The film is based on real events from the life of actor and scriptwriter David Dastmalchian. Can love, mixed with drugs, to be sincere? Or is it a manifestation of animal instincts?

  • Collin Schiffli

Release Date: 2015-05-15
IMDb icon 6.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $94,646
Aeriell Philippa
05 June 2015 | 07:28

Hello, dearest opponents of the drug and other hungry before you film that ninety minutes will tell you the story of David Dastmalchian, who will speak to you here and the main role and that obviously, a writer, otherwise, the tragedy because it is true. David the high pitched floats through the story of a couple "slow" lovers, Nordic and handsome, with volume of noble selflessness not acoraceae your way too excessive sanctity, because in order to the end credits the light of the face it has reached the open mouths of the audience, and a little tarnish yourself darling. Here's clothes here's her boyfriend, that you syringes and the flashbacks start of opiate movements — and have they so romantic wrapped harnesses and when your first aid kit to treat veins with needles, their hearts pounding, body — only arm's reach. Romance, love, opiates. Canon, Dating century, long answered: go down the joke below your floor and will tell you all that the proverb: "Slow heroin is more expensive than mom", and Shiffle and even removes the love of a lower rank. And beyond side of the screen, as if listening to the personnel of the reality show, the audience is waiting for the outcome: love or a syringe, feelings or narrow pupils? Shiffle and Dastmalchian doing a little twist, yeah that's just the movies from this was even worse.

Hi, I Bobby. And it's Jude! We want to be on the coast, we have a dream to run in the water naked and fun the rays of our love, yeah here we only every time killed in snot and sports at the beds if the floors of the toilets in the rays is that only a slow thrust. My boyfriend an addict, a man of great imagination, we're throwing together great scale practical jokes, and the money nakupem tons of methadone to leave far, far and my treat the chest, but the methadone every time suddenly ends quickly. We love each other. We go to world looking at animals that grace which is stronger than any substances! Drugs almost break us apart, kill — but the end, nothing stopping us to find our swimming pool and, Oh, you just look at how graceful we will be there!

The Director, along with a writer with delight specify that love can be stronger than drugs, stronger person circumstances will overpower withdrawal. The only problem is that the story told in  the"Animals" too local and it is cloying. What hero Dastmalchian not robbed "AIDS" needle woman with babe in the glory of their spiritual braces — that's fine, but he not broken miserable month, and closer year not in the car — say Hello to the cellars, when dirty syringes and street staffa veins had become completely ephemeral — many you would still believed it will the stoic and graceful soul? A pair of lovers is rapidly falling into the lowest of the abyss, encountering only the first cases of withdrawal symptoms when complete lack of money. One lucky fall on the bed, the other to meet a man that familiar with compassion. So much pathos and snot in the name just coincidence. All murder, robbery and love spurned — all the young more likely to come. And it is important to understand that it's a small step for the face where the grace of all your animals suddenly burst, what a soap bubble.

Themselves if not knowing, the filmmakers give a very distorted understanding of the topic of substances, moreover — opiates, the unaware viewer that still not too desirable. So it opened in the film world, what movies drug addicts often stretch to call movies, this is usually ridiculously romanticized spectacle, not have particular Parallels with absolutely colorless reality, but the film Shiffli still a lot of demagogic, which I believe in the chosen discourse is not permissible. A cheap substitution of concepts for the sake of a cheap beauty finals. The fun.

Ginnie Biddle
24 May 2015 | 06:03

In 2005, on the screens out a documentary of the American channel HBO "Dope Sick Love",the creators spent some time with two pairs of lovers addicts living in new York. The choice of characters being in a romantic relationship, was no random — the authors tried to understand whether it is possible true feelings in environment dependent people. A boy loves a girl and needs her, the girl loves the boy and needs it but if they both love and need hard drugs? Not will their feelings are forgotten, when you have to choose whether to share the last dose with his other half? "Dope Sick Love" is not was the only film in which there are reflections on this topic — in 2006 there was a well-known film "candy" with Heath Ledger and Abbie Cornish, the characters of which also tried to love and each other drugs. But if you prefer the good old classics, you know the film "the Panic in needle Park," which tells a similar story of love dependence. In 2014, there was still one more reason to reflect on this difficult subject — a young American Director Colleen Chifli withdrew its debut full-length film "the Animals", tells the love story between two homeless drug addicts, forced after a long period of denial to deal with reality.

The film "Animals" is based on the script by actor David Dastmalchian based on his personal experiences in when he was forced to live in the car parked next to the local zoo, which he loved to visit to kill time and enjoy the animals. When a film is shot in the participation of people personally involved in the history risks losing sharpness, because the authors can go on the temptation to smooth out the sharp features, showing himself in a favorable light. In same time possible and feedback effect — difficulties which the filmmakers are familiar not by hearsay, can be shown to be biased in within reason, so that the characters do not has been demonized and stripped of their humanity. Exactly what happened the debut of Colin Chifli, which is an old friend David Dastmalchian — the experience of the past was passed without glossing over the unpleasant moments, but without intimidation or shokirovaniya the viewer the "truth of life". At all the bleakness of the topic, in the movie "Animals" a lot of light and as external internal and you will see characters in first as the unemployed and homeless drug addicts living in the machine and as individuals with their dreams, which may be the same as and you. And when these personalities are suddenly in the toilet and bedraggled frantically searching for still not the punctured vein, you can even think they are there is no place — these two, manage in their current situation, to maintain human qualities could be here? Why do them there a cozy home and wonderful family, they dream of? The absence of the introduction and virtually any contact of the film with the past only makes this question more acute.

Most films about drug addicts talk about how strong dependent people is the temptation to violate the generally accepted norms of morality, which with every day more lose for the point in the end, the hero certainly does what he never wanted to do. Animals show a completely different situation — the main characters are struggling for to not to stoop lower than ever and see any situation. Many times they seemed to embody the image of the typical drug addict, created by society, such as prostitution or in danger of death nor what are not responsible people, but an inner barrier every time to stop the heroes from this fall. We often use the word "animal" not as a compliment, labeling them the man who became a victim of his low instincts. Movie characters Colin Chifli could see the beauty in animals, which they often visited in the zoo. As those graceful, but defeated the lions, they were a cage of their addiction and went to the reason is not even have instincts, just a bad habit. However, when they have not lost their beauty. The painting "Animals" tries to teach us to look slightly beyond the usual stereotypes, and in spite of that happy ending is not will it allows you to see drug addicted person is not as awful reflexes created by it and as a complete person, sadly struck by a severe illness.

How much has Animals made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $94,646.
Who is the director of the movie Animals?
This tv-show was directed by Collin Schiffli.
What is the genre of Animals?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama.
Who starred in Animals?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: David Dastmalchian, Kim Shaw, John Heard, John Hoogenakker, John Lister.
What is Animals IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.3.
When was Animals released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-05-15.