Any Day Now

Based on real events that occurred in the late 1970s , the story tells of a gay couple taking care of little boy with down Syndrome, which refuses shiftless mother, a drug addict. And while the teenager for the first time in his life discovers the strong bonds of a real family, which he has never been dissatisfied with this state of Affairs, the conservative government has taken bold steps to snatch him out of this stable and peaceful environment that he had ever known. Now this homosexual couple should begin to fight for the right to adopt this wonderful, special needs child, entering into an unequal and unforgettable battle against a system created against them.

  • Travis Fine

Release Date: 2015-01-07
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $261,747
Anjanette Mullane
30 May 2013 | 05:53

A high school student living in a provincial Swedish town in which is a shame even to want to be a psychologist, not mention that to be gay, suddenly falls in love with his classmate and is a complex way of emancipation. Seventeen-year-old boy from American suburb suddenly realizes that the boys he likes more than girls is a complex way of self-determination. Fifteen-year-old Englishwoman who moved from the big city in the little resort town begins to feel an irresistible attraction to his new friend and everything is same way of emancipation and self-determination that both of the character above. All we know history and many they we already well tired of the endless repetitions and same situations receptions. But someone these boys or girls when he grew up? What they would be? American Travis fine in his second film, after a decade in a creative activities, decided to tell about this, things, which viewer to still knows so much — that happens when gays become adults and come to point, when you start thinking about how to start a family. About not said pathetic in the opening credits, but scenario which was shot on the picture of the "Now or never" based on real events that occurred in Brooklyn the late seventies, and George Arthur bloom, who wrote it, was familiar with real family child, provided the basis for character on the name of Marko. The Director is also not so far from topics — he also maintains a close friendship with people who chose for themselves another way, many of which have faced with the problem of "procreation", and fine is not by hearsay familiar with the difficulties that may be encountered on their way.

"Now or never" is a hybrid of a traditional movie about people with gay a fresh look at this almost a genre. With one hand, its heroes, living thirty years ago, when liberal America more wasn't in the views are forced to fight in this classic problem of a gay man, consisting in the need to hide their relationship that often leads to their disintegration. With another, work fine considerably expands the world typical of a young homosexual, bringing in him only the child, but and textured characters whose orientation is only feature. Alan cumming, who is an active fighter for the rights of the LGBT community and for whom the theme of this film is really personal, playing the man who was interesting and without his unusual lifestyle choice. Writer and Director created a character in which shows a lot of true human qualities, ranging from worry about all the junk food consumed by the child, and ending more global concerns related to this baby. But it not to become a walking hero of the social ads it is minor flaws and large gaps in the knowledge of how life works. No the painful feeling of perfection, which the viewer begins to seem that he was very aggressive in imposing a particular point of view, as the only correct, but there is a feeling that caring, which shows the hero on an abandoned baby, is perfect for natural because of his knowledge of what is to be different from others it really is not occurs and the idea to abandon the boy only because of it's disease.

Interesting and the choice of the second character, who is extremely close to the cliché movie about gays, but in this situation, when this story of love still exists and the third person, its presence is unexpectedly fresh. They are not only two partners who complement each other — one is impulsive and creative, the other discreet and tend to accurate things, such as the letter of the law. They got two ways to look at the topic of adoption and guardianship: the first — sensual, the second rational, but because these characters in the result become one, the Director comes to the perfect hybrid between what the heart says and the law says. If the film Fiennes and there was some naive, in the end it shows that he is a realist and does not try to jump above him, rewriting the situation with the same-sex couples and adoption, which happened to the end of the seventies in country well as and soar in the clouds about the fact that this boy was chance to their family. To the same "Now or never" is the film is not only gays, it all about old issues related to the imperfection of the laws and lack them flexibility. Those same dilemma was solved by Patrick Kenzie in"goodbye, baby, goodbye" only if the movie, Affleck has a difficult decision he took himself Patrick, whose the story is not started ended in this painting, and is outside the in the work of Fiennes have more felt the voice of the Director, occupying a clear and a clear attitude. Despite what action "Now or never" comes thirty years ago, the theme chosen by the author becomes every day is all the more urgent the worldwide and she helped to make a really fresh movie about gays, which the author chose an understated tenderness in the best sense of the word.

