A group of young documentary filmmakers shoot thesis in an abandoned mining town on the edge of Arizona. But not with mine roaming in them ghosts brought young journalists, and the old closed hospital, which is hiding something terrible and very hostile.

  • Quin Davis

Release Date: 2013-03-26
IMDb icon 2.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Virginie Arliene
28 May 2014 | 01:18

To watch this film encouraged me in foremost its extremely low rating, as global among our viewers. Such works are quite funny in virtue of its misery, also among them come across the original trash-movie, not recognized by discerning viewers eye. Alas, in this case I was left disappointed, not seeing one or other. So just write, why I nobody suggest to spend time in viewing of this "masterpiece".

Before us is an ordinary low-budget horror film, written, apparently, not very successful alumni College of motion picture, shot on based on their a hard student life. The plot is simple: would-be students on the job is going to make a documentary in an abandoned hospital, where, according to the rumors, is haunted... As seen the plan, had not sparkling originality, continues to be popular among the excluded money "talent" wanting to have their say in the feature-length film.

At least here in places and can be traced faint hints of that the film is shot in a frivolous manner (the Ghost of the toilet, make-up villain), nothing but a sarcastic smile, not called. Special effects made with so tightly absent professionalism that becomes even sad. The intellectual component of dialogue and leave the logic of what is happening can only hope that in real life, the actors at least a little smarter than the characters whose the role they play so poorly.

I hope the Director knew that his first work in the first vygljadit banter" and then something worthwhile to view. Spent on his one and a half hour "helped" not become completely dull, only a Russian translation with three-storey strong obscenities, without him watch this would be exactly did not make any sense, so even an inexperienced audience, as I. When the abundance of profanity in the film is probably the only argument to the view than the negative feature, you know, about than can say.

For the girl-goth with makeup and funny for zabroski can put

2 of 10

Haley Staley
26 June 2017 | 01:10

The description of this "masterpiece" to really should be: "a Group of young hysterical idlers removes the garbage on "vegetable oil" in the hole world on the edge of some American wilderness. But not a hole with wandering around her farts were brought here by young morons, and the long fit under the demolition of the bleak psychiatric hospital, in which is hiding something terrible and very roundnose, because generally hammer is a miracle to death, and then run hither and furious".

There was a family of Davises somehow, all they were producers. However, distinguished the boy Quinn, who decided to debut in very, very very, almost vaginal narrow circles with their own work. Own work! Sounds good! Well and if absolutely laziness to think about how  to"shoot" a novelty, you can just review a bunch of horror movies and taken from their main dies. Not bother, take only a couple! Still there are idiots who will watch your creation.

If you say the first Association, then conditional, very conditional, very-preochen conventionally, the "Hostile" — it is a mixture of the second season of "American horror story" with the film "the Searchers graves" and"Turn not there". Plus a little of the TV show "House-2". A dreadful bore, is made of hands over lousy story has at least some dynamics only at the retelling of legends of the hospital and in the final. The rest of the time writer and Director devotes to the production of universal visual sleeping pills do not knowing that to him hundreds of the same naive weirdos trying to call themselves filmmakers, have enough trained on the test subjects of all ages with the other side of the screen. And hypnotic acts again excellent success.

What is particularly annoying (not to mention ticky-tacky shooting, degrading the story and horrible game), so this casting. In my humble view student documentary look at least girls boys cheap hillbilly porn. Here the guys is absolutely not believe not even as Stanislavsky, and as Darwin. Of course, some monkeys can beat the man, but here we experiencing the absolute shape inconsistencies. The cast fits typical students of vocational school on the outskirts of the urban town, about involvement journalism and not to stutter! Alas, Quinn Davis thinks otherwise, so we obtained a bunch of dull, empty bottles of wine dump of characters who do not what to empathize — a glass of water in old file is impossible. To the very end is creepy I hope well when they will kill me, and is only the feeling saves you from desire to run away from a similar parody on the horror.

Such parody without humor and pretending to be a youth filled with poisonous concentrate of boredom and using the only excuse phony stamps a century ago, is now removed to heap. With Queen Davis and his "Hostile" all clear as a stump in a clear day.

Where there is the canyon of cinematic dumping ground at all over the world? Send the most powerful excavator with the deep bucket!

Bury forget.

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Who is the director of the movie Animus?
This tv-show was directed by Quin Davis.
What is the genre of Animus?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Horror.
Who starred in Animus?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Megan Davis, Caitlin Singer, Cuffs, Brandon Lee Pittman, Tiffany Ann B..
What is Animus IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 2.7.
When was Animus released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-03-26.