Around the World in 80 Days

Eccentric London inventor Phileas Fogg opened the secrets of flight, electricity, and many others, but society does not accept it, considering crazy. Fogg really wants to be treated seriously, and he makes an unusual bet with Lord Kelvin, the head of the Royal Academy of Sciences: he gets to travel around the globe in no more than 80 days. Along with his Valet Passepartout and thrill-hungry French artist Monique Fogg embarks on a crazy, exciting race round the world by land, sea and air. During a dizzying journey, our heroes come in the most exotic corners of the planet. In the way they face many adventures and obstacles...

  • Frank Coraci

Release Date: 2004-06-16
IMDb icon 5.9/10
  • Country: DE, IE, GB, US
  • Language: English | Cantonese | French | German | Hindi | Turkish
  • Budget: $110,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $72,178,895
Winne Gavrilla
03 July 2010 | 06:45

I have to say, without clear that this is the best adventure Comedy. And how could it be otherwise, if the main role is played by the inimitable Jackie Chan? I will say that there is now Jackie began to tire and not saved by his presence the picture "the Spy next door", well, well I do, all are bloopers and blunders. But in 2004, the height of its power, Jackie Chan did complete and played in this picture. Although I think the film did not initially could be wrong, because I put it on the book by Jules Verne. At least this I have not read, but other works by the author thereof me more than enough to appreciate the skill of writing. Yeah and even if slightly changed, then after all, to us — spectators. All to make it interesting to watch and exciting, and was the book to read. I hope in the next few days this will.

Entertainment in the movie is rife. The fight with participation of the funny Passepartout, attempts to exit. any situation (by the way, attempts at the most successful) clumsy Phileas fog, under  the"leadership" of one person of the fair sex do not will soon be forgotten and will be remembered at the mention of the word "adventure Comedy". Iron Arnie in the role of a crafty Prince simply inimitable. After all, to not said look really good with comedic roles, it is a pity that he had stopped acting. And overall, this is one of the best bit roles, be sure to make it in a small TORUS.

On the plot there just not have an initial titer from the phrase "... for the book of Jules Verne" puts everything at once in its place. It is clear that something boring and mundane is not be. Navigate around the world create a fun but with those are full of dangers, atmosphere. The intertwining themes of love, excitement and friendship the result gives excellent results. I sure that, looking at the picture is not the first dozen times. The main thing that the film captures so much that the speaking of the Minister, the final pathetic phrase about that our heroes don't have managed I really heart sank and brain swept up thinking about that can't this movie to end on such a sad note.

In General, the film has taken to the top of the rating "Adventure Comedy". The picture appeared on rare insightful as in terms of entertainment, so in terms of love story.

Lilith Reinhardt
04 April 2016 | 01:33

Frankly, I was pretty surprised when I found out that "Around the world" suffered in the time of crushing failure. Of course, this is not the best Comedy in history and not my favorite movie, but I still not averse to reconsider it already what a time.

This is probably all because I perceive the pattern as an adaptation of the novel by Jules Verne. Someone stubbornly believes that film — inept adaptation, and finds all the more more inconsistencies — supposedly Fogg and one and Jackie Chan must be a Frenchman, and do everything not so. Yes, not so. However, W "new" characters are interesting and fun, and around the world acts as a backdrop and canvas have a practically new narrative.

The main characters cope with my role — they are funny. And more of this movie should not be required, it is extremely entertaining picture. In addition to humor added well-choreographed fights Jackie Chan looking like never alive and cheerful. Most of the characters dull — well what? The same Schwarzenegger will be pleased with his presence, although, judging by the essentially, the role of it is pretty meaningless, and the character is extraordinary and from nowhere — Yes, the story quite often accelerated sharply, appear and disappear new characters, almost did themselves in the future is not interested.

Some criticize entourage — like, a complete lack of taste, especially in the animated inserts. From the latter is really possible to get rid of because of budget they got few, however, never felt a sense of disgust or anywhere of their presence. They are not every five minutes and not so ugly (quite the contrary), so fiercely spitting, as a lot of practice.

In General, reducing the budget and making the characters do not such moronic (and sometimes insanity comes to limit — ridiculous, of course, but still need to know the measure), the film would get by the box office, no one would did not say that this is another failure of Jackie on its formation in Hollywood all would cost — another picture in the career of the famous actor. Not better than the other, it is exactly. But not the worst.

Dorothee Annaliese
28 December 2011 | 09:56

"You are looking at that when will crown my inventions" — "a Giant moth?!" — "No, aircraft".

... London. Time adventures and splendid discoveries. One of the young and quick-tempered scientists at the name, Filias fog, enters into a dangerous bet with the chief Lord of the Royal Academy. The dispute is that the fog will be able to fly, to travel, to cross the whole world only 80 days. If this journey ends successfully, the young man will receive a reward, but if you will will lose everything. Despite all these incidents, Filius is taken for the case. With its a brave footman Passport, a scientist is sent to the way. Much of it lies ahead: betrayal and love, and exciting fights and ridiculous funny story....

"you Know, on this picture the trees are not can be purple, on the grass is black, and on this man...can't fly!" — Filias fog.

American painting "Around the world in 80 days" film Director Frank Coraci makes the viewer smile always. It is impossible to be sad, to cry or be upset. Here all infested jokes and ridiculous actions. I always see this film as a wonderful film, from which the soul remain some positive emotions. Actually, I love to laugh, because there is nothing better than humor. I don't know why these things creation failed in the box office, but can assume that it looked stale crackers. Hmm, this is, of course, all same a joke! Of course, I'm not difficult to guess that the film is not was like many, due to the fact that it's a miracle at odds with the book source. To I have not read the work, why not can judge, and especially to condemn and knock harsh criticism.

Although, to condemn it and nothing. "Around the world in 80 days" is a funny Comedy filled with mind blowing twists in the way the main characters and cool fights. If you start to analyze the movie on points, the whole line around the world looks realistic, and hand-to-hand fights look exciting. By the way, don't forget love shows great enemies. Sometimes they get so vicious, but sometimes horror funny. Especially Lord Kelvin. Well, my opinion, F. Coraci able to make good and a good movie intended for the whole family.

"Captain, help me to win, take the ship to items" — "Bare "Carmen"? No, no, no..." — "And if I win, I will help you with the restoration of health and give money to the purchase of a new vessel" — "Ah, health you bought me completely."

Perhaps it is necessary to praise not only the Director, but and a large Arsenal of actors. Here to collect such a large personality that their game captures. One Jackie Chan is worth. It workshop facial expressions, his image, all the rest height. I am glad. On row Jackie also liked the Owen Wilson, Steve Coogan and... Arnold Schwarzenegger! From Arnie I do not expected this. It is stupid for the character of Prince hapi turned out excellent. In General, the acting work is done on five.

In the end, I must say. You — like to laugh? You crave gambling and dangerous journeys? Then when the movie, under the title "Around the world in 80 days," for you. I assure you, the spectacle is worth it. Laughter and cramps in the stomach you will receive. Guaranteed.

8 from 10

How much has Around the World in 80 Days made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $72,178,895.
How much did it cost to make Around the World in 80 Days?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $110,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Around the World in 80 Days?
This tv-show was directed by Frank Coraci.
What is the genre of Around the World in 80 Days?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Comedy.
Who starred in Around the World in 80 Days?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jackie Chan, Steve Coogan, Cécile de France, Robert Fyfe, Jim Broadbent.
What is Around the World in 80 Days IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.9.
When was Around the World in 80 Days released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2004-06-16.