Nancy Glanti
26 December 2013 | 05:22

In contemporary cinema, which we are so fed up there is not so many films have the ability to make we love me he moved to the core...

And when you read the annotation to film immediately focuses its attention on that the film is about a gay couple, you are deeply mistaken in that the film will narrate about the difficulties gay in our time — the film is absolutely not about it.

He shows us the boundless love and affection complete strangers to the patient all the abandoned teenager with down syndrome, Marco. We shows sincerity, vulnerability, compassion, affection and genuine fatherly love for your child which our modern cruel world can dare only a few.

This film is a delight even and that it is based on real events and so the heroes of the film I admire more more in fact are indifferent to the misfortunes of others people existed in real life — and we want to believe that they are now in our society.

The main plot begins to unfold with the first meeting Rudy and Marco (neighbor boy with down syndrome) on the landing. Rudy sees that Marco's mother left and then he takes it yourself.

Rudy meets Floor with Marco (as can't leave the boy alone) moved to live with the Floor. All their problems start only when reveals their sexual orientation and while all facts indicate that they reached a kid high as mental and physical progress of a child as his family, which it never been — the child from they all still selected.

And even when it seems everything is already irreversible, they prodoljaut for him to fight, hiring lawyers, changing of judges, giving all the new new appeal to the court adoption.

"Do you think someone will adopt thick 15 years old with the syndromes Tung and a bunch of problems, and we are ready, we love it!"

This film, the struggle with the system, the struggle for human rights, for the rights of the child, which is not can themselves. But, alas guests it is better to give the child the mother of a drug addict than people who do will be about it cares and love.

Summary of movie especially sad...

I advise you to look at all indifferent, this film changes many in the world.

Bibby Olivero
21 November 2015 | 12:21

This harrowing drama tells the sad story based on real events. The Director and screenwriter of Travis Fain in 2012 spiritual cinema takes off in history, which it is inspired. The film is a deep and sad story, which gives much food for thought and leaves a trail.

In front of us the late 1970s. One gay couple begins to care for the defenseless boy with down's Syndrome have a shiftless whose mother is a drug addict. The woman was jailed recently in jail the boy was left all alone. The main characters are fighting for the right to guardianship, but the legal system is against them. We see they fought for to make it family and how unfair the system is...

In fact, the film is very strong. Most of all oppresses that the story is not was invented, it was really. After watching this drama feel the full devastation and incredible sadness. Boy with down Syndrome was very sorry. It so offended by destiny, but not him allowed to be family, which will love and care for.

In this story, so much injustice, so much pain, despair and sadness. It is sad an impossible story without any hint of "happy end". The main role in the film played by British actor Alan cumming. The role of it was not plain and complicated. Played cumming boldly and uninhibited. Duet he made Garrett Dillahunt. Their heroes wanted to help the defenseless boy, and their hearts were torn from the unfairness of the system. The ending of this film impossible to forget.

This makes the drama is so deep and memorable songs, which were performed by the hero Alan Cumming. In them there were so many emotions, feelings. Actor their performed soul. Nor the only songs were from the heart, but himself the film can be called spiritual. It for those who loves the genre drama and the sad and heavy story, which still a long time will think.

"Now or never" — American, biography, music drama. This film is about love of injustice, human kindness and bureaucracy. The movie is very strong, and attention to it is given.

PS "And I want you I need you, I love you..."

8 from 10

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Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $261,747.
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This tv-show was directed by Travis Fine.
What is the genre of Any Day Now?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama.
Who starred in Any Day Now?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Alan Cumming, Garret Dillahunt, Isaac Leyva, Frances Fisher, Gregg Henry.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-01-07.