and finds the room bound and chained in chains girl.

Attempts to free the victim success is not brought — the owner of the house chained her very reliable. No time Sean promises that will save it, and then leaves the apartment in a state of shock.

However, hopes for the help of law enforcement very quickly melt. In police the FBI Shawn not believe, considering that he whatever their reasons, want to settle scores with the owner of the house who is rich and can boast an impeccable reputation in contrast Sean. The officer checked the house maniac no trace of the crime is not found.

Worst of all, maniac now knows who he opened his secret he has everything opportunities in order to destroy Sean's life and his family. And because it a fucking maniac, you won't give up until the torment the poor guy is not reached its climax. He inventive he's got a whole Arsenal of methods for the transformation of alien life in hell.

Whether Sean he survive and will survive if the poor girl became another victim of the maniac, depends on will do this sophisticated psychopath at least one error...

7 of 10

Nada Rechaba
09 September 2018 | 04:53

Director's chair again become honorable for many filmmakers. This may explain why a huge number of different actors, Actresses, producers and other figures of cinema are willing to try themselves in a new incarnation of the film. However, not many people manage to gain in this area with little success and the Director of this tape is Dean Devlin is the clearest example. Selecting as his directorial debut big-budget and large-scale blockbuster, Devlin it is frankly not pulled. For and followed the dismissal of Devlin with the post of Director, bringing a new Director almost a complete retake and remake the pictures and a very cold reception of the final result of the critics. Not surprising that after such a start, the quality of this tape is Dean Devlin has also caused some concerns. However, as turned out to be in vain.

The plot evolves around a young guy the name of Sean. Laboring on Parking luxury restaurant, Sean with my friend robs house guests while they dine. Entering the next one rich, Sean suddenly discovers not just another items for money and the tormented girl located on the chain. Not even knowing how much it will change the save hold on chain a stranger.

Movies on the theme of obsession and further harassment of one person by another there is quite a lot and virtually all of them follow one same well-trodden path. On first glance, stick to it and this film. However, the balance of power willing to change shift positions of the main characters, which gives the story a certain breath of freshness. When the main character is not the most law-abiding people, and his pursuer — helpful influential first sight of a madman, to bring under the letter of the law is given the extremely difficult.

Events on the screen has developed very rapidly. However, my opinion, a little pumped up their implementation. "Baiting" the main character, which suits the main antagonist of the picture seems too primitive, and past the motivation of the main antagonist pushing him on offense it seems too boring and not interesting.

The Director of this tape is Dean Devlin took quite as not bad. The naked eye can see that within a much more modest cash and less finicky studios the second category, Devlin feels a little better and freer. The film doesn't re-invents the Bicycle. But quite bad exploits on screen have been invented methods of blending the atmosphere of suspense, tension and anxiety. Even sometimes picture is a little bit stalled.

The main success of the picture is definitely the appointment of the main role of the main antagonist of the Andy Tennant. With a striking charisma and a fairly sinister appearance, Tennant has created quite a charismatic and powerful image, which my mind simply vanished. Unwittingly causing more sympathy and empathy to yourself than to the positive characters. Already worked with Devlin in  the"Geostorm" Robert Sheehan willing to beat on the entire tape. Perfectly embodied the image of a scared to death victim Kerry Condon.

6 out of 10

The lair of the beast — is not perfect, but very bad representative of the genre of an action Thriller. Rehabilitation Devlin after "Geostorm" can be considered as good. He didn't have invented anew bike. But his film quite successfully operates on the rules of the genre and willingly entertains on the entire screen time.

Kylila Hayse
17 December 2019 | 07:16

The film was in bookmarks. However, reached only in the weekend. For ticket service tried to overcome. Defeated. Here I only movie most likely not like it. Not managed to captivate me with this maniac. Although really, my love to the subject known to all colleagues at the site.

Watch the film here some flat that Lee. Straightforward. Although a couple of moments shaken at times. Here honestly, I'm this movie is not enough. I guess the mystery, I still love when we don't know who the murderer, and here the opposite situation, I always a little interesting.

Although depending on who a maniac, a Cannibal Lecturer here always kept in suspense. But here think too went on the way of explicitness. From the actor is a person who live yells: I inadequate monster. Yes, even as the actor has revealed that the words "maniac" live fosfauriliruet from his forehead. And most of the research maniacs we just looked quite peaceful.

The story itself is quite tolerable. Yes, and the action develops quickly and quickly. The movie looks pretty good. Sorry, only dark that movie is. Although forests in the end smart home like.

That's unnatural as it seemed that shovels fought, fought, and everything is alive and alive...

Once you can see, but not above three from me. Don't got me a movie, alas. Something good maniacs until I saw for the last time. Translated to the Directors...

Who is the director of the movie Bad Samaritan?
This tv-show was directed by Dean Devlin.
What is the genre of Bad Samaritan?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Horror, Best Thriller Movies 2018.
Who starred in Bad Samaritan?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: David Tennant, Kerry Condon, Robert Sheehan, Jacqueline Byers, Lisa Brenner.
What is Bad Samaritan IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.4.
When was Bad Samaritan released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-05-04.