Army of Darkness

By chance, ash moved in the distant past. Together with his car and dvuhstvolkoy he is in the 13th century. In the dark ages people suffer from the forces of darkness. Poor ash was caught by good citizens and placed in a local jail. He was able to convince the judge that he is not a spy from a hostile Kingdom. He decides to help people in the battle with the enemies. To win, he must restore the Necronomicon, an ancient book of magic that will help him return to his own time. Ash inadvertently unleashed the Army of darkness. How to defeat the living dead?

  • Sam Raimi

Release Date: 1993-02-19
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $11,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $11,502,976
Maureene Kalvn
15 July 2012 | 06:42

If the first film was a full-fledged horror film, the forest nightmares the second part was much deprived of black humour, and in the third film, "Army of darkness", Sam Raimi leaves of the genre of horror is still further and takes eccentric Comedy fantasy film comic.

From the previous part of the Forest demon throws ash (which, suddenly, from the student did clerk of the supermarket) to the middle of the middle ages. Like "Yankee at the court of king Arthur", ash demonstrates the "savages" of the intellectual and physical advantage of the modern man. Raimi brings martenovskaya the situation to the absurd: the servant of the consumer society, ash, heads the peoples in against evil teaches medieval soldiers, the whole life spent with a weapon in hand, fighting techniques, wielding a spear and a sword.

I resume: "the evil dead" became one of the favorite sagas after "Nightmare", "Risen of the hell". I just fell in love with this story a brave man (not the girl who runs is not where necessary), which will take with the same time encouraging us and yourself a sense of humor. Bruce Campbell in the role of ash. cracking down worse than any corpse, seasoning all the action apt phrases, in the Russian translation became even more killer.

Good? Bad? Most importantly — who has the gun!

10 of 10

Jinny Ho
02 February 2011 | 12:56

"Army of darkness" my favorite Comedy with childhood, 've seen it time 15! I watched this movie on the VCR class translations 90! Know every joke in advance, but still funny, thanks to Bruce Campbell. "Army of darkness" is the movie of one actor. The jokes in this movie funny, but not vulgar, simple but not flat, so what to look for it you like one, and company — not exactly regret nothing time.

For 1992 special level, but importantly, they fit into the concept of this film, add paint.

The plot is simple to neobiknovennie, but does it does not spoil. People from the modern world gets in an alternative middle Ages, where for centuries, fighting Good and Evil. People struggling with Evil believe that one day the Savior would come and save the day... and it appears, however, people were obviously waiting for another hero. Hero Bruce Campbell's ash — this is a narcissistic type who thinks only about yourself, even to help it going only in order to return home.

But we must not forget not immediately recognized the Savior, and to start with made a slave. Then you will see a rapid ascent ash and transformation as a person.

The film leaves only the warmest memories, so I recommend to all, because the fight against Evil is in each of us!

Wallie Tierza
22 October 2009 | 07:33

1. Bruce Campbell vs Army of Darkness...

"Evil dead 3" — the film which long verb not need. Here it is necessary to tell only the most important...

Remember the second part of the trilogy (which in the near future will turn in tetralogy). There was completely changed the plot of the original, changed the concept. And all that the original part unexpectedly for all became popular.

At the end of the second film the girl who knows the language of the dead, gives the Shadow of the Forests using the Book of the Dead material look and then opens a portal to another world, which sucks ash. In world on the courtyard of the middle Ages, the Darkness oppresses the people, and it was the predicted Messiah, who will come from heaven bring a victory over legions of the Army of Darkness, and at the same time get the book of the Dead.

In the end, ash friend the world itself gets shot by some flying creature, then all the declared it to be the predicted Messiah.

2. Another falsification of history...

The films of Sam Raimi often annoyed the viewer what the authors unable for some reason to immediately come up with the normal ending, then came the sequel, developing the idea. No, the movies of Sam Raimi, as a rule, always have something on such that is subsequently cut off or appear to be different in the sequel.

The same spider-Man... In the second part on the moment of the trilogy, the chief Peter Parker (the main character) and chief editor of the newspaper "the Bugle" mentioned this employee as Eddie Brock. In third of all have presented in a way that Brock, they say, just got to work "the Bugle".

Same here. In the third part of the film "the evil dead" again tweaked the events of the previous film (and why Sam Raimi not immediately might make a cool ending, from which then released a strong sequel?!). The events of the second film in trikvele presented so that, say, no flying vipers ash it does not have zastrelil and no one descent of the Messiah is not announced a ash, on the contrary, a chained and led to a kind of penalty (dumping in a deep pit where found dead).

Because of all these contradictions each other in the films of Sam Raimi and change of endings, from I had the distinct impression that Sam Raimi is unique as Director that never think ahead. It ends his films as necessary, puts in the want. Then, when it comes to the sequel, it starts to rush to rethink the ending, correcting them so that left the more interesting sequel. In the skill to make sequels to Sam Raimi not fails, but that it is not able to think on a few films ahead — it's bad in the modern world sequel trikvela fashionable to declare before the release of the original.

3. Hilarious dead...

The film — clearly not from the cast of "evil dead". Rather, it is a movie that continues the ideas of the original novels, but not full trikvel. With other parts of the series this movie is associated a single hero, Book of the dead, by the dead and... everything. How You, for example, such that trikvel on actually called "Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness" (Bruce Campbell versus Army of Darkness — shown to the beginning of the film). It is the "Bruce Campbell vs...", and not ash.

So "trikvel" not in no way terrible. This film the category of black humor. The humor in"Evil dead" was before (for example, an episode of the second part, where chair sat ash, broke, and the whole room laughed a savage laugh — deer head on the wall, books on shelves, a table lamp). Here jokes — very funny, we need to give them tribute to the authors — time and around.

Now, probably, all the fans of the trilogy trying to guess the following:

I. On what basis will the remake of "evil dead". On the basis of the first part, where the cabin in the Woods come in five people, or based on the backstory to the sequel, where reportedly in the cabin came only two person?

II. In what direction will develop the plot of the kvadrikvel scheduled for 2011 year? Again, black humor and sameparty a La "evil dead 3" or tension the seriousness of the first two parts?

Verdict. If not scary funny black humor, it would not the best triquel — would put a pure soul 6-7 balls. However, jokes save the movie.

8 from 10 (the weakest of the parts of the trilogy, but definitely the funniest)

How much has Army of Darkness made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $11,502,976.
How much did it cost to make Army of Darkness?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $11,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Army of Darkness?
This tv-show was directed by Sam Raimi.
What is the genre of Army of Darkness?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Horror, Best Comedy Movies.
Who starred in Army of Darkness?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Bruce Campbell, Embeth Davidtz, Marcus Gilbert, Ian Abercrombie, Richard Grove.
What is Army of Darkness IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was Army of Darkness released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1993-02-19.