Avengers: Infinity War

While the Avengers and their allies continue to protect the world from various dangers you can't handle a single superhero, a new threat emerges from space: Thanos. The intergalactic tyrant aims to collect all six Infinity Stones — artifacts of incredible power which can change reality at will. All the Avengers had previously experienced, led to this moment — the fate of the Earth has never been so uncertain.

  • Anthony Russo
  • Joe Russo

Release Date: 2018-05-04
IMDb icon 8.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Harrie Pessa
14 May 2018 | 07:45

With the premiere of this film has been quite a lot of time. After watching the Internet of all kinds of spoilers, I almost knew what coming. But no reduced interest. I all same looking forward to the session. But that I saw the screen just shocked me. Have me still not enough words to tell you how it was a cool movie. Marvel really tried to the glory, making a masterpiece, around which is simply impossible, because it is not clear that it can be better.

For quite a long time we watched characters in solo the earlier parts of the Avengers. We can say that some grew up with your favorite superheroes. And now, after 10 long years, the battle took place that changed everything. Here have not a simple story about superheroes who triumph over evil at the last moment. No, the stakes here are extremely high, the error can not be tolerated. But that it is possible to oppose the mad Titan, which the power is comparable only to that with God?

Everything, absolutely everything in this film is adjusted to detail and it pleases the eye. With the us throws the swirl of events and action give to understand at this time all seriously and the stakes are really high. As usual, plenty of action becomes a bore to the middle of the movie. But not only in the War of Infinity, where the action looks appropriate and keeps you in suspense up to the very end.

Pleased with how cramped it would seem irreducible characters, and that is the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. The presence of such a large number of characters, development of action in several plot lines — all caused some concerns, and whether it harmonious and holistically look... And Yes, I could. All it was so edim whole, complement each other, which to break away, it was impossible to not miss something important.

Special attention is given the main villain, which a villain that it is difficult to call. Yeah, he is crazy, but it hides the madness of sincere pain and experience. Thanos is so confident in his case that is ready for its Grand objective to sacrifice the most expensive, even with tears on eyes. Yes, he is an evil genius, but do evil? Personally I even this character was able to evoke sympathy and pity. Thanos can love, can hate, but doubt that is the greatest villain is not necessary. Smart, cunning, strong, he, like Tina stark, a genius of his world. Its charisma captivates, but only that it makes by what means he does it forces you to talk about that he's a villain.

All this is so harmonious is served, with spectacular special effects, plot and related the story that you come screen or for a second. It truly a movie masterpiece of all that has released a marvel and by far my favorite movie now.

Probably, this review will seem chaotic, but very hard to describe this film and share your opinions and experience about this movie is not spoilera. Perhaps it is one of few films, but perhaps even the only, where evil so simple how it seems. Because it has its own history and motivation, from why start thinking and to sympathize with him. And in this film there is a trivial good always triumphs over evil. There are evil carries out his evil plan, however at what cost. Definitely one — War Infinity best work marvel for which is not sorry to put all 10 points.

10 of 10

Venita Garey
05 May 2018 | 09:27

Let the following statement may seem a bit unfounded and unlikely ever will have enough reason to stand at the head of cinerescens, but "infinity War" — this is two a half hour, triumphant, colorful and infinitely (pardon the pun) intriguing Wake. Funeral kynoselen DC, of course. with the bosses of the Studio "Warner Bros.", together with Zack Snyder is not can cope here is the second full-fledged film, trying to handle everything and up to speed, the Russo brothers as the Directors do with reference to dedication and interest in the work, in addition to increasing own merits, is equivalent to except that personal ambitions. No joke, but the nineteenth film "KVM" long before output screens have become perhaps the most anticipated project of the twenty-first century, the least the field of mass pop culture. Which in conjunction with the number of involved characters, each of which requires separate attention, the formation of the image of the main antagonist of the universe in the face of Thanos, the fan's love and fears for the end result put a serious burden of responsibility on the shoulders of Joe and Anthony, as Directors. To the way, the cargo, with which they coped more than adequately. But everywhere has its own nuances.

