Asteroid vs Earth

The earth is threatened by a massive meteor shower. Humanity is on the brink of destruction. The greatest minds on the planet carry out a risky plan that might help to avoid disaster.

  • Christopher Ray

Release Date: 2014-05-01
IMDb icon 2.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Marion Specht
11 January 2016 | 10:28

Before starting a feedback on the movie, a little attenshun FPGA. I will consider this movie not as a mega-budget Hollywood epic, and as another very bezbyudzhetnoe and crazy TV show The office Asylum, which he is. So most probably I will only understand that a narrow circle of people who watching in the world b-movie.

Christopher ray. The coolest figure in the office, on my opinion. The man, who began his work under the wing of the father, the Titan similar industry, Fred Olena ray. First, followed by the standard at the story "Repetiteur" "Megaconda", which is not clear from dug channel TV-3 in winter 2012. Such conventional monster movie, without a special flair, but it was obvious that removes the man who neither what do not allow the viewer to get bored. And the movies turned out great. Joining the brave ranks of The war, ray takes two my favorite movie — the second part of the Mega-Shark "the fall of the titans" "the Mighty Thor". Perfect movies on the number of scripted nonsense, total madness, oak special effects and fairly often glimpsed monsters. Followed by "the Threat of the depth" — a powerful statement about two-headed shark, weaker than the two previous films, but the highlight was the rubber monster with flexible teeth. Action "Mercenary" so is completely the style of Christopher — crazy of specagenty, plastic bombs, a building remarkable for the whole country and so on. To the way, recently in Russia came fourth part of Mega-Sharks, where ray once again does not disappoint and made a real the fun in the frame. But in 2014 filmography Christopher was marred by one event.

So, we have the film Chris ray "Asteroid vs Earth". In General, to remove something new in the genre of "disaster movie" have hard. The same endless SyFy-Eskie DIY clearest example. Yes same The Asylum copy themselves in movies frozen world. But here comes ray.

In the story, to the Earth is moving asteroid. In principle, something that it everything but to shoot down the asteroid — it's boring, so we need to find a new scenario findings. In the beginning of the film, narrow-eyed Intern-astronomer-physicist-mathematician and just the brain detects sickly asteroid flying to Earth. He immediately delivered to the chief military who sit in the nearby pavilion. The idea is simple narrow-eyed — it is necessary to make nuclear explosions in certain parts of the world, it will cause a powerful earthquake and the Earth will simply go with its orbit, yielding a space, not wanting to collapse the asteroid. Said — made, begin preparations, in the plot is woven the new left of the line (thank God, not so much as in the "Quantum Apocalypse") and everything revolves and revolves.

Complete film: the studies of the producers of the office that are issued for the headquarters of the world's authorities; constant interference with Russian leader Sergey; gay military; immediately after the bar trezveyuschy commander; the Chinese; the evil volcano; Robert Davi and still a lot of things different. Seemingly perfect set for fresh disasters, ray from the helm, the budget of the film allows you to go on a full plot with explosions, deviation of the planet — it's generally the bomb!

But no. Christopher ray not pulls the task. The film is boring, follow the movements of the characters in two or three pavilions uninteresting, asteroid show 3-4 times, no special effects, and there is only chatter, chatter and chatter. Yes, it trying to leave, and I agree that sometimes the dialogues are just so funny, but no. Not an hour and a half in a row. At Ken Badish and its Active Entertainment and what special effects in movies anymore, even though I always thought that the guys at economy terminal stage. I don't know why ray took to shoot a disaster movie, but he turned out. Weak work very weak. On the moment — the worst movie of ray all that I watched.

We all have failures, have ray, senior calapodesti so do this sometimes boring, but I believe Christopher still will delight us with if not level "the Mighty Thor", the fourth level of Mega-Sharks for sure. Assessment inflate due to the change of the orbit of the Earth and Chinese.

Thank you for attention.

5 from 10

Randee Strain
25 September 2015 | 01:22

Has long been seen the films telling about the threat meteor Earth. Accidentally stumbled across this work, which was directed by Christopher ray, son of Fred Olen ray known for their cheap movies.

Name of course Asylum in this time came up with an unusual, but as always wait for that something good to have. It's hard to say what's the movie this time filmed a parody, apparently in this time on "Collision with a comet", which was also made for TV.

A definite plus in such a tape is the presence of famous actors Robert Davi and TIA Carerre, but that it nothing special, if Carerra yet somehow it turns out to portray heroism, then Press appears only a few times, the truth is that remember so is it quotes that bring a ridiculous dialogues of the characters. As expected to the genre of the disaster is here and love line, but this time it is between people with nonconventional orientation!

Destruction of this creature really present, only a couple of times painted a volcano and a meteor, even normally looked at earthquake building when electrocuted on a submarine of one of the military, here is the scene where heroic soldiers are with warheads in the center of the eruption looked very absurd.

3 of the 10

Who is the director of the movie Asteroid vs Earth?
This tv-show was directed by Christopher Ray.
What is the genre of Asteroid vs Earth?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure.
Who starred in Asteroid vs Earth?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tia Carrere, Jason Brooks, Tim Russ, Darin Cooper, Robert R. Shafer.
What is Asteroid vs Earth IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 2.7.
When was Asteroid vs Earth released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2014-05-01.