The third part of the Avengers continues the epic "Marvel Studios", at the same time being as the beginning of restarting so and the culminating point of the entire superhero series. The film unites practically all the characters shown previously in the framework of the General peace kinokomiksa with the purpose of the opposition of the powerful, intergalactic titanium — Thanos, whose main objective is to hold all six ancient artifacts, referred to as "Infinity Stones" for destruction of half the universe. It is around the personality of Thanos, Directors, and build a narrative within the painting. Bringing to the fore the feelings and experiences of Titan, Rousseau makes it the main character, providing for the public eye, is really strong and deeply ingrained character of antagonistic character with clear motivation and a clear goal. That, of course, allows us to feel his losses, mental anguish and, in some degree, forces us to empathize with the terrible destroyer of worlds, at the same time fearing it. And that's a pretty serious indicator of the quality of the picture. In fact, as said film critic Roger Ebert: "the Film is good exactly as good as its villain." And this time Marvel has created a magnificent, if not say the best representative of the forces of evil of his universe, the only comment to which can be the frequent appearance on screen as would like. What, exactly, can be applied to the whole picture in General.

The less right here is growing the main problem of the film with derived from her consequence. Too many characters and logical inconsistencies, or rather, a scenario of omissions in the sake of convenient connection, the last between them, respectively. Despite what each of characters the viewer is perfectly familiar to the beginning of the event, still it feels still not the uselessness of certain characters, but their detachment in a few moments. Thus, the narrative of the faces of the superheroes is a series of related directly, but parallel running storylines of different groups of these characters. From which can sometimes give the impression that some characters appear on the screen either as a reference, or in order to justify their presence in the trailers. Which, of course, does not diminish the merit and greatness of the picture, but not helps smooth honed screenwriting structure, forcing the filmmakers to resort to the use of abrupt transitions between scenes and events.

However, all this is an improvement rather than a serious flaw, if a flaw at all. Because the total volume of the "infinity War" for Marvel set the bar incredibly high, as for its competitors and followers for themselves. This film, the Russo brothers revealed that idea of more importantly - its implementation, in the presence of such a huge number of characters, very real. Using the only correct solution, but it is by placing the identity of Thanos in the center of the story, as is mentioned above in the text, Rousseau ruled out the possibility of turning your tape in frankly stupid and clichéd vinaigrette, as it was case the recent "Justice League." After all, if a common bond between the characters seems superficial, their local interaction is spelled out on the highest level. Each skirmish Dr. Strange and Tony stark, the meeting and the journey of Thor from Guardians of the Galaxy, communication between two Peters (quill and Parker) and so on. looks interesting and are a large part of the quality, situational jokes. In the picture, in principle, very well-a balance of excellent humor and high dramatic moments. Then, as initially the "infinity War" is a conventional interpretation of what the viewer has seen once in the art Studio, then, starting from the second half, the picture gradually changes the vector direction, causing no all the fun and former ease of presentation, leaving the viewer in front of the face is emotionally very deep, "silent" scene of the climax of the battle for the safety of the universe in the end. Scene, creating an incredibly strong based on intrigue to the further development of events and giving the tape a huge potential before the subsequent part. Tragic as moments not limited to one only in the final episode, many are able to enter in a stupor. On the contrary, according to course duration the spectator is confronted and with a lot more dark moments in features with one, expertly written for all the canons of the silent drama in the relationship between the characters, but it is a spoiler. All this directly indicates the serious intentions of the Studio by changing the inner attitudes of their movies when the restart of kynoselen.

To the atmosphere contributes to surprisingly, a strong soundtrack by Alan Silvestri, showing a very appropriate and dignified composition, and let the falls short of the level of the musical accompaniment of "the Dark knight", but bright eye-catching on the background of other Marvel movies. Acting is incredible, especially for this genre. It is seen that everyone gets the fun of work laid the maximum, giving the entire the soul of your character. More likely, it be true against Josh Brolin who gave emotions and facial expressions Thanos, and finally adding a way.

From the point of view of "visual" the film is shocking not less. Operator Trent Opaloch in collaboration with masters the special effects works wonders. The image is bright, the special effects done on a colossal level, with the exception of literally two moments where, when you want, you can find a flaw. Action dynamic and aesthetically beautiful, as he should be movie the biggest concentration of fighting and events franchise history.

"The Avengers: infinity War", without any exaggeration, the film-event, the debate on the theme of which will long hold a position in society. The picture is not without problems, but the background of the overall scope of the problems forgivable. A real feast for fans of the superhero movie. The global phenomenon of films in easy beating all imaginable and unimaginable records of box offices. The clearest example of the love of the creators to their creation, and the fans that put up completely new horizons in the genre. Film, fully worthy of the proud to pronounce classical: "the Avengers collection!"

9 of the 10

Marice Polloch
03 May 2018 | 06:00

I I I I Yes! I finally saw this film! That wouldn't catch some of the spoilers I had a week to limit the use of kinologov, information resources, and not to read their favorite critics. Do not judge strictly write directly to exit of cinema. And I am happy, touched, proud, I empathize, I ride on a fantastic attraction, one of the coolest for the history of cinema. But everything order.

I'm a fan of marvel, so well as a fan of Detective Comics, I love all these wonderful worlds that decades provide food for thought, put very simple questions and help to grow thousands and thousands of people. My acquaintance with this universe, as and many our country began in the distant 90s, with the animated series about Spider-Man. And how I was its time to see the arch with a lot of superheroes. It is worth remembering that the film transfer of the comic book heroes on the screen as and adapting books out of Hollywood are very not homogeneous. And the remarkable and wonderful that the marvel universe has a lot of the truly complex and multi-faceted characters got into the skillful hands of Disney. Frankly, I do not time I criticized the Studio for the lack of rigidity, the plausibility (if it is generally applicable to the movie comic books) and other, the brighter this film was released — the point of intersection of the plot, to which the Studio was 10 years. Without spoilers of the story to tell is extremely difficult, in a nutshell — Thanos, anti-hero, which we already had a chance to see and we times hinted and directly told, found in the will challenge the whole universe, the whole of life in it but that familiar for the last 18 films stand in his way. What amazing movie for two hours and a half to as dynamic, and have time to tell continue the story everyone. The script is brilliant, in it gets a fair share of tragedy, humor, epic, action, plot twists, in no bends, no stupid flat jokes, all of place, just as much as you need.

But what rife — is a master of visual design. The picture is bright, colorful and when you need dark and sinister, all the effects verified, many of the characters got new costumes or accessories him. Though a significant part of the film and appeared on green screen, taken in not alive behind the intensity. The play of light, shades, reflections — the picture is awesome. A palette of various —  & gaudy star battle in the spirit of guardians of the galaxy, and the dark interiors, which came to the spirit, even Zach Snyder. Believe me, this is worth watching in IMAX! Just enough. About timing content, I have said. Do not miss will have the time allotted the movie you go to roller coaster, which takes you through a variety of emotional States, and by the end of plunges in shock. No minute throw. For communication and mood swings not in the last instance responsible for the music. Here you will find already love the losses of the Avengers the theme of some characters, like and brand new motifs. All this skillfully mixed, with only one goal — bring up the catharsis the viewer to the out of theater a completely different person.

Acting — that not surprised less thoughtful and careful details of the script! If mastodons acting as Downey Jr., Johansson, Ruffalo, Cumberbatch has already it all have all proven that the game Chris Evans and Hemsworth became of for me. But who really impressed — this Volume Holland. On my opinion solo film, he was homely and lame, but he events in me a tear, at all different level, completely different. Incredibly tough time distribution at this is the number of stars with all this was enough, all convincing.

To summarize. What we liked: everything. What did not like: unrealistic sediment, and a wild desire to see more of what do year the mind is not know. The feeling is akin to waiting for the new season of Game of Thrones or the new part of the Lord of the rings, who still remember. This best film marvel.

10 of 10

Who is the director of the movie Avengers: Infinity War?
This tv-show was directed by Anthony Russo, Joe Russo.
What is the genre of Avengers: Infinity War?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Best, Best movies 2018, Oscar 2019, Best Action Movies 2018, Best Adventure Movies 2018, Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies 2018.
Who starred in Avengers: Infinity War?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Karen Gillan, Dave Bautista, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan.
What is Avengers: Infinity War IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.5.
When was Avengers: Infinity War released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-05-04.